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Donate generously so our doctors can bring their skills and lifesaving supplies to the people of Gaza

The Unfolding Catastrophe in Gaza

We are watching in horror as the humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to dramatically deteriorate. Incessant and indiscriminate bombings by the Israeli military, combined with a strict blockade on food, water, housing, and medical supplies has left Palestinians in Gaza in a fight for survival, with tens of thousands of men, women and children already having been killed or wounded.

Devastation in Shejaia neighbourhood

The Complete Breakdown of Healthcare

The systematic destruction of Gaza's medical system is particularly distressing. The Israeli army destroyed medical buildings, kidnapped and killed healthcare workers, and rendered all of the hospitals in Gaza unusable.

In response to this ongoing crisis, Glia is working with the World Health Organization to bring in healthcare workers and medical supplies. We have deployed two teams of doctors, nurses and logistics support, as well as desperately-needed medications, and we will continue to provide medical personnel and supplies for as long as Palestinians in Gaza need it and we are able to sustain operations. 

Glia's current work in Gaza

Glia has three initiatives to assist with this devastating situation:

  • We are sending medical delegations and supplies into Gaza every two weeks. They are stationed at the remaining hospitals and clinics in Gaza in order to provide both emergent medical care and also post-surgical care;
  • We are erecting medical tents near hospitals in order to try to alleviate some of the burden on existing facilities. Palestinians in need of routine care or assessment for more minor conditions can come to these clinics for treatment;
  • We are creating an inventory of medication available in our sites, so that all clinicians can benefit from this up-to-date information, and so we can bring the most urgently required medicine with each incoming delegation.


Construction of our first medical tent. 16 February 2024 Gaza

But to do that, we need your support.

Glia is responding to a dynamic situation, and has demonstrated its agility in pivoting to needs as they evolve. We are prepared to dedicate as many hours as are needed to accomplishing these initiatives, but we require your help in order to maintain these projects. Your generous donation will allow us to continue to provide this life-saving support.

Glia's long history of supporting Gaza

As soon as war broke out in October 2023, Glia responded immediately to the limited availability of essential medical supplies, such as tourniquets. Our office in Gaza manufactured and distributed over 1500 tourniquets before our office was destroyed in a bombing. Our team in Gaza was unhurt, and they continue to work in varying capacities within the healthcare sector. Our Medical Director, Dr. Mohammad Al-Attar, worked in the Al Shifa Emergency Room until it was destroyed by the Israeli army and is now running a field hospital; our administrator, Hanan Abu Qassem, volunteered with ambulatory care, and is now overseeing the construction of mobile medical points.

Together with Islamic Relief Canada, Glia launched #PPE4Gaza in December 2019 to make and distribute personal protective equipment for healthcare workers in Gaza. Through the generosity of donors like you, we raised over $100,000, allowing us to respond almost immediately to the Ministry of Health’s need for PPE by 3D printing and distributing thousands of face shields. With the help of Medical Aid for Palestinians UK, we successfully shipped 3D printers and reusable respirators to Gaza so we could continue the work and increase local capacity.

In response to the bombardment of Gaza in 2021, Glia partnered with the International Development Relief Foundation to launch the Open Gaza Initiative, which will train and deploy engineers to refurbish and repair existing hospital medical equipment using cutting edge technology, such as 3D printing, local printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, and use of desktop-scale CNC machines.

Two members of Glia, Drs. Benjamin Thomson and Tarek Loubani were also involved in EmpowerGAZA, a project that placed solar panels and batteries on four major hospitals in Gaza, providing uninterrupted power.

Our record shows that Glia’s team is committed to the health of all of those in need around the world and in Gaza.


*Glia will do its best to use your donation for the primary objectives of this campaign, however given the volatility of the situation in Gaza, we may direct it to where it is needed most.


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Glia Inc.a month ago

Expanding Operations

UPDATE: Expanding operations

Our sixth delegation just returned from Gaza. While we are continuing to provide medical support and supplies in Rafah's main primary healthcare clinic (Tal al Sultan) and Gaza's last maternity hospital (Emirati), we have expanded our coverage to include the only Emergency Room in Rafah (Najjar).

