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Islam and Good Governance


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Muslims Need a New Political Paradigm

New Book

Islam and Good Governance:
A Political Philosophy of Ihsan


Palgrave 2019

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About the Book  

This book advances an Islamic political philosophy based on the concept of Ihsan, which means to do beautiful things. The author moves beyond the dominant model of Islamic governance advanced by modern-day Islamists. The political philosophy of Ihsan privileges process over the structure, deeds over identity, love over law and mercy and forgiveness over retribution. The work invites Muslims to move away from thinking about the form of Islamic government and to strive to create a self-critical society that defends national virtue and generates institutions and practices that provide good governance. 

Prominent Scholars ​Endorse the Book 

Muqtedar Khan’s Islam and Good Governance is an original, thoughtful, and fresh approach in political philosophy that will intrigue as well as challenge many Muslim and non-Muslim scholars presuppositions and models for development. - John L. Esposito, Georgetown University

In an age marked by shallow religion-nationalist identities and the cheap instrumentalization of religion, Khan offers a way out of this morass by going back to foundational Islamic values.  - Asma Afsaruddin, Indiana University, Bloomington

In this wide-ranging and profound book, Muqtedar Khan reminds us of an entirely different vision and practice of Islam in politics, one premised on the concept of Ihsan.  The result is a book that is at once timely, urgently important, and, over its entire course, ethically moving. - Robert Hefner, Boston University

In this audacious, provocative, and deeply hopeful book, Muqtedar Khan tries nothing less than to reconceptualize Muslim politics. - Sohail Hashmi, Mount Holyoke College

Muqtedar Khan's Islam and Good Governance offers a political philosophy that is both refreshing and timely. -Tamara Sonn, Georgetown University

Muqtedar Khan’s Islam and Good Governance is a noteworthy contribution to the literature on Islamic political thought. It advances the view that politics must bend the knee to morality. - Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Syracuse University

Muqtedar Khan’s new work bridges the worlds of Islamic spirituality and politics. Khan’s work is recommended for both scholars of Sufism and political science- Omid Safi, Duke University

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