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Invest in the future of our Muslim Community in San Diego, California through this Sadaqah Jariyah Opportunity.

Bright Horizon Academy, formerly known as The Islamic School of San Diego, was launched in 1992 as an elementary school with 12 students. Since those humble beginnings, the school has grown to San Diego’s only pre-K to 12th grade WASC accredited school with over 300 students and a 40+ staff across two campuses. Our school provides an academically rigorous, Islamic values-based education with a mission to develop graduates who are grounded in their Islamic faith, excel academically and are exemplary citizens contributing positively to their community and society at large. At Bright Horizon Academy, education goes beyond textbooks, builds character and empowers students for a brighter future!

In keeping with the growth in our community, the school has embarked on a number of projects to better serve our community’s needs:

Financial Aid: The school's objective is to offer top-notch academic and religious education to every student, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, the school remains committed to assisting students who require financial assistance. Your zakat donations can support students in need and have a huge impact on them during the most formative years of their lives! 

New Campus Purchase: In 2015, a new 4.3 acre campus was purchased in Allied Gardens for $2.75 million. This campus has the classroom space and outdoor facilities necessary for a full-time school and has been in operation since 2018.

Expansion: In 2021, the school launched a plan to double the elementary school capacity in five years. This plan is currently underway with necessary additions to our staff and new classroom modulars to keep up with the increase in enrollment.

Loan Payoff: Last year, we embarked on a campaign to pay off the remaining $1 million loan on our new campus purchase. The payoff would result in an annual saving of $180,000, a substantial enhancement to our annual cash flow. This would enable us to allocate resources towards essential improvements in our facilities, launch new programs, hire more staff and offer competitive compensation.

This Ramadan, we are reaching out to you for your support so we can ensure BHA’s continued expansion and make crucial investments for the future generations of our community. Your generous contribution will not only help us in becoming debt free but also enable us to sustain our operations and ensure the availability of quality Islamic education for years to come, Insha'Allah.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about our Islamic School! May Allah reward you immensely, showering every aspect of your life with His constant rahmah and barakah.

About our Program

At Bright Horizon Academy, each student embarks on an educational journey beyond ordinary – one that shapes character, nurtures Islamic values, and ensures academic excellence. We believe in providing more than just lessons; we offer an immersive experience where every student is empowered to thrive, lead, and excel. Each child deserves the best, and that's exactly what we deliver – an unparalleled education for a limitless future.

Elementary School

Discover a transformative journey where learning goes beyond the ordinary at BHA Elementary School. Our dedicated team of educators engages and nurtures students, fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and independence.

Middle School

Middle school is a time of significant growth and transformation, and at BHA, we create an environment that is academically challenging and empowering. Our Middle School inspires students to explore their unique gifts and talents while fostering spiritual, intellectual, and creative development.

High School

High School marks the launching point for spiritual, academic, and personal success at BHA. We meticulously prepare students for life beyond secondary education within a rigorous yet encouraging learning environment. The focus is on developing well-rounded individuals, equipping them for a seamless transition to higher education.


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