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Support Struggling Students & Other Muslims in Japan

In Japan, where there are few Muslims, it's still not easy to obtain Halal food on a daily basis.

Praying and wearing the hijab can also be a disadvantage when looking for a part-time job.

We want to help Muslims living in Japan, mainly international students who are suffering from income loss due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness." (Quran 5:2)

Image: SGJ Marketer-Interpreter Iman N.(left),  SGJ Chief Editor Masaki O.

To Be a Bridge between Japan and Muslim Community

Salam Groovy Japan introduces made-in-Japan products that are halal-certified, halal-friendly and such, for Muslims to use with ease.

This crowdfunding project is handled by Iman, the Malaysian Muslim staff of J-Line Corporation.

Apart from media activities, we also engage in activities to support Muslims living in Japan.
・In Ramadan 2020, we gifted Halal Wagyu beef to Muslims in Osaka.

・For Eid 2021, we distributed 60 halal Japanese food packs to Muslims at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and other institutions.

As we run a media outlet for Muslims, we are also aware of Muslim students in Japan who are in need.

We want to help them in any way we can.

But we're just a small company in Japan. There's a limit in how many Muslims we can help on our own.

So we decided to do a crowdfunding campaign.

Your warm support is greatly appreciated!

​Muslim Students in Japan Have to Rely on Social Security

Japan is a Muslim-minority country with 120,000 international Muslims and 10,000 Japanese Muslims living in Japan. (based on Waseda University 2016 data)
And those numbers are increasing over the years.

Although some halal food (meat, etc.) are available online, access to halal foods, in general, are still limited.
Finding halal foods in supermarkets or stores, especially in rural areas, can be hard for students who are still not good at the Japanese language.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also caused Muslims in Japan to struggle financially.
Several students have spoken to us about this issue.

They usually work part-time to make ends meet.
The most sought after part-time jobs were those with English language skills.
Due to the pandemic, travelling to Japan has become harder, thus decreasing English-speaking jobs.
Options for part-time jobs became extremely limited.

Another reason why it's harder to get a part-time job is because...
In Muslim-minority Japan, there are still few workplaces that accept people wearing hijab and briefly leave their duties to pray.

Some Muslim students have lost their part-time jobs or had working hours cut drastically, causing a sharp drop in their income.
Some have temporary financial aid from family back home to cover their living expenses.

But due to the current economic crisis and Covid-19 situation in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia & Malaysia (where the majority of Muslim students come from), they can no longer receive aid from their families.
They have no choice but to turn to social security for help.

This is not only the case for international students.
Many Japanese students have suffered income loss from part-time jobs. Some have to rely on food aid from food banks or
quit university as they cannot pay their tuition fees.

According to Sankei Shimbun, "The University of Tsukuba in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, distributed a record 20 tonnes of food, including rice and cup noodles, contributed by faculty members and local businesses, to help students in need due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus." (link at the end of the text)

Even Japanese students are in this situation, so Muslim students are facing a major crisis.

"Those who spend their wealth by night and by day, secretly and publicly, will find that their reward is secure with their Lord and there is no reason for them to entertain any fear or grief." (Quran 2:274)

​How You Can Help?

Salam Groovy Japan will use your donations to buy HALAL FOOD & DAILY NECESSITIES.
SUPPORT PACKS will be distributed via universities & organizations in Japan.

  • ​Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • The University of Electro-Communications
  • Kobe University
  • University of Tsukuba
  • Akita University
  • Beppu Muslim Association

※Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) also assisted us in the university tie-ups.

Your Donations will Help to Provide the Following.


  • ​Hinomoto Shokusan   Halal Japanese Meals
  • Momotaro Shokuhin   Halal Fresh Ramen
  • Onisi Foods  Halal Emergency Food (Nasi Goreng/Nasi Biryani)
  • SD Impex Japan (Meat Curry Instant Sauce/Rendang Paste/Masak Merah [spicy tomato sambal] Paste)

※All foods will be donated are halal-certified
※Food products may be subject to change

・Women Sanitary Items

A part of the funds raised will also be used to help cover this project promotion cost.

< Where Your Donations Go >

    • Buy halal food & women sanitary items
    • Delivery/Postage charges
    • Advertising costs

Please SUPPORT & SHARE this project with others!

    About J-Line Corporation

    The Japanese company behind Salam Groovy Japan, a media outlet with over 60,000 followers consisting of Muslims living abroad.
    Since the company's founding in 1993, it has established its business in 4 areas: Global Solutions, Regional Solutions, HR Solutions & WEB Solutions.

    • ​Representative: CEO Naoshige Nogami
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We have overseas bases in Malaysia & Vietnam.
Our team provide support for business development in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia & Thailand.

May Allah Bless You!


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