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From 10 year old Entrepreneur: Your Daughter's Hijab Brand.

The one piece pull over is too "babyish"

... and your Hijabs are too big and in boring "grown up" colors. Enter the creation of 10 year old American Hijabi Amaya Diggins. Amaya  came up with the idea of starting a Hijab brand for girls her age after getting frustrated that her scarves were too big and bulky in the Summer of 2016.  Amaya came to her mother Ameenah Muhammad- Diggins, and complained that all of the Hijab companies cater to  adults and there was not a brand specifically  for young girls between ages 8-15.  Amaya wanted to create a company that would help  girls feel special in Hijab and confident in their Islamic Identity. 

Ameenah understood the challenges young girls may face when beginning to wear  Hijab and the pressure of being visibly Muslim in today's climate. She told Amaya this was a brilliant idea!

Amaya got to work!  She measured and designed scarves that were the perfect size for Pre-Teens and Teens. 

I can't Find anything to wear ! :(

Have you had this experience shopping with your daughter ? Been there done that ! It is often at youth sizes 8-16 that  traditional clothing retailers  offer clothing that is  shorter and tighter. 

Most modest clothing is for adults.

While there have been a spring of fashion lines geared toward women, there are very limited choices   for modest and modern  clothing for young girls. Amaya plans to offer Fun, Modern and Modest Clothing!

Current Colors, Fabric and Sizes

Amaya wanted her first Hijabs to be in jersey fabric. As an active young lady Amaya knew the importance of having material that is easy to style and light weight.  

Hijabji Fits are offered in two size wraps!

Tween size is ideal for younger girls just beginning to wear Hijab 8-12 and The Teen size is perfect for older girls. BOTH sizes are smaller and easier to manage than standard size wraps. 

Currently, Hijabi Fits has 6 colors in soft, light-weight, quality jersey fabric.


Bubble Gum (Dark Pink)
Cotton Candy (Light Pink)
Plum (Deep Purple)
Tangerine (Bright orange)
Cherry (Bright Red)
Sea Green (Sea Foam Green)

Amaya's Goal is to sell 1,000 Hijabs and Raise $20,000 during the launch. 

Give today to make Hijabi Fits a reality ! Your generous donation will help with web development , advertisement and  the design of modest clothing  for our Tween and Teen Muslim girls. 

Make YOUR daughter's Hijab Brand a reality!

If there is one thing our daughters need right now it would be to be confident in their Muslima identity. We know that confidence in our girls oftentimes  stems from how good they feel when they walk out the door. Hijabi Fits is HER brand made possible by YOU. 

The 10 Year old Entrepreneur Dream Catcher!

Amaya Diggins is a determined and energetic 10 year old. She is very clear on her vision to help millions for girls like her feel pretty and confident in Hijab.  Amaya chose the name for her company and created the concept for the logo. Additionally Amaya chooses the fabric and has all of her ideas for modest clothing and even photo shoot ideas ready to execute. When not dreaming of changing the world, Amaya enjoys riding horses and reading. 


Watch PHL 17 Morning News Segment !!

Pre-order and Donate! Pre Order and Donate !

All Orders will be processed after the end of the campaign. 

Give today by choosing any one of our giving levels and then please share! 

Encouraging Words

"It is so important for young Muslim women to feel supported and celebrated right now. It is also critical for us as a community to support the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of our young women."

~Dalia Mogahed,
Director of Research - The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, TED Talk Presenter, CNN contributor

"At PROJECT: EID AWARENESS one of our biggest aims is to help establish the identity of our Muslim youth. With a company like HijabiFits (founded by a child) - how can we be anything short of ecstatic! A child's voice rings louder than most, and we pray HijabiFits leads the way for more child entrepreneurs IsA!" 
~Marjana Nasrallah, Founder Project EID Awareness 

"Amazing Idea, Amaya. I love it ! You have my support!" 
~Gabrielle Jordan 16 year old Entrepreneur, Author , TLC Kid Tycoon, HARRY Biz Kid and  INC. 1 of 5 Entrepreneur Kids who stole the Internet. 

"SubanaAllah when I first heard about Hijabi Fits I became so excited. I the mother of a preteen Muslimah...I know how important it is for our young ladies to feel confident and beautiful while rocking their modest clothing. InshaAllah, Hijabi Fits is just what our young ladies need"
~ Celin Monique, Featured Muslim Entrepreneur Mind 

"When my daughter Aisha wanted to start wearing hijab, she found that everything in my drawer was way too big! The styles that were shorter at local Islamic stores were too mature looking for a young girl. I'm thrilled to see Hijabi Fits is giving young girls an empowering sense of style that fits both their identity and their size!" 

-Megan Wyatt, 

Author of How to Get Hijab Ready: A Guide for Muslim Girls Ages 8-11

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