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Our goal: Full-scholarships for exceptional Muslim future leaders over the next 25 years. Become a pioneer contributor to this long lasting legacy today.

Islamic education does not mean adding Quran literacy and some Islamic stories on top of fully built secular education. Rather, it is about profound tarbiyah - nurturing - and ta'leem - teaching our students in a way that helps them become upright Muslims. 

Welcome to Siraj Institute. For the past seven years, we have been preparing for a revolution in Islamic education. Our mission is to revive the true and authentic model of Islamic education that was taught by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. We pair Islamic teaching with nurturing. We provide students with real Fiqh apprenticeship opportunities under world-class scholars, and develop their skills to excel in community engagement.

We believe that Islamic Education must not settle for mediocrity. Since inception we have bound ourselves to the same standards of education that are offered by the top universities and academic institutions in North America. 

Our unique approach involves a comprehensive education in all Islamic sciences, covering subjects from Islamic History, Arabic language and arts, Fiqh (Jurisprudence) and Tafseer (Exegesis), to contemporary applications in leadership and reconciliation, with a unique mentorship program where we invest ample time and dedication to each one of our students. We believe in the power of experiential learning, and encourage our students to be curious and courageous. Our teachers guide students through hypothetical scenarios and real-life situations, allowing them to apply what they have learned in a practical setting.

We understand the challenges that come with financing Islamic education, and the burden that tuition fees can place on students. At Siraj Institute, we believe in the importance of investing time, not just money. That is why we have created an admission policy where every one of our students receives a full-time scholarship. This allowed our students to focus on their studies without the added financial stress, while creating the opportunity for the Ummah to support one another to build its leaders.

But we cannot do it alone, and this is not our duty alone - if it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an ummah to raise its leaders. Our endowment goal is to develop 1000 imams, scholars and leaders (both men and women) over the next 25 years, inshallah. With your support, we can develop much needed role models who will inspire change and mobilize communities for the better.

Together, we can restore the glory of Islamic education and create a brighter future for our community. Join us today in fulfilling our collective responsibility to invest in the education and development of the next generation. 

100% of proceeds will go to a long-term endowment that will continue to create scholarships for decades to come. Donate now to support our mission and let us transform our Muslim community to be more resilient, more united, and more blessed. 

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Majed Jarrar3 months ago

Can the 28th be an odd night?

Did you know that tonight 28th is actually an is an odd night according to authentic hadeeth in Sahih Muslim?

The Prophet said: "It may be the 3rd last night."  

Abu Saeed Alkhoudri explained that if the month is 30 days: "after 27 days, the following night which is the 28th is the third remaining."

Don't give up the momentum! 

Follow our livestream tonight for Taraweeh, Tahajjud, and Fajr

And donate, even $3 tonight, it may be Laylatul Qadr! 

Majed Jarrar3 months ago

The Good Night

Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatulaahi wa Barakatuh 

We made it! We offered our duas and spent the night worshipping, and now we have to finish Ramadan strong

Remember that tonight may be Laylatul Qadr, it could still come tomorrow! 

We stop and reflect on how so many of our brothers and sisters are not able, through many reasons and restrictions, to offer the salah with the ease and peace that we do. May Allah rescue them and give them success in this and the next life, Ameen

May Allah bless you and reward you for every second of your worship and work with your family and community. May Allah allow you to continue your good deeds and great habits the entire year after Ramadan. 

As for now, we still need your support. Our students do not need a financial barrier when they begin their studies with us. 

And it’s about time that the Muslim communities in North America raised their own imams. 

We need your support to make it happen by the will and permission of Allah.

Donate below, and may Allah accept it amongst all your other good deeds this month. 

Shaykh Majed Jarrar

Majed Jarrar3 months ago

Tonight (24th) is Laylatul Qadr?

Assalamu alaikum,

Tune in to our live stream for Isha, Taraweeh, and reminder that tonight - yes the 24th - has one of the strongest evidence that it is Laylatul Qadr!

Please help us reach 50k goal

Jazakum Allah khayran

Majed Jarrar

Cofounder and Executive Director

Majed Jarrar3 months ago

Siraj Institute ... a Charitable Foundation!

Major News Alert ❗

On March 11, 2024 (1st of Ramadan 1445), the registration of the Siraj Institute Charitable Foundation has finally been completed. It took almost seven years since Siraj Institute was founded, and now it is a reality❗

A Charitable Foundation to last for Decades

We call upon all mosques, Muslim community organizations, families, and individuals to join us in raising much-needed capital during these blessed days of Ramadan.

This endowment (waqf) will focus on building the leaders for our Muslim communities, not just in Canada, but across North America, then globally inshaAllah. Help us raise $300,000 before the end of Ramadan. 
All of your donations are tax deductible.
Give here
Or contact us for more information

Majed Jarrar3 months ago

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED double donations until March 27

Assalamu alaikum,

We have some great news, but time is of the essence!

Launchgood just approved boosting our campaign for five days. Every dollar donated to our campaign will be matched 50% by Launchgood themselves and 50% by local generous donors in Ottawa. 

The target is $15,000

If we raise 15k by March 27th, we will receive an additional 15k as a direct cause of your donation!

Why do they do that?

To ensure they put their money in impactful projects, international donors request to see local engagement before committing their fund. It is a very effective method to ensure they are donating to projects that have a real impactful effect on their local community. 

So, can we count on you to show them our impact?!

Please spread the message and help us raise $15,000 by March 27th

You have donated before, jazakum Allah khayran. But as a reminder, here's the shortcut link to donate:

Barakallahu feekum

Majed Jarrar

Cofounder and Executive Director

Siraj Institute

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