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Help us Continue Providing Educational Classes for Children in Beit Ummar /Palestine


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Help us to sustain capacities of Tanweer center to enhance the educational skills of 80 vulnerable children from Beit Ummar, Living in Area C.

"Let's Go Reading"

Tanweer center is currently working to launch its new project "Let's Go Reading" through the library that we are preparing. It will serve as a platform for children and youth to :

  • Meet and gather.
  • Space for reading.
  • Partake in educational activities.
  • Watching films and attending theater.

تم  إنشاء جمعية مركز تنوير في العام 2017 بهدف تزويد أطفال وشباب بلدة بيت أمر بالمهارات اللازمة لهم للنجاح في مواجهة تحديات المستقبل

What we do?

At Tanweer center, we provide a safe place for children of Beit Ummar to practice their hobbies and develop their talents in different fields, these include art workshops, English, Summer camps,recreational and educational trips, , English classes, gymnastic , &IT literacy, It is considered as the only place that acts as the first  nursery for art,  . 

 الجمعية توفر للأطفال مكانا آمنا لممارسة هواياتهم وتطوير مواهبهم في مجالات عدة منها: 

  • الفنون التشكيلية
  • المخيمات الصيفية
  • الرحل التعليمية والترفيهية
  • اللغة الإنجليزية
  • الرياضة الذكاء العقلي والتكنولوجيا

Why we need your help?

The long-term impact of Covid-19 has affected all aspects of life, but children were among the most affected, especially those living in Area C of south West Bank. Due to the pandemic:

  • Children suffered a lot from being away from their schools for long periods of time.
  • They spent significant time alone, away from reading and learning, away from playing with their peers, and their normal lives.
  • increase in domestic violence due to longer periods of staying  at home quarantine(Bhatia and others, 2020; UNICEF, 2020), has put children in an even more volatile situation.

لماذا نحن بحاجة لدعمكم؟

: من المعروف أن فيروس كورونا القى بظلاله على جميع مناحي  الحياة، ومما لا شك فيه أن الأطفال وتحديدا أولئك الذين يعيشون في مناطق ج من الضفة الغربية هم  أكثر الفئات تضررا، نتيجة الجائحة

  • قضاء الأطفال فترات طويلة من العزلة الاجتماعية بعيدين عن مدارسهم وأصدقائهم وكتبهم المدرسية
  • ازدياد العنف المنزلي الذي تولد عن الفترات الطويلة التي قضاها الأطفال مع أسرهم في المنزل
  • التعرض  للمشاكل النفسية

The solution:

Tanweer center is dedicated to providing children with the tools they need to shape their future in a better way.  Activities such as art workshops, English classes, subscription to library for reading books, watching films and theater. We facilitate activities that are crucial at early ages to shape the future of children and are also considered  as  tools to relieve children from stress. What we intend to do is to combine the  joy of learning through purposeful entertainment, with enhancing capacities - all these activities under one ceiling.

Part of our activities(summer camp) will take place in natural environment at Beit Ummar Park where children can practice swimming, football, play with outdoor playing games and discovour the nature.

الحل:  الذي قدمته جمعية مركز تنوير منذ بداية نشأة الجمعية وهي تعمل على تقديم الأدوات اللازمة للأطفال لمساعدتهم على بناء رؤية أفضل لحياتهم المستقبلية وذلك من خلال ما نقدمه من أنشطة وفعاليات مهمة في بداية حياتهم. بالمختصر نحن نقدم لهم متعة التعلم، أنشطة فاعلة، تفريغ  تحت سقف واحد.

Why do we choose these activities?

 Because we all know that reading open minds and we believe that developing the habit of reading starts from a young age.

Drawing is used as  a way to relieve from stress, and it can help kids to enhance their imagination.

 Attending theater helps children interact directly with the play and increasing self-trust  while release all the grief and pressure.

English is the key for globalization

Finally it's known that perfect minds in healthy bodies.

لماذا هذه الأنشطة؟

●وكما يقال :القراءة هي مفتاح العقول

●الفنون:إطلاق العنان 

●المسرح :إبداع وتفريغ للضغوطات

●اللغة الإنجليزية هي مفتاحك على العالم

●الرياضة :العقل السليم في الجسم السليم

How can you help? 

For Tanweer center to sustain our  activities, we are in need of funds to be able to continue helping vulnerable children. Please donate to our campaign, and share with your network.

Your generosity will help us mitigate financial problems so we can cover all the expenses needed for materials, trainers and to pay for rent, in other words "you will help us  keep active"

كيف يمكنك أن تساعد؟

نحن نحتاج الى دعمك المالي حتى نتمكن من الاستمرار في تقديم  برامجنا، كما يمكنك أيضا أن تساعدنا من خلال مشاركة الحملة مع أصدقائك. تكرمك بدعمنا سيساعدنا على تخطي الضائقة المالية من خلال تغطية جميع التكاليف المترتبة على تنفيذ الأنشطة.


Tanweer center was established in 2017, with the goal of providing the youth and children of Beit Ummar with the skill set needed to help them succeed in today's fast-changing and globalized context. 

تم  إنشاء جمعية مركز تنوير في العام 2017 بهدف تزويد أطفال وشباب بلدة بيت أمر بالمهارات اللازمة لهم للنجاح في مواجهة تحديات المستقبل.


Estimated Budget Breakdown

Art workshops)/including a photo gallary.2000
Summer camp-one week2000
Library sessions(reading, watching films, activities)1000

Fundraising Goal:

1: Minimum neededArt workshop,  summer camp, library sessions4000
2: GoalArt workshops, photogallary, summer camp, library sessions, and theater6000
3: Stretch goal Specialized Tech summer camp8500



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BuildPalestine .a year ago

Dear friends,

Dear friends,

Hope you are ll doing fine

We are are approaching the end of our  campaign"
Help us launching our summer camp: From Ignoring to Observing & Caring. We hope you will be able to support us to finalize it successfuly.

Help us launching our summer camp: From Ignoring to Observing & Caring

All the best, 

Muna Ammar

BuildPalestine .a year ago

Help Tanweer Center launching The Summer Camp: From Ignoring to Observing & Caring

For This Coming Summer Holiday, Tanweer Center Would Like To Initiate A Summer Camp As Summer Vacation Is One Of The Most Important Times In His Or Her Life. Tanweer Center Makes It An Enjoyable, Educational, Fun-Filled Summer Where The Child Can Grow Into A Well-Rounded Individual. Each Day The Campers Will Participate In Activities To Stimulate Creativity.This summer we are inviting children who are orphans and children with disabilities to share in our activities, so please help them join us.

For donation, press this link:

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