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Please help us support the family of Imam Sohaib Sultan, who passed away from a rare and aggressive bile duct cancer.

The Trust

In April 2020, Imam Sohaib Sultan received a diagnosis of Stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma. On April 16, 2021, he returned to his Lord.

Imam Sohaib was the sole financial provider for his wife, Arshe Ahmed, and daughter as well as his elderly parents. One of the primary goals of the Imam Sohaib Sultan Family Trust is to provide stable financial support for Radiyya Nusayba Ahmed-Sultan’s education and other priorities. The Trust will be a source of supplemental income for the beneficiaries but not their sole source of income. 

Note: This is the same Trust from a campaign in 2020, which was started shortly after the diagnosis. This is a new campaign but is still going toward the same Trust.

Who Was Imam Sohaib? 

A chaplain, and a friend to all. As many of you know, Sohaib Sultan was the Muslim Chaplain and coordinator of the Muslim Life Program at Princeton University for 13 years. In that time, he provided invaluable guidance to countless students and members of the Muslim community at-large. He authored The Koran for Dummies, spoke at hundreds of interfaith gatherings, led spirituality retreats for families and college students, and connected so many young Muslims to faith. All those who met him can attest that he is a paragon of love, compassionate ears, and an uplifting attitude.

Heavy News

In his letter disclosing his illness to the community, Imam Sohaib stressed that while this news is troubling, he wanted us to see life as an opportunity to do good, to care for each other, to be forgiving with one another, and to be people of faith:

"Allah tells us in the Qur'an that He will test us with blessings (gratitude) and sufferings (patience). I've mostly been tested with blessings.... So, my advice to myself, my family and to you is to cherish every day you are given and to do something really beautiful and meaningful with your life. Worship God with all your heart for the time you have on earth is the proximity by which to draw nigh to the Divine. Hold your loved ones, family and friends, tight. And, let not a day pass in which you do not show kindness to someone in some way.” 

On a more personal note, he wrote in his post, “Accepting the Diagnosis”:

“But, alhamdulillah, upon receiving the diagnosis an immediate calm, peace and acceptance came into my heart. Upon interrogating and having the feeling interrogated, I just felt even more contentment with God’s decree … This does not mean there isn’t grief. The Prophet wept often with his own losses and at seeing the suffering of others. But the Prophet married acceptance and grief, like Yaqub (as), in a way that is just so beautiful. When I think of my baby girl growing up without a father or my wife sitting all alone in our bedroom in the night or my parents not having me help them with their chores or my sister and her children not having my love and support, tears flow. But, the heart does not complain. God gave me an amazing life. He gives and takes, He owes us nothing, all is His, His decree is merciful and wise and just even if we can’t immediately see it.”

We can honor Imam Sohaib's words, which he himself always lived by, through showering his family with our love and generosity.

Imam Sohaib’s Beloved Family

Imam Sohaib and Arshe took the journey of a lifetime to Pakistan in the spring of 2017. It was that trip that changed our lives forever. For that was when we all received the gift of Radiyya Nusayba Ahmed-Sultan. Sohaib and Arshe adopted Radiyya in May 2017, and as she approaches her 4th birthday, our hearts are full with the joy she brings us in every encounter. 

Imam Sohaib stressed only one request to us, his community, as he faces the uncertain road ahead: please ensure that Radiyya is never lacking in love and in role models. This fundraiser will ensure that, in the years to come, Radiyya can go to school, go to college, and have a comfortable home on her own journey. 

How Can You Help?

Give whatever you can. Whether it's $1, $20, $10,000. Every amount matters and makes a real difference. This is our chance as a community to look after those who serve us, often thanklessly. Imam Sohaib guided our children, he prayed for our wellbeing, he poured so many hours into making us feel like we have a spiritual home, and he made himself available to us at all hours of the night and day-- even while he was fighting for his life… May Allah accept his efforts and reward all of you for your generosity. Ameen.

If you would prefer to write a check or make a wire transfer, please contact Theresa L. Hughes at for a contribution form and instructions on how to make the payment.

And please share this page far and wide. Thank you.

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    Nabil Shaikh3 years ago

    Imam Sohaib's Legacy

    Dear donors,

    Jumu’ah Mubarak. It has been one week since the passing of our dear imam. May Allah elevate his soul and continue to reward him for his lasting impact in this life. Thank you for your generosity in contributing to the Imam Sohaib Sultan Family Trust. Your support will go a long way in supporting Radiyya through college, our beloved Arshe Ahmed, and Dr. Talat and Amra Sultan. 

    Please also consider contributing to the Imam Sohaib Sultan Charitable Fund, which will support U.S. Islamic chaplaincy programs and students with an emphasis on “town and gown” relations – a model of community-building that Imam Sohaib wanted to be his enduring legacy.

    May your contributions and worship this month be multiplied many times over, especially on this blessed day of Friday. Ameen.

    Your brother,


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