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Help Educate & Develop our Youth into Leaders

Please donate generously to support International Learning Center Plus programs for children ages 5-18, including: Weekend Islamic School, After-school Qur’an ProgramAfter-school K-12 Tutoring ProgramSTEM Program (Robotics), Ramadan Programs and leadership and public speaking training. ILC+ helps to develop our future leaders by providing Islamic and secular educational programs for our youth through hands-on experiences, leadership training, and community service – all for them to be able to respect, embrace, and effectively interact with all people. ILC+ offers its services to the children and youths for a minimal or no cost, determined by the financial ability of the family. To learn more about our programs, please visit:  

ILC+, a community-based and community-driven organization, was conceptualized by a thought-leader with over 23 years of experience in international development; and implemented, managed, administrated, and supported by a team of local community leaders, Islamic scholars, volunteers, and leading professionals in various fields including but not limited to Business, Science (STEM), Medicine, and IT. Please donate to support ILC+ programs, including:

1The Weekend Islamic School

The ILC+ Weekend School consists of 4 levels, teaching children from 7 to 18 years of age. 75 students successfully completed the weekend program for the 2016-17 school year. If it weren't for ILC+, these students would not be able to receive a structured Islamic education, focused on practical and daily aspects of life. 

The school caters to students attending public school. Families pay a minimal cost to cover the cost of books and admin expenses.  With a structured and developed curriculum to teach how to implement Islam in daily life, ILC+ utilizes hands-on activities and translating Islamic learning’s into real life examples and actual practices.  As students get older, the focus turns to leadership training. Older students in level 3 and 4 are taught how to be leaders and work in teams, both as leaders and members, so they may learn and practice how to serve the community.  

2. After-school Tutoring Program:

Leading professionals in various fields also provide free after-school tutoring in Math, Science, English, History, SAT Prep, and other subjects to K-12 students at ILC+. ILC+ is a safe place children can go to after school to do their homework and get help from a trusted mentor. 

3. Science Technology Engineering Math (Robotics) Program: 

ILC+ teamed up with professionals from the broader community including scientists from US Naval Research Laboratory to teach robotics to students for free. Next year, insha Allah, students will compete in the robotics competition!

4. After-school Qur’an Program: 

ILC+ has a after school Qur’an class during the weekdays where children and youths learn how to read and memorize Qur’an for a minimal fee. The program is customized and catered to individual need and level. Currently, this program has over 50 kids attending, almost all of whom are also attending public school. The program has six teachers (3 females and 3 males) who are supported by a few volunteers.

5. Ramadan Program:

 ILC+ provides a place for youth and their families to spend Ramadan. Children are taught life skills by managing iftaars and Taraweeh at ILC+. Children who have memorized the Quran (hafiz), lead the Taraweeh prayer, alongside famous Qaris/Imams. Seeing their peers take on such leadership roles gives children relatable role models they can aspire to. This year, girls and boys age 13-18 will choose a topic, research it, and prepare 5-7 minutes talk, also known as a kathara, to deliver between the Taraweeh prayers to the community. This will help develop future leaders in our community, teach them public speaking skills, promote gender-equality, research, and keep children engaged. All of the Ramadan programs and activities are completely free to all. 

For $500, you can sponsor a full daily iftar. You may also donate any amount to sponsor a partial iftar. If you have any other questions in regards to paying your Zakat or contributing to any of our programs, please contact the ILC Plus by emailing or calling 703-409-2809. 

We Need Your Donations & Support

Up to now, ILC+ has mostly been funded by a handful of dedicated community members. However, due to the growth, costs of rental space and supplies, salaries, as well as the objective to provide excellent and expanded services to the community members at a minimal or no cost, based on the program/activity and the financial ability of the family – we need your help! All desks, computers, chairs, supplies, salaries, bills, field trips, iftaars, and rent are funded by a handful of generous community members. We would like to create a sustainable school and thus need your donations to grow the school and community center.

How Your Donations Can Help

Your donations will go towards renting the space where the ILC+ currently resides and will help run the school’s key programs for children and youth of our community. Here is a breakdown of ILC+ monthly expenses:

  • Daily Iftaar: $350 (serves nearly 100 students and parents)
  • Rent: $2,100 monthly
  • Schools Utility Bills (Electricity, Water, etc.): $450 monthly
  • Teacher’s salaries & other expenses: $2,350 monthly for Weekend School, $2,450 monthly for Weekday School; $300 monthly for K-12 Tutoring program, $400 monthly for Robotics Program, $500 monthly for supplies & maintenance, and $300 monthly for misc. expenses.

How You Can Help

Please donate, share this page on your social media & via email, and even ask your contacts to donate in person. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of our children, our future. Please help them grow and contribute toward a happy, peaceful, and prosperous future!


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Thank you!

Dear all,

JazakAllah for your generous contribution! We truly appreciate your support.  With your help, ILC Plus may continue providing much needed services to the children of our community.

So far we have raised $710 of our $10,000 goal. Insha'Allah with the support of many like you, we will reach the $10,000 goal. Please continue to support our efforts by sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family!

Thank you, 

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