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Islamoji: The Fun Muslim Pop Culture App With A Cause. Custom-designed emojis to express your unique self!

Update: The Islamoji app is Now available on the App Store! Click here to download. 

***If you donated to the campaign, your download details were emailed to you 5/17-5/18 from 

The Problem: Tech Not Helping Us Express Who We Really Are

As-salaamu alaykum. Have you ever wanted an emoji to express a part of your life as a Muslim - making dua, salah, hajj, halal foods, etc…but couldn’t find it?

Let’s face it: emojis weren’t created with Muslim pop culture in mind.

The Bigger Picture: This is part of a broader cultural experience and time when we are being challenged to reclaim the Muslim narrative and showcase our true selves.

How can we express ourselves and each do our part to reclaim the Muslim narrative?

The Solution: Islamoji

The Islamoji app is the brainchild of Sakeena Rashid, Founder of Deeni Girl Media (DGM). Disheartened with the constant negative portrayals of Muslims in media, Sakeena started DGM as a way to allow Muslims to amplify their voices and share their authentic stories.  

With the success of our app, we will fund a niche publishing company that will turn more Muslim writers into authors and allow our diverse narratives to be told to a global audience.  

How you can help: Select a donation level now to support us. We need your help today to reach our goal. Donate now --->

As part of our mission we are committed to giving back to the Ummah and leaving a lasting legacy. We are partnering with dynamic charities to set up ongoing funding avenues from our profits. Stay tuned for updates on what charities we'll be supporting. 

- We've spoken with a masjid who has Syrian refugees in the community with needs that include basic necessities and new clothing. We are working with them now to send the requested items.  

Sakeena Rashid, App Developer | Founder, Deeni Girl Media

Experienced in taking ideas form concept through to manufacture. Specialized in self-publishing, content development, web design, and social media marketing. 

Here's What's included...

The Islamoji app is a custom emoji keyboard that you'll add to your iPhone, and be able to use in various chat/text applications.  

Advanced Emoji Features: 

-Resize your emoji - change your emoji to mini, medium or large, you set the size. 

-Change emoji skin color - select from 4 different skin colors that represent you.

-Stickers - Add sayings and emoji stickers on top of texts & each other (stack).

-Animated GIFS - Send cute animations for fun and special occasions. 

-iMessage extension - iOS 10+ update, create and share content without leaving your conversation. 

-Alphabet + numerical keyboard - you don't have to switch back to your standard keyboard to compose a message, send texts and Muslim emojis within the app. 

-Compatible - Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, text message & more!

Categories: Our app includes nine categories, the eight below + Animated GIFS


With your help, we will create a publishing house that tells diverse Muslim stories and educates our communities on important topics. 

We'll assemble an array of experts to bring these books, guides and personal narratives to life. ***Examples of future titles include:

  • Single Muslims: A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Spouse 
  • Marriage Matters: Building a Foundation of Love & Faith
  • Raising Happy Muslim Children
  • Autism and the Muslim Family
  • Children's books, cookbooks, biographies and more...

Sadaqah Jareya: By supporting our Islamoji app you are contributing to what can be considered unending charity. Part of our mission is to give back, and as we grow so will our charitable contributions. A percentage of all profits go to charity.

Reclaiming our Narrative: Perception is often reality. In our current climate the perception of Muslims in the media has been largely negative and political. We aim to give Muslims a platform to tell their own stories, and change that perception. To showcase the reality of our diverse stories and contributions. 

Writer Workshops/Trainings: We intend to create an online training portal for Muslim writers seeking to sharpen their skills and publish their work. 

This graph illustrates how we plan to spend the money we raise. We've contributed $5,000 of our own funds to bring this project to life. Now we need your help to make it the rest of the way. 

Get these cool graphic t-shirts, only available though our campaign. Enter the Size and Style Name when ordering your shirt. Example: S-Pins = a small "I got 99 hijab pins" shirt. Available sizes are S, M, L, XL (ONLY) in both t-shirts and hoodies. 

The Haram Police, and Moose shirts are unisex. The SMH and Hijab Pins shirts are Womens. The YOLO shirt is Mens. *You can only select shirts exactly as they are pictured here, they are not available in colors or sizes not listed. 

When will the app be available? 

Our estimated launch is May 17th, 2017. 

How can I contact support?

Email us at

What is the shipping timeframe for the t-shirts? Is there a cost for shipping?

Shirts ship 30-60 days from the close of our campaign. All shirt orders are now be processed. We ship worldwide. Shipping is free with your purchase. 

Is this app available for Android, or just iPhone?

Currently, our app is only available for iPhone (iOS). We would like to create an Android version if there is demand for it. Please like us on Facebook and let us know if you would like an Android version. 

1) Pledge your support with a LaunchGood Donation! Receive incentives like our Emoji App, Muslim Graphic Tees, Hoodies, or an app consultation for your own app idea! Donate now. Choose a donation level on the right. 

2) Duas We appreciate your duas and well wishes to help our project succeed. 

3) SHARE the link to this LaunchGoood campaign with all your friends! That is the #1 way you can help after donating.  Next, Connect with us:



Instagram @muslim_emojis


Go MuslimAplikasi ‘Islamoji’ Beri Layanan Emoji Muslim dan Ajak Penggunanya Beramal

About Islam - Islamoji, New Mobile App that Can Represent You 

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Sakeena Rashid7 years ago

Did you download your Islamoji app?


As a donor to our Islamoji App, you were emailed your download details on 5/17 or 5/18. Please search your email and spam folders for your promo code, the email came from

***IMPORTANT the promo code that you were sent expires. Please download your app now and use the promo code to redeem before the expiration date. 

If you cannot find the email, let us know at and we will resend it. 

Thank you again for supporting the Islamoji App! 

Sakeena Rashid7 years ago

Campaign Closed: Thank you for your donation!

Good morning, 

I wanted to send out a short note to thank you for supporting our Islamoji Launch Good campaign. I am so grateful to you for helping me on this journey, thank you!  Our campaign closed this past Friday, and while we did not meet our goal, we received a tremendous amount of support from the community. 

What next? Even tough we fell short of our funding goal, we were still able to complete the app. We will be launching soon and will email everyone who purchased their download details, so be on the lookout for that. 

Now that our campaign has closed, we will begin processing t-shirt and hoodie orders. You should expect to receive your shirt within the next 30-45 days. If you have not received you order by June 20th, please contact support at You can also direct any other questions regarding the app to that email address as well. 

Once again, thank you for your contribution :)

Sakeena Rashid | Islamoji Creator 

Sakeena Rashid7 years ago

Thank you! from Islamoji :)


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support! We have been getting some exciting press lately and people seem to be responding very well to our app. However, in order to make our app a reality we need to raise funds. We are still far from our goal and are asking for your support again. 

Ways you can help:

1. Share our Launch Good campaign to your social media networks.

2. Purchase one of our Muslim-ish t-shirts or hoodies

3. Ask your friends and family to buy their app now so that we can release it as scheduled in a few weeks. 

P.S. And be sure to check out our feature in Muslim Girl.

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