Our delegations are bringing in much-needed supplies (formula, diapers, baby + children's clothes) in addition to medicine. We are focusing our efforts on the WHO Essential Medications list to ensure that our three sites are receiving high priority medicine. Every dollar counts, and we are so thankful for your continued support.

Our doctors are working very hard to provide the best care for Palestinians suffering the brutal effects of this war. They are documenting disease outbreaks, distressing rates of malnutrition, and burn + blast injuries from exploding bombs and shrapnel among their
patients. The need on the ground is so high -- and while we are doing our best to support the healthcare workers and infrastructure -- that
what is needed most urgently is a ceasefire. Please, continue to contact your political representatives and demand an end to this war.

Glia Inc.2 months ago

UPDATE Medical Point in Action

UPDATE: Glia's Director of Development, Dorotea Gucciardo, recently returned from mission to Gaza. While there, she visited the medical point, located in Zuwaida -- half way between Rafah and Northern Gaza, along the coast. The team of healthcare professionals on the ground (doctors, nurses, and pharmacist) are seeing roughly 150-200 patients per day.

We have plans to expand the clinic area to include a maternity/pediatrics tent in order to continue best serving the needs of the community as it evolves.

Unfortunately, there is a Hepatitis A outbreak in the nearby camp, along with some other infectious, respiratory illnesses. We are working to supply this medical point with the specific medications they request as needs evolve. Your generous donation is making it possible for Gaza's internally displaced people to access this vital healthcare -- thank you!

Glia Inc.2 months ago

Third Delegation Returns from Gaza


Our third delegation has returned from Gaza. Our team of international doctors and nurses performed trauma pediatric surgeries at European General Hospital, wound care at a primary health care clinic, conducted rounds in a burn unit, and treated patients in a non-communicable diseases clinic. Our crew also distributed medications and supplies to three different hospital sites, and were able to provide life-saving medication to a kidney transplant recipient who had not been able to access his therapies since the start of the war.

They've reported back the challenging situation faced not just by healthcare workers, but of all Palestinians in Gaza, most of whom are facing food insecurity, inadequate housing and sanitation, and lack of basic supplies. They are living in constant fear and stress about the uncertainty of this conflict, with everyone expressing their hope for peace.

With your continued support, our delegations can continue to provide some relief to the overburdened healthcare sector, and some measure of comfort for all Palestinians in Gaza who have been suffering for far too long.

Glia Inc.2 months ago

Continued Support in the NICU

UPDATE: Our second delegation has recently returned home from Gaza. These remarkable volunteers dedicated their time to caring for infants in a NICU, many of whom are sick, orphaned, and in dire need of attention. Their tireless dedication has had a profound impact, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing continuous care and essential supplies for as long as necessary.

To offer a glimpse into their experiences, we've posted a video featuring one of our delegates sharing their firsthand account from the NICU. You can watch it on our social media platforms:

     • Instagram:
     • Facebook:
     • Twitter:
     • LinkedIn:
     • YouTube:

Meanwhile, our third delegation arrived as planned on March 4th. They have picked up where their predecessors left off, providing crucial support to those in need. We'll share more specific details about their work as soon as they become available.

We extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and generous contributions. Your donations are truly making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Glia Inc.3 months ago

Helping Babies in the NICU - Gaza

UPDATE: Our team has been tending to neonates at a NICU in Rafah for the past two weeks. The situation is dire. Due to malnutrition among mothers, babies are being born prematurely, and due to insufficient milk and formula, they risk starvation. Among other diagnoses, babies are being reported as suffering from hypothermia, sepsis, respiratory distress syndrome, and poor feeding.

Hospital staff are understandably overwhelmed and exhausted. Glia is committed to continue providing supplementary staff and we are working to bring in the most urgently requested supplies with our next delegation, set to arrive on Monday.

Thank you for your generous donations. They are making a difference.

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