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Missed the Barakah Journal campaign? 

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Alhamdulillah! we reached our funding goal for the Barakah Journal in 36 hours and we can't thank you for your incredible support! 

Your support helped us:

Double the order size from 3000 to 6000 journals

Order half the journals to be delivered via Air sooner to our fulfillment center 

Dedicate additional resources to future product development and Barakah Journal editions

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What is the Barakah Journal?

The Productive Muslim Company Barakah Journal is a productivity journal that brings a God-centered, intentions-driven approach to daily/weekly planning.

Unlike traditional productivity journals, the Barakah Journal inspires you to link your to-dos to your intentions, your projects to your values, and your daily habits to the daily routine of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

An Ideal Gift

The Barakah Journal is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to escape the stressful Hustle Culture approach to planning and enjoy God-centered, intention-driven planning that brings Barakah into one’s life.

The Barakah Journal is ideal for:

  • Professionals/Executives who want to connect their careers with higher intentions.

  • Entrepreneurs/Business owners who want to attract Barakah in their startups and businesses.

  • Students who want to develop healthy, productive routines aligned with Prophet Muhammad's routine (peace be upon him).

  • Parents who want to focus on the Mindsets, Values, and Rituals that bring Barakah to their home and children.

  • What's Inside the Barakah Journal?​


    • Pages: 256

    • Binding: Hardback

    • ISBN: 978-1-7359198-0-5

    • Printed and bound in the Republic of Turkey

    ​How does the Barakah Journal work?

    The Barakah Journal is based on the 7 Principles of living a life of Barakah.

    Here's how it works.

    Step 1: Start with Weekly Planning

    • Start your weekly planning with gratitude to help you plan with an abundant mindset.

    • Write down 3-5 most important intentions for the list. These can either be a "to-do" list of your most important tasks of the week or a "to-be" list of who you'd like to be during the week.

    • Choose a Barakah Value, Mindset, Ritual, or Experiment to focus on during the week, so you're intentional about adding Barakah to your life.

    Step 2: Readjust Weekly Routines

    • ​Plan your habits around prayer times.

    • Align your daily routine to the routine of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    • Tweak your routine weekly as you learn about what works/doesn't work for you during the week.

    Step 3: Commit to Daily Planning & Reflection

    • ​Write down your most important intentions for the day.

    • Make a specific dua or istikhara prayer for your day's intentions.

    • Reflect on your day and how aligned you were with your intentions and your chosen Barakah Culture value, mindset, or ritual.

    Step 4: Schedule a Weekly Review

    • ​End the week with gratitude for all that you could accomplish during the week by Allah's permission.

    • Reflect on the intentions you were able to make progress on and those you need to re-commit to again next week.

    • Reflect on what you learned about yourself or Barakah during the week.

    ​How the Barakah Journal Started

    For over a decade, we've trained thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders on living a life of Barakah. This training helped them connect spirituality to productivity and get more ‘done’ with less, but we kept getting the same feedback "This training is so helpful! But how to make Barakah part of our daily lifestyle?". This Barakah Journal is the answer to that question.

    Over the last two years, we've been designing, curating, and testing a new type of journal that helps infuse Barakah in your daily and weekly planning.

    We collaborated with Mukhtar Sanders from Inspiral Design Ltd - a reputable design firm in London, to design and prototype the Barakah Journal.

    We started the design process by researching traditional productivity planners and asking the question: How might we infuse Barakah in daily/weekly planning?

    We brainstormed several approaches to "Barakah planning" and settled on the four key steps (explained above).

    Once the design steps were identified, we developed the content and went through several reviews and edits before working on a final design and physical prototype.


    We sent a sample of our journal to a select number of user-testers, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what some of them said:

    The Barakah Journal Team

    Special thanks to all who tested the journal and gave us feedback throughout the process!


    When will the Barakah Journals be delivered?

    Currently, we’re on track to deliver the Barakah Journals by the new Islamic year (August 2021). However, we are working with our suppliers to get them to you earlier (hopefully by Eid-Ul-Fitr 2021 - but no promises!)

