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Quranic is a revolutionary app that will change the way people learn the language of the Quran

***Update: the campaign is over***

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Salam everyone, 

Today, I want to introduce you to an app that will revolutionize the way we learn the language of the Quran, inshaAllah. Before I get to that, let me tell you a quick story.

How My Non-Muslim Friend Stumped Me

Once upon a time, I told my non-Muslim friend I was going to Quran class. He asked, "What do you do there?" I proudly told him that I read the whole Quran in Arabic. And he was amazed: "Wow, you know Arabic?" I had to awkwardly reply, "Uhhh, no I can read it, but I can't understand it." That's when it hit me: I can read the Quran, the whole thing, in Arabic - but I don't understand a word of it!

I'm sure many Muslims have felt similarly. Today, my friend Hani Khan and I are trying to change that.

Did you know that 10 words make up 25% of the Quran?

Yes, 25%!

And 60 words make up 50% of the Quran! Yes, 50%!

If you can learn just 60 words, you will be closer to connecting with Allah's words in ways you never could have dreamed of before. 

Most Muslims view learning Arabic as a line that needs to be crossed. If you're on the non-Arab side, you know 0% of the Quran and if you cross the line you understand 100%. And of cou,rse there's a thick wall on that line that is impossible to break. In reality, learning Arabic and understanding the Quran is a path, its a journey. Some people choose to remain at 0% for all their lives. Now, that doesn't have to be the case.

It's not just about learning Arabic - it's about connecting to the word of Allah.

We all want to be able to understand what we're reading in Salah and what the imam is reciting in the Masjid - especially when we spend hours praying every night in Ramadan. So what's the best way to learn for the busy Muslim?

Lectures can be tough

If you're like me, you fall asleep within ten minutes of listening to a lecture. And if the topic is Arabic grammar? All I need is five.

On the other hand, I love learning by DOING. I love technology, to the point that I have to be careful around games or else I get addicted.

So Hani and I thought, why not create something that combines learning by doing, technology, and games? What if we could make learning the language of the Quran as addictive and fun as a video game?

Introducing Quranic

My name is Adam Jamal and I've been studying and teaching Arabic for over 10 years.

I would like to introduce an app called Quranic

The idea is to learn by playing for just five to ten minutes a day!

Imagine being able to learn the book of Allah on a plane, at the airport, in a doctor's office, while waiting for the light to turn green (just kidding), before your next meeting...the possibilities are endless.

Is the app already available?

Although we have a basic prototype, the app isn't ready for the app store. With the successful completion of this campaign we'll be able to have what we need to actually launch it on both iPhone and Android.

Why is Quranic different? Two words: efficiency and stories.

Watch the video below to learn about how our app efficiently teaches Quranic Arabic. You also get a sneak peak of the app!

Stories of the Qur'an

Fine, we're super efficient. But how do we make the app engaging? How do we make sure students can't wait to open the next lesson?

People typically learn Arabic in formal settings and then apply it to the Quran by themselves. But what if we could do both at the same time? 

Quranic uses stories directly from the Qur'an. This means you don't have to wait until the end of class to "apply" the Arabic... you're doing it the whole time! You're learning Arabic through the Qur'an itself!

Follow Ibrahim (as) from the time he challenged the ways of his people as a young man to when he raised his two sons. Follow Musa (as) from when his mother feared for his life and gave him up to when he led Bani Israel out of Fir'awn's clutches. And learn Arabic while doing it!

What we've done so far

To find out if people really wanted this app, we created a simple prototype. Below are some screenshots of that prototype. Alhamdulillah, both children and adults have loved it. And this is just the beginning. 

We need your help to complete this project.

We've already put a whole lot of sweat, tears, and our own $$ to get this far and make sure its something that people actually want.

With your help and support, we can see this idea through.

Together we can make this happen.

Together we can revolutionize the way Muslims learn the language of the Quran.

Subscription model

Arabic courses offline and online can cost hundreds of dollars. You're also required to cram all the material in a short amount of time. Research shows that students who take their time to learn and don't rush through their studies actually learn better. We decided to go with a low-cost subscription-based model starting at $4/month. If you contribute at the $100 level now, your cost is just $2.75/month. That's less than 10 cents a day. This will enable us to keep delivering new content all the time. Subscribe to the app and focus on learning.

