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Four years ago, on February 10, 2015, Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha, affectionately known as Our Three Winners, were violently murdered in their Chapel Hill home by a neighbor who professed to disliking the way they looked. On June 12, 2019, over four years later, their killer finally pleaded guilty in court to three counts of murder and one count of discharging a firearm into an occupied building. He accepted three consecutive life sentences without parole.

Thanks to the generous support of people all over the world in the immediate aftermath of the murders, the Our Three Winners Foundation was established by the families to honor the lives of Deah, Yusor and Razan.

UPDATE 1 (JUNE 12, 2019):

On June 12, Dr. Suzanne Barakat - Deah's sister - gave a powerful statement in court where the murderer was present and sentenced. Click here or below to view the video: 

This past May, in Ramadan, we raised only 50% of our goal for the Foundation's newly formed Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship that aims to engage policymakers to encourage more equitable policies and government interventions. Today, on the day of the Arraignment Hearing, we have decided to re-open this LaunchGood page in hopes that communities worldwide can help us reach our goal by the end of June. 

UPDATE 2 (JUNE 18, 2019):

On June 12, Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha presented a moving statement in court thanking allies and supporters. "Thank you to all good Americans who supported us through this: Black, White, Christian, Jewish, Atheist and all groups", said Dr. Abu-Salha. Click here or below to view the video: 

We are very close to reaching our goal and raising $60,000. Please make a contribution and support the work of the Foundation. Together, we can eradicate hate from its root. 

UPDATE 3 (JUNE 21, 2019):

On June 12, Dr. Yousef Abu-Salha (Yusor and Razan's brother) presented a  statement in court addressing the murderer. "I am not speaking today to make myself feel better, that won’t be accomplished. No words can express the magnitude of loss my mother has experienced." Click here or below to view the video: 

We are $10,000 away from reaching our goal of raising $60,000 for our newly formed Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship that aims to address hate at the policy level. Please make a contribution and share this campaign with your friends. Together, we can eradicate hate from its roots.

UPDATE 4 (JUNE 24, 2019):

On June 12, Farris Barakat (Deah's brother) delivered a touching message in court. "Light will overcome darkness", stated Farris as he thanked everyone who stood by the Barakat and Abu-Salha families during very difficult times. Click here or below to view the video: 

As Farris nicely mentioned, "Light will overcome darkness". Please support the work of Our Three Winners Foundation that aims to do just that. We are $9,000 away from reaching our goal of raising $60,000 for our newly formed Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship that aims to address hate at the policy level. Please make a contribution and share this campaign with your friends. Together, we can "overcome darkness".

The Fellowship accepts its first cohort this summer through a partnership with UC Berkeley's Haas Institute of Fair and Inclusive Society and the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project. Every dollar raised during this campaign goes towards program expenses required to host our first 10 fellows who will help reduce hate and prejudice towards American Muslims and marginalized communities at the policy level. Read more about the Fellowship here


To maximize our effectiveness and impact as an organization, we have conducted intensive research to understand the best way we can prevent similar attacks from ever happening again. We understand that in order to prevent similar violence from recurring, we need to address hate through a preventive, rather than a reactive approach.

Our focus as a Foundation is a result of our discussions with expert matter researchers, psychologists, and anti-discrimination activists. 


Our Three Winners Foundation is focused on three areas:

  • Raising awareness about implicit biases
  • Offering de-biasing and outsmarting techniques
  • Instilling awareness about implicit biases through positive messaging

For this important and systematic work, we need your support.

We encourage you to give a gift in honor of Our Three Winners to support our programming. With your help, we are working towards building a society where American Muslims and other marginalized groups are treated with dignity and respect, and where no family has to live in fear of losing a loved one to hate violence


We welcome the results of the hearing and the evidence that clearly showed the murders were motivated by the killer’s hatred of Muslims. A previously undisclosed video, recorded by Deah during the tragedy unbeknownst to the killer, was shown to the court. The video clearly demonstrates the hatred the killer had for the victims, the disrespect with which he approached them, and the disregard he had for their beautiful lives. Today, we were able to reclaim the narrative and definitively put to bed the false claim that these murders were over a parking dispute. Read More


"Silence is violence and we must not be complicit. The voices of people rooted in love, compassion and justice must be louder than the voices of hate and divisiveness. I am grateful for the work of Our Three Winners Foundation to continue the legacy of Deah, Razan and Yusor to bring light where there is darkness. There’s no room for hate and bigotry in our society." - Linda Sarsour

"The brutal murder of Deah, Yusor, and Razan remains both a wound and a rallying call for Muslim Americans. As is the case with murder of Emmett Till, it is the response of the community that determines the launching of a movement. May it be that we look back on the #OurThreeWinners as the creation of a Muslim-led freedom movement, connected to the liberation of all of us while insisting on the full humanity—and suffering—of us as Muslims." - Professor Omid Safi 

"Bigotry isn't just immoral. It can also be lethal. The work of Our Three Winners Foundation has never been more important." - Dalia Mogahed

"Many of us in the Muslim community remember exactly where we were when we got the tragic news about Deah, Razan, and Yusor, as well as the tears that followed. Their deaths though were not in vain, catapulting the reality of hate violence coupled with their legacies of service to national audiences. The work of the Our Three Winners Foundation has emerged as a source of light and leadership during difficult times and is needed more now than ever before. " - Zahra Billoo

"The violent murders of Deah, Razan and Yusor are the result of hate, bigotry and racism. And since the world lost them four years ago, hate has moved from the periphery to the mainstream and acts of hate are on the rise. It is at this moment that the work of #OurThreeWinners is need more than ever, to both challenge the narratives that lead to hate and darkness, but also to continue to shine the light of Deah, Razan and Yusor." - Professor Dalia Fahmy


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