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Support IEI in Building Empathetic Communities via Interactive Education & Creative Art Therapy

Help IEI Pakistan Educate remote children!

We are raising funds to continue an active volunteer program, IEI Pakistan, at a school in a remote community for 1 year. The program focuses on Engaging children and  adolescents via Innovative Education & Arts in Education with the aim to empower our children & create sustainable Peace & Tolerance for Diversity.

Our Story

IEI Pakistan has been working in the remote valleys of Northern Pakistan since 2016. With a long term vision of building communities with a higher tolerance for diversity, IEI Pakistan’s mission is to enhance the experience of going to school by providing a well-rounded, interactive & innovative educational experience while encouraging creative art as a tool for healthy self-expression & community building.

Amidst the extreme temperatures, lack of connectivity, gas, electricity and infrastructure in many parts of the North including our work area there are children with open hearts and curious minds that are in dire need of exposure to the outside world via quality modern education and creative arts.  

Lead by a team of passionate & committed individuals; Marvi Soomro, a Software Engineer turned Educational Innovator, Karimie Hunzai, an Artist, & Rizwan Hunzai, a filmmaker, IEI Pakistan has run 4 successful programs in 2 remote valleys of Upper Hunza, improving the quality of education by integrating Science, Technology & Art in the School Curriculum while creating cultural bridges across the country via Volunteerism.

The volunteers get to experience life in these remote areas where basic necessities such as electricity, clean water and internet access can sometimes be a luxury. The communities and the children of these areas gain exposure by interacting with educated and creative urbanites that have come to teach them.

Volunteerism allows us to create bridges with our remote communities. We believe it is only with building bridges that we'll understand each other, grow to respect one another, have empathy & build a tolerance for diversity. Doing so is the only way to achieve sustainable peace & development in the country.

Our Work in 2017

With the help of generous donations received last year, IEI Pakistan was able to continue its work with 2 schools in 2 of the most isolated valleys in Gilgit Baltistan (Misgar & Chipursan).

Some Highlights of our Work include

1- Robotics & Programming Classes for Grade 4- 8 in the Misgar Valley, by the end of the 3 month workshops students were able to understand basic electronics & programmed their very own Obstacle Avoidance Robots.

2- An All Inclusive Library Space (in collaboration with Willow Tree Art Residency) designed & fashioned from Junk Furniture; equipped with 400 + selective books on various academic areas, 3 Desktop PC’s & a multimedia system, installed with creative Art & Science Installations.

3- Spelling Bee Contest organized for 120 students to improve the spelling & language skills.

4- English Language Creative Reading & Writing Classes for Grade middle & high school students to develop the skills for creative & self expression through writing.

5-  Focused Art & Music Program, run by volunteer Fine Artists & Musicians, designed to act as Art Therapy & equip the students the necessary emotional & self expression skills that aid empathy building & tolerance for diversity.

6- In-School sports coaching for Girls & Organization of a 2 day sports event to encourage physical activity, leadership skills & teamwork outside classroom.

7- Community Integration Activities to create cultural bridges & empathy between volunteers from the city & remote valleys.

Your Support Matters! Help us Run the next Program!

Our most pressing need is for funds. After a successful year of work in 2017, Having seen the difference in the children's attitude towards education, arts and overall wellbeing the people of Misgar Valley has invited IEI Pakistan to take over the Misgar Community Self Help School for year 2018/19.

The School, established & run solely by the Misgar Community with a vision to provide Quality Education to children of the valley & from the surrounding valleys, is in a crisis to continue operations due to lack of funds, skilled faculty & school administration.

IEI Pakistan aims to help the community achieve their dream by taking over operations for a year to create a sustainable setup in this tough accessible valley.

Upcoming Program resumes in June and will continue until June 2019. We need your support to be able achieve this challenging task. We are looking for funds to support:

  • Training Collaborations for Sustainable Development of local staff.

  • School Development Collaborations for Sustainable Development of the School (Assessment of Current School Standing, School Development Plan/Theme for 2018-2020, Evaluation & Support Strategies & Activities)

  • Volunteer Management for 1 year  including travel, accommodation & food.

  • Collaboration Management with STEM Expert Organizations.

  • Curriculum Development to incorporate Innovative Educational Methodologies that help spark innovation & invention mindset.

  • IEI Operations including Material Transport Costs, In-School & Community Event Organizations, Children Art Exhibits & Empathy Building Events.

  • Purchasing educational & creative art material,to be used by artists & educationists to engage students.

  • Construction of an all-inclusive EdTech Incubator space for the children to learn and interact in equipped with PC’s,Multimedia Setup, Art & Science Equipment.

  • Organizing in school & community Environmental, Cultural & Wildlife Awareness.

In addition to this, with our Environmental Resolve focused at creating positive impact/awareness for our environment & focus on Sustainable Community Development we are also branching out and collecting funds to support and empower the skilled young women of the valley:

1- Entrepreneurial Training including Business Plan Development, Marketing & Sales for local skilled artisans.

2- Collaborations with entrepreneurs, designers & finance professionals to produce a business model to support long-term operations & outreach of skilled artisans.

3- Introducing “Plastic Free” Environment in Misgar & Close by Valleys with a long-term aim at making Hunza Plastic Free.

Transparency is one of our founding principles, all the money goes directly to costs related to running the program. We document complete program activities to showcase the work done (videos/images) in addition All cost breakdown will be available via our Website.

Other ways to Contribute

We are also always looking for fantastic volunteers. If you are in Pakistan and want to spend time in these beautiful but hard to reach places, please contact us to see if you are a fit.

Books also go a long way. We took hundreds of books up with us last year; please donate any books that could interest children, especially those that add value from an educational standpoint.

Visit our Website for more information on our Focus Areas, Programs, Blogs from last programs:

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