    Do you cover custom taxes/duty fees as well?

    No, we only offer free shipping from our US fulfillment center to your home address. Any additional charges such as custom taxes/duties, you’ll need to cover at your end.

    Press Kit

    About The Productive Muslim Company

    Barakah Journal is a Productive Muslim Company product, a faith-based productivity training company that helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders live a life of meaning and impact (visit to learn more).

    Risks and Challenges

    At The Productive Muslim Company, we've been designing, printing, and shipping products for over 3 years, and every year we ship hundreds of our products to customers all around the world. We work with a professional fulfillment service to fulfill orders on time and in line with the highest quality standards.

    The Barakah Journal prototypes are dialed in, but challenges can pop up during the printing stage. We're working directly with a reputable printing company in Turkey to print the Barakah Journals Analog and will be involved to ensure all journals are produced at the highest standards.

    We plan to deliver all rewards on schedule by the new Islamic year (August 2021) but know there is always room for unexpected things to delay our schedule (including COVID-19-related delays). We'll keep all backers updated throughout the process.

    This project has been a huge undertaking, and we are so excited to get it into your hands. Thanks for your support as we bring Barakah Journal to life!

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The Productive Muslim Company3 years ago

Barakah Journals are finally here!


Alhamdulillah - the Barakah Journals have finally arrived! (You can check out the unboxing video here).

📦 We've started shipping all pre-orders this week, and you should receive your order within 1 week (for US orders) and 2-3 weeks (for international orders).

📸 Please share photos and videos of you or your family/friends opening up the Barakah Journal - tag us on Facebook or Instagram @ProductiveMuslim - we'd love to share the excitement!

🤩 We can't wait to get the journals in your hands and start the journey together of fighting Hustle culture through intentional daily and weekly planning.



P.S. If you don't receive your Barakah Journal in 4-6 weeks, please email us at, and we'll follow up on your order.

The Productive Muslim Company3 years ago

[You're Invited] Barakah Journal Thank You Event!


Alhamdulillah, yesterday at 4:30 pm US CST, the Barakah Journal LaunchGood campaign ended with a final amount raised of $115,275!

JazakumAllah Khair for your support, duas, and for making this dream a reality. 

On behalf of the Productive Muslim team, I would like to invite you to a special thank you webinar tonight where we'll reflect on this Barakah ride and give special thanks to the fantastic volunteers and team members that helped make this journal a success.

We'll also share the next steps for the Barakah Journal and where we go from here.

Please click this link to add the event to your calendar, including the zoom link details.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Mohammed Faris
P.S. If you have family and friends who missed the campaign, please ask them to add their names to this waitlist, and we'll let them know when our company shop can accept pre-orders for the Barakah journal: Thank you!

The Productive Muslim Company3 years ago

[LAST CALL] 1-day left to Pre-order the Barakah Journals!


Alhamdulillah, we're in the final hours of the Barakah Journal campaign, and we are blown away by the incredible response from all of you!

Over 1600+ supporters have purchased at least 1 Barakah Journal, helping us raise over $100K!

JazakumAllah khair for your trust and excitement - and we can't wait to deliver the journals to you.

This is the last and final call to pre-order the Barakah Journals through the LaunchGood campaign and get exclusive discounts + free worldwide shipping.

If you want to stock up on Barakah journals at this price and as a gift for family and friends, this is a good time to do so!

Click here to order additional copies:

Once the campaign closes, we'll send you regular updates on the Barakah Journal's progress and how we'll get them to you insha'Allah.

Once again - thank you so much for your continued support!

This campaign has surpassed all our expectations, and we can't be more thankful.

We pray that Allah SWT enables us to fulfill this campaign's promise and help you live a life of Barakah.

Mohammed Faris

CEO, The Productive Muslim Company

The Productive Muslim Company3 years ago

The FINAL stretch! (Can we get to $100K?)


