Invite Millions to Islam with Free Audiobooks for Muslims, Non-Muslims & the Blind


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Help us spread true Islam, dispel doubts and fight Islamophobia through free Islamic audio books for Muslims, non-Muslims and the blind.

Do you:

  • struggle to get enough time to read?
  • hate wasting time while stuck in traffic, waiting in queues or doing chores?
  • have a vision impairment or other challenges that prevent you from enjoying books?


Imagine being able to listen to your favourite Islamic books on the go, while you commute, do household chores or work out.

Now imagine being able to do that for free.

We are a group of passionate audiobook enthusiasts who launched a platform for creating Islamic audiobooks for everyone - both Muslims and non-Muslims but especially the blind.

We believe everyone should have access to the joy of listening to books. We want to expand our reach and provide even more audiobooks for you to enjoy and that's why we launched this campaign.

"Err... What do you need my money for?"

Contribute to help us achieve the following:

  • Keep Islamic Audiobooks Central running.
  • Create free audiobooks. Everyone should have access to beneficial knowledge that brings inner peace and happiness regardless of their financial situation.
  • Stay focused on authenticity. Quality production incurs high costs!
  • Expand our catalogue and release more audiobooks across different genres.
  • Bring the joy of reading to our blind brothers and sisters and fully cater to their needs.
  • Achieve Level AA compliance with the current version of the WC3 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to benefit users with vision impairments/disabilities.
  • Train our team to learn the best and latest media production skills.
  • Seek out creative Muslim professionals including voice actors, sound engineers, editors, designers and developers to join the team.
  • Purchase rights to record your favourite books — permission isn't always given for free!
  • Publish Islamic stories in audio (fiction and non-fiction) aimed at children and teens.
  • Develop a user-friendly, cross-platform app to make accessing our audiobooks more convenient.
  • Promote Islamic audiobooks to a wider audience to ensure that they benefit as many people as possible.
  • Release select audiobooks as animated videos for listening and watching!
  • Produce content in other languages besides English.
  • Reach millions in need of guidance across the globe.
  • Raise the next generation of knowledgeable, practising and confident Muslims.


Approximate breakdown of costs and how we plan to use funds collected.

"So...what makes you different?"

There are features that set us apart from various other audiobook projects or companies we come across from time to time:

  • Authenticity focused. We promote the mainstream Islamic teachings of Ahl-us-Sunnah.
  • Islamic expertise. Available within the core team in order to vet the books.
  • Professional. High quality audio production on par with best-selling audiobooks.
  • No music in our audiobooks.
  • Diverse range. We do not promote just one author and their work.
  • Open. DRM-free downloads allowed on depending on platform.
  • Privacy. We use open source and privacy-respecting tech wherever possible — the audiobook is the product, not the listener.
  • First. We, our volunteers and listeners were the first Islamic audiobook project/community online in the English-speaking world (to our knowledge).
  • Here for the long term. We have done this at a monetary loss for over a decade and will continue as long as possible — to build a better future for the ummah and its children inshaaAllaah.


To show our appreciation for your contribution, after the successful conclusion of this campaign inshaaAllaah we would like to offer a range of special rewards to our backers, including merch and free access to our premium audiobooks (those that rights-holders have not licensed for free distribution). Most audiobooks are free for everyone.

"This is getting too long to read — Where's that button?"

Imagine getting the reward of continuous charity (sadaqah jaariyah) till the Judgement Day for every single person who finds guidance or benefits from this project because of YOUR contribution! Click the green button to support us and secure your means of perpetual recurring charity now!

May Allaah reward you. For any other questions, please contact us on our website:



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