If you can only use paypal then you may use this link:

Please mention the contribution level that you chose in the note. We'll handle the paypal fees.


Everything we can do if we get to $100,000:

1. Story of Ibrahim

2. Story of Musa

3. Story of Maryam

4. Story of Adam

5. Arabic of Salah (prayer) course

6. Arabic Alphabet course

7. Sounds

8. Badges, Achievements, Points

9. Personalization - the app will remember the words you know and the words you don't know

10. Data Science to continue to improve the way we teach and how you learn after we launch

11. Support for 100,000 free users!


How updates will roll out

We're planning on launching the app in Spring of 2018 inshaAllah. The launch version of the app will contain the tutorial and the story of Ibrahim.

After we launch on both Android and iOS app stores, we will continue working on other features that you have supported.


We hope to be out of the testing phase by Spring 2018 with the permission of Allah.

If everything goes to plan inshaAllah, in Spring 2018 we will also launch the online 7-day Quranic Arabic Intensive Course where we will give you a jumpstart to learning Arabic.

Please view the beta test information below to learn more about the phases before launch.

Our Team


With any new venture there is always risk.  Alhamdulillah I've been teaching Arabic for over 10 years and Hani has been designing digital experiences for 5 years. 

We work well together and have known each other since we were in elementary school.

We've also been getting great feedback whenever we show our prototype to Muslims wanting to learn Arabic.

Alhamdulillah we already have a team of developers that we vetted after interviewing over 10 teams. We are aware that costs for certain features can get out of control if we're not careful.  So far we've been able to control costs by  keeping a close eye on how things are done by our developers, and will continue to do so.

We are constantly searching for new ways to design questions and activities on the app. We hope you'll join the testing phase of the app and give us your valued feedback.


Here's an explanation of all the perks we have to offer.

There are two subscriptions to Quranic: basic and pro.

Basic ($5/month but $4/month for launchgooders) will give you access to all lessons minus the ones you have to unlock through the game system. And reward for supporting this effort!

Pro ($10/month but $8/month for launchgooders) along with the basic features, a pro subscription will give you the ability to download lessons for offline use and early access to new lessons. Also double the reward for supporting this effort!

Free subscription: Free users won't have all the features and lessons but will still be able to learn. Every $1 goes towards supporting one free user. That's 100,000 users!

Note: Your subscription doesn't begin until the beta test is over. So if part of your perks include the beta test, then you'll be testing completely free (in exchange you will have to be patient with a few bugs and give us feedback).

Lifetime discount:

All launchgood students will receive a lifetime 20% discount to Quranic.

Beta test:

A beta test allows us to ensure that we're building an app that our students will benefit from. We plan on collecting feedback from all our students and using that information to add more features and improvements to the app. It will also allow us to test the app for bugs and make sure the base features are in place and that they work before we launch officially. 

As mentioned above, we hope to conclude the iOS beta test at some point in Spring of 2018. When we launch, we want to offer a solid product and we don't want to rush it.

Your subscription will not start until the beta test is over. If you contribute at the $50 level or above, you will gain admission to the beta test.

The Android beta test will begin once we reach our goal and are comfortable with starting - inshaAllah before Spring 2018. Quality is super important to us.

There are 4 stages to the Beta test. Early users will have a lot of say in the future of the app and the direction it takes. The stage you get into depends on your contribution level.

Stage 0: as soon as we get your email

Stage 1: at the end of the campaign

Stage 2: once we have 10 lessons

Stage 3: once we have 20 lessons

Launch: once we're at 30 lessons!

Exclusive Facebook group

Students at the $50 level and above will get an invite to an exclusive facebook group to share and discuss learning strategies once they are invited into the beta test.

7-day Online Arabic Intensive

This is an online course that will be available to users at the $100 level and above. Estimated launch is by Spring 2018. It will help you get a jumpstart to Arabic and using the app. Lessons will be recorded for you to access at anytime.

Sponsor subscriptions

Free users will be able to apply to receive a sponsored subscription to unlock all the app's features. Supporter levels 8, 9, 10, and 11 are sponsoring these subscriptions and getting reward for every word that someone reads and learns alhamdulillah.

