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Using entertainment and arts spaces to challenge negative image of Islam and Muslims


The general public around the world are suspicious of our beautiful faith in no small part thanks to negative media imagery. 

Now, it’s time to provide an alternative narrative to counter the hate. 

Here is the true story of how I became a Muslim, delivered in the way people in this age will best understand: through arts and entertainment. The journey I'm inviting you on, travels the corners of the earth, delving into my own former misconceptions about Islam. 

I’m here to invite you to support positively affecting the way people think:

  • About Islam
  • About Hijab
  • About Muslim life
  • About Prayer

If you’d asked me about Islam when I was at college, I would have called it a ‘foreign faith’ all about making girls domestic slaves. 

8 years ago I was guided to take my shahada and now I dedicate my professional skills as a writer and a TV and radio host, to challenging false stereotypes.

THE groundbreaking tour to guidance!

Right here you can be part of creating a unique piece of work. The plan is to tour this play internationally at festivals and interfaith spaces in Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, USA. God willing!

Performances begin at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

- The largest arts festival of its kind in the world

-Edinburgh's festivals attract combined audiences of more than 4.5 million similar to the Fifa World Cup and second only to the Olympic Games!


1) Finding Islam +

The one-woman performance supported by a professional team will be presented to the audiences of the general public. Kicking off with 25 performances over a month at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show tells the true story of how finding Islam, as a woman in the West, has changed my way of life. I share my own previous prejudices and suspicions, changed by Palestinian refugees who taught me kindness and Somali taxi drivers who taught me about Prophet Mohammed SAWS. Audiences will enjoy our hospitality too with food served to them by local Muslim restaurants. Insha’Allah.

And that’s just the beginning…

2) After Each Show - special guests from our community, reciters, spoken word poets and more will join me for a QandA with the audience, engaging with their questions!

​And that's not all!

3) Global Outreach

global tour, will follow, using the work you help us create, to engage and collaborate with like-minded organizations in other countries. The material will be performed at schools, colleges, universities and mainstream spaces around the world giving access to positive messages about our people and our faith. 

How You Can Help?

Step 1. Donate here! Even if you can only donate a pound, it helps!

Step 2. Share this page with your friends and family on your social media platforms, vial telephone apps such as whats app and so on. It really helps! 

Step 3. Your duas for this project to succeed and be a benefit the ummah creating better understanding between communities and decreasing hostility. Ameen

Efforts like this encourage our next generation to take their place in mainstream artistic, creative spaces, across the world, sharing their own positive narratives. 

I pray you will support this effort to challenge propaganda and prejudice about our faith. 

Anything good or beautiful is a blessing from God. He alone do I thank and He alone do I praise for all things.  


Paddling the celebrity shallows of the 1990’s as ‘Tony Blair’s sister-in-law’, Lauren Booth explored everything city life had on offer; appearing on reality TV shows and at the opening of a paper bag (if i meant freebies). Yet, as a cautious Christian, she was drawn to the Holy Land too

Given the chance to visit Palestine, instead of finding the faith of her Christian heritage, she became embroiled in the people’s struggle, witnessing daily acts of patience and courage which would change her forever.

Above all Finding Peace in the Holy Land is a witty personal odyssey calling the reader to consider the universal question; ‘what’s this life thing all about?

"An absolutely fascinating read from beginning to end, Finding Peace in the Holy Land: A British Muslim Memoir is an extraordinary story and a welcome contribution to our current national dialogue regarding Muslim beliefs and compatibility with western cultural values.” — Mid-West Book Review

"Lauren Booth experienced a deep spiritual awakening. A woman who exudes a sense of mission and demonstrates how liberation can be achieved at a personal level.” — Christina Longden, Author

"Whatever you think of Lauren Booth's politics, Islam or her message, this book is a fascinating read. Absorbing and forthright. I couldn’t put it down." — Nicky Campbell, BBC broadcaster and presenter

"A captivating modern pilgrimage. Booth’s road to Mecca offers a precious and unique insight into the modern Islamic reality." — Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, scholar, writer and academic

It made me laugh out loud and cry tears over Gaza. A delicious and inspiring book. You will not put it down." — Greta Berlin, co-founder Freegaza Movement

"A remarkable spiritual and personal journey with unique insights to illuminate all kinds of reader." — Peter Gould, designer, creative entrepreneur and artist

"Poignant, moving and funny... brilliantly joined up writing and joined up thinking." — Victor Lewis Smith, TV and film producer

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Lauren Booth5 years ago

First Milestone Reached!

MashaAllah, huge thank you and duas for being the very first to support a new way of dawah in creative spaces!

First 1k raised! Allah bless you and your families abundantly.

Let's push into our global contacts now and let them know why this campaign matters.

Muslims around the globe face prejudice and worse, persecution. 

Studies show that when the public knows us personally or has the chance to ask face to face questions in a relaxed environment their attitudes and views are quickly effected.

Never Seen Before

A Muslim woman in Hijab performing for thousands who has beautiful stories to tell  about -

Our faith

Our community

Life as a Muslimah

Palestine, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran

Tell your friends, colleagues and contacts about this, share, share, share the KHAIR!

In peace,

Your sister in faith,

Lauren Booth

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