Let's Get Free: A Delegation to Palestine of Black Washingtonians


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A Delegation to Palestine of Black Washingtonians. Think Globally, Act Locally!

Let's Get Free - Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

(If you would like to donate by check, please make payable to Eyewitness Palestine, note Let's Get Free in memo and mail to: Eyewitness Palestine - PO Box 73798 Washington DC 20056) 

This is a project co-organized by DC organizers and Eyewitness Palestine. We will be bringing 5-10 youth and mentors from Washington DC to Palestine through an Eyewitness Palestine delegation in the summer 2022. 

For Black Washingtonians, the natural disaster of COVID-19 is layered right on top of a human-created disaster for Black people. The system tries to stop Black youth from thriving at every step: mass development displaces Black families, lack of medical facilities denies Black youth care, transportation gaps separate their communities from economic opportunity, and the criminal legal system pushes children straight from schools to prisons. 

We are asking you to donate generously to make this project happen-- it’s an investment in an empowered, liberated, globally connected future for Black DC youth and our Palestinian siblings. The urgency, now, couldn’t be greater, as the funds collected will go not just towards engaging the next leaders of a resilient Black DC community but also directly to our partners in Palestine right away, to help them survive COVID-19 on top of the Israeli military occupation they face daily. Thank you, and let’s get free together. 

Through this program, Black DC youth and mentors will have the opportunity to learn and identify methods and practices from the people of Palestine who are engaged in a daily fight for their survival. Having the chance to witness the beautiful, determined strength and love of a people suffering from White Supremacy/Settler Colonialism will change the lives of these youth forever and create clarity on the existing systems designed to destroy any resemblance of self-determination and liberation and most importantly, develop tactics to fight back against these systems. 

During this delegation, the participants will have the opportunity to broaden their current analysis of how colonialism and imperialism create both local and global inequality, develop skills in political and community organizing, and develop connections to work for justice as youth activists in their home communities. When they return, they will receive continued mentoring and education to further hone students' skills and continue to develop the tactics that could be used in DC to fight White Supremacy, including around access to housing and education. This will also develop opportunities for DC youth to engage, learn from, and participate in community outreach with the specific Palestinian Communities and national organizations (Palestinian Youth Movement/Adalah Justice Project/Black for Palestine).

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    Eyewitness Palestine2 years ago

    Let's Get Free Contingent will be Traveling Soon!

    Hello Everyone,

    I first want to thank each of you for your generous donation over the past 2 years. For some, you may have even forgotten about this program as we initially raised funds for it in 2019 and 2020! While the contingent of Black Washingtonians was not originally able to travel in June 2020, they are traveling this June.

    In fact, I just bought their airline tickets! We are so excited that this is finally a reality and that soon 6 of the original 7 members will be headed to Palestine towards the end of the month with our Race, Class, and Money delegation - a powerful group of people traveling overall.

    We have raised enough for the basic costs of the trip but still have about $15,000 to raise to meet our goals and cover all of the program costs. We would love for you to tell your community about this contingent and encourage them to support as well. To learn more about ways to support, please take a look here:

    Once the delegation is in Palestine we will make sure to update you and how to follow their trip!


    Eyewitness Palestine2 years ago

    Let's Get Free will be traveling in June 2022!

    To all our Supporters,

    Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported this program and have patiently waited, along side the organizers and participants, for this program to be able to move forward fully!

    This project, co-organized by local DC organizers and Eyewitness Palestine, will bring 7 Black youth & mentors from DC to Palestine this summer. We originally planed to travel in June 2020. While the pandemic delayed our plans, it also allowed us to continue to learn and build community together over the last 2 years. It has also given participants the time to continue to learn about Palestine and connections between communities in Palestine and DC.

    In 2019 and 2020, when we began this program, we received donations from over 150 people (including you!) and a $15K grant before COVID-19 shut everything down. We've been able to roll over the grant and our previous support but that still leaves about $30,000 to meet our fundraising goals. We are especially calling on our DC community to help us get there but all support is welcome!

    Between now and June, we will be doing a number of fundraising initiatives. If you can help with additional support or by reaching out to others in your community to help support we would greatly appreciate it! Donations can be made here:

    Thank you for all of your support!

    Eyewitness Palestine & DC Organizers

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