We will identify free users that are very consistent and offer them sponsorships to the app.

BONUS: Apply to Host a 7-day Arabic Intensive LIVE in your city

This bonus depends on the availability of instructors.

The location will be chosen based on contributor level (either level 9, 10, or 11) and feasibility.

The class will be a paid event (with scholarships for those who can't afford it).

Questions? Please email us at:


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Updates 14

Adam Jamal6 years ago

It's been 11 months since we started.

Salam ‘alaykum,

Adam Jamal here.

I just wanted to update all our supporters.

Less than a year ago Hani and I were able to raise around $96,064 to become the most-funded mobile app on Launchgood. This was beyond our wildest expectations and we set to work immediately.

Download the app here if you haven’t already.

On the one hand, we’ve learned so much about what it takes to build an app from scratch. (And how expensive good mobile development is!). We learned how to manage the product and which features to prioritize. We’ve been able to get help from some really smart people that are in the app building space.

The amazing thing is even though I’ve been teaching for over 10 years, I’ve learned a lot about what the best methods for learning are. I’ve been able to look at learning data from millions of Quranic Arabic words that have been learned by thousands of Muslims from all over the world.

We’ve been able to put together an awesome team.

We have a team of over 9 people working on this project, 2 are full-time and the rest are part-time or volunteers.

We have:

1 Project manager, 2 full-time developers, 1 Product lead, 1 marketing consultant, 1 UI/UX designer, 1 illustrator, 2 lesson creators, and 1 social media manager. Alhamdulillah.

We’ve been able to deliver on our promises and more.

Here’s everything we’ve been able to do:

  1. Launch Quranic on iOS within 3 months of gaining funding

  2. Launch Quranic on Android and fully catch up with iOS features

  3. Added Word Review game

  4. Added Word Review algorithm which remembers your weakest words.

  5. Added 60+ lessons all with their own unique illustrations teaching the 400-500 most frequent words in the Quran that make up nearly 70% of the Quran (easier than learning all 13000 words!)

    1. Story of Maryam (a)

    2. Story of Ibrahim (a)

    3. Story of Adam (a)

    4. Salah words

    5. 3 Quls

    6. Short Surahs

    7. Du’as

    8. More lessons to be added every month: Ayatul Kursi, Prophets Yunus, Ayyub, Hud, Nuh, Salih, Musa (as)

  6. Added a test feature to make sure Quranic students know they really are learning so quickly!

  7. Achieved and maintained a 4-5 star rating on both app stores and made sure to respond to critical feedback

  8. Adding a streak feature to encourage people to study every day

  9. Creating a Quranic Arabic Level 1 Course

    1. Coming soon:

      1. Level 2 (textbook is ready)

      2. Level 1 Teacher Training Course

      3. Alphabet Course

  10. Host Quranic Arabic Level 1 in New York, Philadelphia, and South Africa.

  11. Achieved nearly 20,000 downloads!

  12. Added a strength bar system to encourage students to perfect their learning

  13. Added our own Audio for EVERY word our students learn, recited by one of my students Haafiz Bilaal

  14. We were able to make many “Quality of life” enhancements and we squashed a lot of bugs!!!!

  15. Updated Quranic every 2-3 weeks since Ramadan

This definitely isn’t the end of our journey.

Thanks for your support!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, please email us at

Adam Jamal6 years ago

Android Release and ISNA

Salam 'alaykum,

We are excited to announce the Android release of Quranic!

Click here to download it!

Also... Team Quranic will be making an appearance at ISNA in Houston. We hope to see you there!

Adam Jamal6 years ago

iOS Release!

Salam 'alaykum! 

Alhamdulillah Quranic is out on iOS. You can download it at:

Please check your emails for an email from in order to claim your subscription.

If you're having any trouble at all please email

Thank you and Jazakumullahu khairan for your support!

Adam Jamal6 years ago
Adam Jamal6 years ago

Alhamdulillah, we're done!

Thank you for getting us this far. It was a busy month for us here as we hit goal after goal.

Alhamdulillah, I'm so excited that you decided to be a part of this project. With your help we are the #1 most funded app on Launchgood!

So what's next?

