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This campaign will collect all funds raised by June 30, 2024 at 12:00 PM EDT

£150k required to complete purchase of High Barnet Islamic Centre

Barnet's Muslim Community needs your support, we have just 5 days to complete the purchase of our building!

  • Normal rented site is being demolished,  leaving us with no community centre or masjid.


£1.8m purchase price - £1.65m raised to date - £150k urgently needed to complete purchase 

  • Deposit paid and Contracts exchanged for first ever Masjid in High Barnet, London ! 
  • Freehold Site with D1 Licence 
  • Over 5000 sqft

We are in danger of losing our place to pray! There is no mosque in the High Barnet area. Our community has so far raised £1.65m, Alhamdulilah. We are just £150k away from being able to complete the purchase of our building, which will be the first ever Islamic Centre in High Barnet.


This is your time to help build your house in Jannah. Remember this will be a Sadaqah Jariyah for you. You will earn the reward for every act of worship in this mosque for eternity, so please give whatever you can and share this appeal with all your family and friends.





The Journey

For the past 4 years, we’ve have had the blessing to run our small centre based off Mays Lane in Barnet (The Rainbow Centre). We hold Friday prayers (Jum'uah) weekly as well as Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan. 

We also run and organise a madrasah every Sunday morning and hold monthly gatherings for the local community. 



This is a great opportunity for Sadaqah Jariyah as we all will be in desperate need of a prayer facility and a madrasa for our local brothers, sisters, children and future generations, InshaAllah. 

Please donate generously. May Allah help us and give you all rewards for your efforts and donations.

Alhamdulillah by the grace of God and with the help of a few brothers we had found a potential site to relocate to on Salisbury  Road, High Barnet, although it was a small 1000sqft property we agreed a purchase price of £400k however during the conveyancing process our solicitor discovered some alarming defects such as the lack of a NHBC warranty and multiple restrictions in the lease, being a new build this would have caused many issues if we ever wanted to relocate to a larger venue as it would then be unsaleable. As they say Allah is the greatest of all planers. 

Upon withdrawing from that purchase we immediately were blessed with the opportunity to acquire a much larger 5000sqft freehold building with a D1 license, hence we jumped at the opportunity, negotiated a 200k discount, and agreed access rights on exchange for weekly Jummah and Ramadan and Eid prior to our completion which has now been set for the 31/05/24, this gives us some time to raise the remaining funds inshAllah.

The purchase price has been agreed at £1.8m and to date we have raised approximately £1.35m which leaves us £450k short. We have exchanged contracts, paid a deposit, and the completion date is set for 31st May 2024. Bear in mind this would belong to the muslim community for generations to come.


Our New Home 

The venue is located in the heart of High Barnet with good transport links, close to a car park and near the station and can potentially also serve muslims students attending Barnet college aswell as visitors of Barnet Hospital. It has the potential of becoming a major community hub in which we can continue to hold our gatherings aswell as our Sunday Arabic/Quran classes and hold 5 daily prayers Eid salah and even Nikkah ceremonies . We can also plan other activities for the youth such as Martial arts, fencing and events for sisters etc. Inshallah.


The D1 property  has a fantastic structure, so we would need to only do minor alterations to include small interior renovations,  building wudu facilities, and a segregated section for women.

We desperately need the help of each and every one of you, whether you live in the area or not, by firstly donating anything you can, and more importantly by sharing awareness of this campaign and by spreading the word to raise this money.

We are reaching out to our wider community not just to give but to invest, invest for your akhirah, inshaaAllah. Prophet Muhammad SAW says 'Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, Allah will build a palace for him in paradise.' (Sahih Muslim)



Share the Reward !

Sadqa jariya is one of the only forms of ibadat which will continue to give us Hassana/sawab or act as a good deed after our passing, it is the best investment we can make in our lifetime and what better way than supporting the build of a masjid or prayer facility a house of Allah the all mighty.

My dear brothers and sisters please open your heart's and donate generously what you can and if you can not, by at least forwarding the link via WhatsApp to all your fellow family and friends. We need everyones help and support to make this happen!

By some one else donating after seeing your message, that also reeps you a similar reward.

May Allah SWT keep everyone in good health, wealth and imaan and accept our charitable donations and good intentions. InshAllah we can achieve this goal and May Allah make it easy for us.


Jazakumallah Khairan,

High Barnet Islamic Centre - Darul Noor
07908 412399 / 07853 168820

Registered charity no: 1190170


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Darul Noor Islamic Centre 

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High Barnet Islamic Centre -Darul Noor5 months ago

Stage 1 Purchase - 29 Feb deadline!


We hope this finds you in good health in high emaan.

JazakumAllahu Khayran for all of your support to help establish the first ever masjid in High Barnet - may Allah accept if from all of you, ameen!

We urgently need to raise £450,000 by Feb 29 to complete Stage 1 of the purchase.

Please donate generously on this blessed day of Jumu'ah.

The Prophet (saws) said:

"Whoever builds a masjid for Allah, Allah will build for them a house in paradise"

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