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Beautify your dhikr with a fairly produced wood-bead misbaha, made from olive trees in Palestine and finished in Bosnia.

To make our olive wood tasbihs reality we need to raise 5.000€ till September 2020 – support our campaign today with a 30% Early Supporter Discount.

We are starting this Crowdfunding Campaign in order to start our first production run. You can help us simply by choosing one of our "giving levels":  

  • By clicking the support button above you can purchase our products with a 30% LaunchGood discount and free shipping worldwide.
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With high hopes to fund our first production, we are thankful for your support.

We kickstarted our woolen prayer rugs succesfully last year - help us now to launch our olive wood tasbihs made in Palestine and Bosnia. 

We started RAHATNOOK to create beautiful, high-quality products for Muslims' everyday use. Our desire to implement naturalness and organic consciousness in every corner of our everyday lives is our way to honour the raw materials He provided us with. Our passion for simple design and natural materials led us to launch our woolen prayer rugs collection last year. Now, we are excited to present our tasbih collection made of olive wood, and would like to start our first production with your support.

We knew we wanted this product to not only embody naturalness and originality, but also honor the beauty of remembering and devoting ourselves to The One. And what better way to do that than using the wood of the blessed tree?  

Different shades and special grain make each bead unique and give the tasbih a warm, comforting look. The beads were made from the trees’ annual cutting in Palestine. Each of them, as well as the imame (elongated pillar) and dividers were then polished with olive oil, giving the tasbih a smooth velvety finish and ensuring a pleasant feeling by dhikr -  all by preserving the incredible antibacterial properties of the wood. We hope our tasbihs will give you a calming and conscious moment of devotion, and insha'Allah you will take your spiritual experience to the next level.

We have two thicknesses - 7/8mm (thin) & 12mm (thick) - and two bead-count sizes (33 & 99 beads).  The cases for our misbahas are made of fabric leftovers from our Sajadahs.

33ers - thin Tasbih  

Our smallest and shortest tasbih is extremely lightweight and fits into small pockets. The beads are of 8mm in size.    

Regular price: 18 €  
LaunchGood price: 12,60 €  
Shipping: 5,40 €  
Price incl. shipping: 18 €

33ers - thick Tasbih  

Short tasbih with 33 beads with 12mm thick. Even with the thicker beads, this tasbih is easy to carry around. Three small beads were included in the ending of the tasbih for counting the rounds of dhikr.  

Regular price: 21,50 €  
LaunchGood price: 14,70 €   
Shipping: 5,30 €  
Price incl. shipping: 20 € 

99ers - thin Tasbih  

For doing dhikr when on the go. Each bead is 7 mm, making the tasbih compact, light and easy to carry. Ten small beads were added for counting the rounds of dhikr included in the ending of the tasbih. These will also allow you to easily adjust the tightness.  

Regular price: 30,70 €  
LaunchGood price: 21,70 €   
Shipping: 5,30 €  
Price incl. shipping: 27 € 

99ers - thick Tasbih 

Each bead is 12 mm, making the tasbih comfortable to hold especially when performing longer dhikr. Ten small beads were added to the end of the tasbih for counting the rounds of dhikr. These will also allow you to easily adjust the tightness.  

Regular price: 42 €  
LaunchGood price: 29,70 €  
Shipping: 5,30 €  
Price incl. Shipping: 35 €

Support our campaign now and receive 30% discounted olive wood tasbihs.

For each giving level we included a 30% LaunchGood discount and free worldwide shipping. Products will be shipped in December 2022 insha'Allah (scroll down for estimated timeline).
Our special offer to you is a combination of a misbaha and a sajadah from our woolen prayer rugs collection. You have the possibility to create your own rahat nook at home or to get the ultimate ibadat to go kit. 

Our Sajadahs are woven from 100% virgin wool and dyed with nontoxic dye. Thanks to the natural properties of wool they are water resistant and dirt repellent.

The POCKET Sajadah is 122x60 cm in size, when folded 16x16x4 cm. 
Regular price: 79 €
The RAHAT Sajadah is 129x73 in size. 
Regular price: 89 €

The moment our soul enters into our body, we forget where we came from, where we are going and who we are. We come into this world of matter and senses to find answers to these questions - to remember the One from which we came. The term Dhikr literally means "to remember". There are several forms of dhikr and one of these powerful spiritual practices is tasbih. It’s the most common form of dhikr and it means to praise.

Chanting or reciting the Divine Names and attributes, phrases such as "la illaha illallah", or making prayers/salawat on the Prophet (pbuh) is leading us to God. By remembering God and who we truly are beyond reality and ego, we are returning to God, which is the ultimate goal of every believer.

Using prayer beads, tasbih, is recommended to keep count of our dhikr. 
Besides the practical side of a misbaha - to keep count, having a haptic tool is relaxing and soothing and supports our focus and concentration.

We want to support Muslims worldwide in their dhikr - and to do so fairly, sustainably, and with respect for what He has given us on Earth.

We – Nadina, Ismar and Anesa – are three close friends who live the Bosnian rahat to the fullest, while being attached to implementing a natural lifestyle in all spheres of our lives.  

We have worked together for many years on different projects, and with RAHATNOOK we wish to bring our passions together and create timeless, sustainable, and high quality products for your everyday use.  


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Selam dear Backers,

we have good news, elhadulillah. In december, as planed we will start the shipping. For this reason, we kindly ask you to update your shipping address. If you don't update your address until 01.12.2022 the misbahas will be sent to address entered on LaunchGood. Please note that shipping outside of europe can take more than 30 days due to current difficulties in transport oversee. 

Please confirm your address:

Your misbahas will be delivered by DHL GoGreen and we will send you a tracking number via e-mail.

May your heard always be rahat.

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