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Help the families of Vickie Jones and Maurice Stallard killed in a hate crime by a white supremacist in Louisville, Kentucky

The Muslim Community supports Victims of Hate in Kentucky

  • Update (Nov 5 2:53 EST): Sister Waheedah and Dr. Bagby visited the Jones family church today. Alhumdulillah they spoke to the congregation and a Jones family representative. They will be in touch with us. Let's keep pushing this campaign to exceed our $50K goal! 
  • Update (Nov 3: 11:05 EST): Our Louisville, KY partners are in contact with Mr. Stallard's family  and a Jones family representative. Dr. Ihsan and Sister Waheedah Bagby are visiting Jones family church this Sunday.  
  • UPDATE  (Oct 30, 4:30 pm EST): We are so grateful to to reach our $25,000 goal in only 24 hours. We've raised our goal to $35,000. 

On Wednesday, October 24th, 2018, Vickie Jones, 67 and Maurice Stallard, 69 were intentionally targeted, shot, and murdered by Gregory Bush outside of a Louisville, Kentucky grocery store. Bush admitted that he targeted Jones and Stallard simply because they were black. Please join us in supporting their families.

Prior to shooting and killing Jones and Stallard, the Kroger gunman allegedly tried to enter a Black Church but was unable to. 

​Coping with the Loss

​The Victims

Vickie Jones: When Kevin Gunn, nephew of Vickie Jones, heard she had been murdered he said the family was understandably shocked and saddened. They cried and are/were understandably upset, but he said they now feel anger at the situation. 

Gunn told the Louisville Courier-Journal,  “Something needs to be done to stop putting guns in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them,” Gunn, told reporters at a news conference outside of City Hall. “Something is wrong with the system. This shouldn’t have happened.”

Gunn described his aunt as a "good Christian woman", and told the Louisville Courier-Journal  “She was one of the sweetest people you could know -- and I’m not just saying that as her nephew. She had a warm and giving heart.” 

Maurice Stallard: Maurice Stallard was a 69-year-old military veteran and retired GE employee as a generous family man who moved his family to the suburban city of Jeffersontown for a middle-class life. He is the father of Kellie Watson, who has served in the mayor's office for several years. A source with close ties to the Watson family told the Louisville Courier-Journal that just before 3 p.m., the gunman shot Stallard in the back while his 12-year-old grandson stood next to him. They were shopping for poster board, the source said.

Where the Funds Will Go 

Muslim United for the Kentucky Victims is comprised of a group of Muslim American organizations and individuals who wish to raise funds to aid the families of the victims with financial support for funerals and other expenses as they grieve the loss of their loved ones. 

How Can You Help?

While this campaign was started by Muslims, people of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to contribute.

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