Alhamdulillah, we're in the final stretch of the Barakah Journal pre-order campaign with just 3 days left for the campaign.

Over 1400+ supporters have pre-ordered their copy, and we've raised over $90K in 1 week! Allahu Akbar!

Your support has not only made this Barakah Journal a reality - but we've gone ahead and doubled our initial order size to 6000 Barakah Journals + asked for 3000 journals to be shipped by air to our fulfillment center here in Dallas so that we can deliver your Barakah journal much sooner than the projected August 2021 deadline insha'Allah.

If you want to order additional copies for your family and friends, this is the time to do so. After the campaign closes, the price for the Barakah Journal would go up, and we won't offer free worldwide shipping anymore.

For those asking for bulk orders (52+ journals), please complete this form, and our team would get back to you with a quote.

We'll be in touch with updates as the journal gets printed, shipped, and fulfilled insha'Allah. 

Alhamdulillah, last week this was a dream - today's a reality by Allah's permission and your support. JazakumAllah khair :).

Excited to deliver the Barakah Journals to your hands!

Mohammed Faris
CEO, The Productive Muslim Company

The Productive Muslim Company3 years ago

Help us share the Barakah Journal with the World!


Alhamdulillah, thank you for making the Barakah Journal a reality by helping us reach our goal in under 36 hours!

MashaAllah, we truly appreciate your your support, duas, and contributions.

Now - it's time to spread Barakah around the whole world.

We are super excited to launch the second phase of this campaign.

The focus will be to raise the number of orders and gift the Barakah Journal to family, friends, teams, and organizations.

Your support with this phase will help us:
• Double our order size from 3000 to 6000+ Barakah journals
• Deliver the journals sooner than the projected deadline insha’Allah
• Build a platform and community of supporters

Here's how you can spread the Barakah inshaAllah:
1. If you know your friends and family will absolutely love to have the Barakah Journal, you can pre-order additional journals and gift it to them!
2. Share this link to your network (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc) and get them to order their copy of the Barakah journal.
3. If you would like to make bulk orders for yourself or organization (we are offering amazing discounts if you order 52+ journals from us).

Alhamdulillah, and thank you so much once again for your support...we'll keep you updated as the campaign progresses.

Spread the word, spread the Barakah!


Mohammed Faris

CEO, The Productive Muslim Company.

The Productive Muslim Company3 years ago

Alhamdulillah! We reached our goal in less than 36 hours!


SubhanaAllah... I didn't think I would send this update today.. but alhamdulillah, the campaign goal was reached in less than 36 hours! 

JazakumAllah khair for your incredible support and energy around this campaign.

Thank you to everyone who helped, supported, and shared this campaign - this was a community effort!

Special thanks to the LaunchGood team for their incredible platform and coaching throughout the process, and to all our amazing volunteers and campaigners who worked so hard to make this possible!

We'll keep the campaign open for a few more days if you want to pre-order your journal before we close the campaign. Tell your friends and family to order their copy before we close the campaign.


Mohammed Faris

CEO, The Productive Muslim Company

The Productive Muslim Company3 years ago

Alhamdulillah! We raised $40k in 24 hours! (Just $10K to go)!


JazakumAllah khair for the incredible support you gave to the Barakah Journal on our first day of launch.

Alhamdulillah, over 750 donors have come together from around the world and raised $40K in less than 24 hours! That's 80% of the needed funds to make Barakah Journal a reality, and we just have $10K to go!

Please help us reach our goal this weekend by sharing the campaign with one more person in your network OR pre-order one additional journal for a friend or family member. This is the link to the campaign:

I'm praying that if we finalize this campaign this weekend, insha'Allah, we can place a printing order as early as next week and start the production process soon.



Mohammed Faris

CEO, The Productive Muslim Company

P.S. If you're interested in bulk ordering the Barakah Journal for your online store, local masjid, school, or company, please complete this form. The minimum order quantity for bulk orders is 52 journals and we're a offering a special wholesale price during this pre-order campaign. Thanks!

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