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OrphanKind: Support an Orphan This Ramadan


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Sponsor orphans through our OrphanKind sponsorship program to provide them with all the essentials needed to lead fulfilling lives and have prosperous futures.

Support Penny Appeal USA, sponsor an Orphan this Ramadan!

This campaign is ZAKAT ELIGIBLE. By donating to this campaign you will be fulfilling your Zakat obligations InshAllah.

According to UNICEF there are 153 Million orphans  worldwide. Every day, an estimated 5,700 more children become orphans

Children suffer the most during conflicts and natural disasters and are the most vulnerable to poverty, disease, stigma, and medical needs. Join us in our efforts to help society's most vulnerable people - our orphaned brothers and sisters. 

Orphaned Children Deserve the Best Life

Your support provides nutritious meals, clothes, shelter, healthcare and an education to orphaned children in over eight countries. 

We Operate this Program in: Syria, Pakistan, and South Africa

Your donations go to orphans most in need.

With multiple donors providing each child with all the essentials for their emotional, psychological, and physical growth, we can help every orphan pave a sustainable way to a brighter future in the face of tremendous loss.

The child you're supporting deserves the most in life. The guardian, often a family member, will be enabled to provide the level of care we wish for all the children in our own lives. 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:

“I will be like this in Jannah with the person who takes care of an orphan." He (saw) then raised his forefinger and middle finger by way of illustration.

(Sahih al-Bukhari, Kitab al-Adab)

Note: That these are not sponsorships, so we can provide updates on your donation (if you share your email address) but not Orphan reports. The funds that will go towards the care of Orphans

They ask you, O Prophet, what ways they should spend charitably. Say to them: "Whatever good offering you spend is to be for your parents, and nearest relatives, and orphans, and the indigent, and the needy wayfarers. And whatever good you do, God is, indeed, all-knowing of it” (Surat Al-Baqarah, 2:215)

OUR MISSION is to bring about an equitable world by tackling the root causes of poverty while bridging the gap between funders and poor communities in order to work together on long-term solutions that can help end intergenerational poverty.

OUR VISION is a world that’s united and strong. Communities working together, supporting one another, leaving need and poverty behind for good.


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