Safety & Compliance

Our dedicated campaign approval team works around the clock to make sure the causes you support on LaunchGood are legitimate and authentic. Read more to learn about our process!

How it works?

Our legitimation process

Sanctions Screens

Every account on LaunchGood is screened against over 400 sanctions lists which includes global sanctions, regulatory and, Anti Money Laundering enforcement lists. We also make sure to screen beneficiaries for accounts raising funds on behalf of someone.

Request Documentation

We review as necessary documentation in support of the fundraising cause.  We also ensure connected accounts are the most appropriate ones to provide a clear path of funds distribution to the final beneficiary.

Enhanced Due Diligence

For campaigns raising funds outside of G7 countries, and especially in OFAC sanctioned jurisdictions, we conduct Enhanced Due Diligence checks and screen several layers to verify all associated parties involved.

Manual Pre-Launch Vetting 

Every campaign is manually reviewed by our team to make sure it follows our website guidelines. We do not allow any campaigns to incite hate or violence towards any other party.

Regular Checks on Risk Transactions

With the help of state-of-the-art anti-fraud tools, our team of specialists reviews donations on all campaigns to catch any fraudulent behaviors or activities. They also contact donors to confirm donations.

Data Protection

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your data through our internal controls. Where required we ensure all third party providers have safeguards in place to protect your data in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Our Compliance Partners & Advisors

We are working with Industry Experts who are assisting in shaping LaunchGood internal strategy and policies.


FinClusive’s Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is an automated and full-stack financial crimes compliance (FCC) solution in one workflow designed for traditional banks and modern financial technology companies.

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Ferrari & Associates PC are LaunchGood's trusted OFAC lawyers. Through their expert guidance on U.S. economic sanctions and money laundering they continue to ensure LaunchGood sets the highest safety and compliance measures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LaunchGood verify every cause?
We review supporting documentation in order to verify the fundraising cause which is completed before payout. Most importantly, we verify that the individuals and entities raising funds are not problematic to engage with, on any global sanction lists, fraudulent or anti-money laundering lists. Whilst conducting our reviews should we be alerted of any suspicious behavior we will withhold funds if need be, and ensure we establish legitimacy of the campaign before releasing funds.
What about bad actors?
Our team conducts comprehensive reviews on our campaign creators to ensure we are not working with any problematic groups or entities. Should we discover fraud or any activity against our community guidelines, we will blacklist the flagged user from using the platform again and proceed to refund all their raised fund back to the donors.
What if I have a concern about a campaign?
Please reach out to our team at! We guarantee to investigate every claim. With over 10,000 plus campaigns we rely on our community to help us to continue to ensure the safety of our platform. Please note we do not get involved in intra-organizational disputes. Refunds are subject to terms and conditions listed here.
When you see a badge stating ‘Verification in progress’, what does this mean?
Using a risk-based approach, some campaigns are live and supporting documents are requested in parallel. When you see a badge stating ‘Verification in progress’, it means we have conducted initial screening and are working with campaign creators to provide further clarity on the campaign.
When you see a badge stating ‘Verified for authenticity’ what does this mean?
Once the campaign has passed the required screening the badge is updated to ‘Verified for authenticity’.

Our team of specialists is looking out for you. See something that doesn’t look right? Send us a note at!