The next thing is getting our Stage 1 Beta out to those who signed up for it. Because of the overwhelming support we've received, we've actually restarted our development over from scratch. We found new developers who have been working diligently to ensure we release a quality product. What that means is we'll be able to release an app that's even better than before inshaAllah. We're hoping to have the first test ready by the end of the month.

Here's a reminder of the test stages, the subscription levels required, and when we estimate we'll release:
Stage 1: $110+ Estimated release mid-end of February
Stage 2: $100+ Estimated release March
Stage 3: $50+ Estimated release April
Full release: Before Ramadan 2018 inshaAllah

There are some factors outside of our control such as app store reviews and legal that could affect our release. But otherwise we will try our best to get it out on time.

Why Test?

We're big believers in releasing a quality application. We also want to make sure we get you early access to the app for supporting us. Most importantly, to get your feedback on how you're using the app and how well you're retaining what you learn. We'll be making improvements and changes accordingly.

We're so excited for the journey ahead!
Thank you!
Adam Jamal6 years ago

Campaign was supposed to end today

Salam 'alaykum,

We were supposed to end the campaign today but we still have a little more to go, we're going to give it a few more days to see if we can raise what we need to achieve our final goal. Otherwise we'll have to make do with the previous goal.

Here's what we'll commit to adding if we get to our final goal of $100,000:

1. New: Another story from the Quran

2. New: An ebook that explains the 25 most common words for our backers. These 25 words makeup 37% of the Quran!

3. Better student experience when we hire a data scientist onto our team

4. 100,000 free users (as opposed to ~42,000 for the amount we've raised so far)

5. Support for blind users to use the app

Please share the campaign and let's get to the end, we're almost there!

Share the link:

Adam Jamal6 years ago

What's next for Quranic?

Final Phase:

Alhamdulillah we've surpassed every goal we set out to reach. Now we've set our last goal and we're aiming to finish super strong inshaAllah. There's less than a week left in the campaign.


1. After receiving many requests, we decided we will invest in developing features for blind users at this final level.

2. We will be able to bring some really awesome engineers and a data scientist onto our team. A data scientist simply put is someone who will make the app very good at keeping students interested and engaged.

3. At this final level we will be able to support 1 free student for every $1 you put in. That’s 100,000 free students at the time of launch inshaAllah.


BTW contributors to level 8, 9, and 10 have been using the test version of the app and they've reported learning 9 words in just 15 minutes. 9 words makeup 20% of the Quran!

Adam Jamal6 years ago

So what's next for Quranic?

Phase 4-7 complete alhamdulillah!

Adam Jamal6 years ago

Phase 3 Complete! Onwards!

Salam 'alaykum,

Wow I just emailed you guys the other day about how we completed Phase 2. And here we are having completed Phase 3! Alhamdulillah. Good job everyone!

I’ve been telling Hani how our hunch was right - Muslims want to learn Arabic from the palm of their hand. They want something that can help them keep up and be consistent.

Phase 4:

We’re moving onto our Phase 4 goal of $40,000. Here’s what’s planned for Phase 4:

1. We will be able to complete the Alphabet course that we discussed in the campaign. A lot of people wanting to use the app can’t read Arabic. This course will help bridge that gap!

2. Another story from the Quran will be completed based on our Quranic frequency word analysis.

3. Previously in Phase 2, every $10 led to hosting 1 free user. In Phase 4 inshaAllah every $4 will host 1 free user! That’s 10,000 free users total!

Phase 5:

After all the support we’ve gotten we definitely went back to the drawing table. We’re now thinking beyond just our initial plan. We don’t want to rush into anything totally new, but we have some really cool ideas we want to work on.

The new idea:

The Phase 5 idea is that as you play with the app there will be those Quranic words you remember easily and others which are difficult. This can be different for everyone. Completing Phase 5 will allow us to create a Word Review that knows exactly which words you are weak in and which words you’re strong in. It will also keep track of how long it’s been since you saw a word. Then using this information it’ll personalize a variety of exercises for you taken right from the Quran. That way no matter your commitment level you’ll always be challenged just enough

We're still getting bids and coming up with estimates for this feature, so hopefully we'll have that for you in our next update.

Please continue sharing the campaign!

Together we can make this happen.

Together we can revolutionize the way the language of the Quran is learned.

Adam Jamal6 years ago


As I was putting the first draft of the app together it was very traditional and grammar focused. When I showed my brother, he said this is good and I'm learning, but I'm not seeing it applied and I don't think mom and dad would be able to do this. So I told myself... Yes! I have to do something that my parents could learn from. They are non-technical and non-Arab.

So I showed him another set of lessons with Arabic directly from a commonly known chapter of the Quran. And he said

“This is great and I love this but the motions feel a little repetitive...”

So I had to go right back to the drawing board. What could make things feel less repetitive? And that’s when it hit me, what if the lesson followed a story of the Quran?

Finally, I gave him the Story of Musa from Surah Taha. And he was like... please write more, I want to know what happens next!!!

The next step was - let’s not just show one part of the story - let’s actually follow a Prophet from beginning to end.

The best one to start with in this case was Ibrahim.

Ibrahim was the father of soo many Prophets. He left a legacy that we follow till this day. He was titled in the Quran the “Khalil” of Allah, the close friend of Allah. I can’t wait to share the story of Ibrahim with you on the app.

Please support the app, share and help us launch!

Together we can revolutionize the way the language of the Quran is learned.

Adam Jamal6 years ago

We have completed Phase 2!

Salam 'alaykum,

Ya'll are amazing. 

Ya'll completed Phase 2! It hasn't even been a week. Alhamdulillah. Before we took the plunge and created this campaign, I had been asking around to see if this app would even get any support. Here we are now, less than a week into the campaign, and I couldn't be more thankful and excited by the backing we've received. Alhamdulillah we have already reached our second goal of $20,000.

InshaAllah with your continued support and shares we can reach our Phase 3 goal which is to raise $30,000.

Phase 3!

If we reach Phase 3 we will:

1. Add another Story which will be chosen based on our Quran word analysis.

2. We will introduce a Salah course in the app. The point of this course will be to help you understand what you repeat in your prayers day after day 5 times a day.

3. Finally, we will be able to host even more free version users. Every $5 will go towards hosting one free student. As the number of students grows, we are able to reduce our costs. When we reach the end of Phase 3 that will be 6000 free students we can support.

So please continue to share and support this campaign.

Share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Share on your WhatsApp groups. Please personally message people you know that have been struggling with understanding the Quran.

​About the Salah Course

InshaAllah this will be useful to so many people. People who crave to understand the prayer and also those learning how to pray. Imagine a new convert in some remote place being less intimidated because with access to this app they will be taken through the Salah step by step at their own pace. Imagine someone who hasn't prayed in a long time and wants to get back into it but is too embarrassed to ask someone in person. The possibilities are endless.

Adam Jamal6 years ago

Adam Jamal6 years ago

We made it to Phase 1

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!

We made it to $10,800 overnight. We're not even at two full days of the campaign yet subhanallah.

InshaAllah we will be raising the goal to our second phase as we mentioned before: $20,000.

The successful completion of Phase 2 will allow us to complete the next story (vote for it here). More importantly Phase 2 will allow us to release a free version of the app. We’ll be able to support 2000 users. That means every ten dollars you spend will allow 1 other person to use the app free.

More about the free version:

Our app already has a starting cost of just $2.75 a month with launchgood. But we really want this app to have an impact on Muslims everywhere. And we don't want affordability to be an issue. So with Phase 2 we will be able to introduce a free version of the app.

Each user has certain costs associated (user support, servers, hosting, database, performance etc) so we definitely want to make sure we have the foundation to support a large number of free users. Subscribers will have access to more features and lessons but free users will still be able to learn inshaAllah.

Also as a thank you we wanted to share the 10 words that make up 25% of the Quran:

Adam Jamal6 years ago

Wow we're already at 34%

Salam 'alaykum,

This has been amazing alhamdulillah. In less than 12 hours we've already reached 34% of our goal. That's more than a third! Thank you everyone!

I think Muslims have had enough. We're saying "No!" to understanding nothing when we read and listen to the Quran.

If you haven't already, please personally share the page with people you know would be interested in learning the language of the Quran. 

Together we can make this happen.

P.S. If we get to $20,000 we will be able to start supporting a good number of free accounts inshaAllah. We'll also be able to complete the Story of Musa.

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