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Help us to move to a bigger Masjid complex in the heart of Tokyo

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Alhamdulillah, Islam today is the fastest-growing religion in Japan.

To call even more people to Islam, we at the As-Salaam Foundation are building the new Tokyo Central Masjid.

Our Story

The Tokyo Central Masjid is backed by As-Salaam Foundation, which has a long and successful track record in promoting Islam in Japan. Through our sister mosque As-Salaam Masjid which was established in 2008 in Ueno, the heart of Tokyo, we have become a thriving hub for the city’s growing Muslim community. 

Juma'ah Khutba - We have to conduct Jum'ah 3 times due to space constraints
Open Day at the Masjid
Shahadah at the Masjid

Our Achievements

Over the years, As-Salaam Masjid has achieved the following milestones:

  • Facilitated over 100 conversions
  • Hosts about 600 worshippers every Friday at three weekly Jumuah sessions
  • Organised 9 Masjid Open Days with more to come
  • Hosted over 200 community lectures, gatherings, and impactful da’wah programs

Future-Proofing Our Masjid

However, As-Salaam Masjid is now too small to accommodate our work as our community continues to flourish. As our numbers grow, we have taken action to launch the Tokyo Central Masjid project, which will enable us to serve even more Muslims comfortably, without crowding and cramping.

The estimated total cost of the Tokyo Central Masjid project is US$16 million. 

People waiting to pray Eid Salah. We have to conduct Eid Salah 6-7 times as space is not enough in the Masjid

The project is divided into two phases, with a projected completion date of 1 May, 2025. InsyaAllah

Total cost of the Tokyo Central Masjid Project: US$16 million 

Amount raised to date: US$12.5 million

Phase 1: US$8 million (Completed)

Phase 2: US$8 million (balance to be raised: US$3.5 million)

The Current Status 

Phase 1 (Alhamdulillah, completed): 

  • Purchase of a site with an existing building, 5-minutes’ walk from the current As-Salaam Masjid
  • Complete demolition of old existing building
  • Land clearing for the new site and other associated works

 Phase 2 (Work In Progress):

  • architectural planning
  • construction and outfitting

We invite donors to contribute and help raise the balance needed of US$3.5 million.

Your donations will be used to:

  • Build a larger prayer hall accommodating 1,500+ jemaah for Jumuah prayers in a single sitting
  • Create a dedicated space for women's prayer and community activities
  • Establish a dynamic museum and Da’wah center
  • Develop an Islamic school with a library for children and youths
  • Design a community events space for programs, gatherings, and more
  • Set up a Halal convenience store
  • Construct a Halal food court
  • Create a dedicated place for Janaza washing
  • House the new headquarters for Japan Halal Foundation (JHF) and its halal certification office

Once Phase 2 is complete, the Tokyo Central Masjid will be ready to open to the public by 2025, InsyaAllah.

Build Your Masjid And Support Our Da’wah

We invite you to help support the new Tokyo Central Masjid for the benefit of Muslims in Tokyo and earn His Mercy and Reward.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” –Ṣaḥiḥ Bukhari 450

In supporting our project, you will also help our mission to spread the word of Allah and to increase the ummah of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) in Japan.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “Whoever calls to guidance will have a reward similar to that of those who follow it, without the reward of either of them being lessened at all.” Sahih Muslim 2674

What a great blessing Allah bestows on those who engage in da’wah work or facilitate their affairs. Be part of the Tokyo Central Masjid today and help us reach our goal. May Allah accept and reward you abundantly for your contribution.


As-Salaam Foundation is committed to transparency and accountability in managing your generous donations. Visit our website at to see the progress of the Tokyo Central Masjid project.

About As-Salaam Foundation

Established in 2008, As-Salaam Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, religious, and educational institute dedicated to sharing the beautiful message of the Deen with both locals and foreigners. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the local Japanese and Muslim communities, fostering mutual understanding. Throughout the years, we have also engaged closely with the district government and Ueno mayor to champion the interests of Japan’s Muslim community.

Our activities include:

  • Da’wah programs for Japanese and non-Japanese
  • Support for new Muslims and those curious about Islam
  • Qur'an classes for children
  • Addressing issues related to Islam and Muslim welfare in Japan
  • Raising awareness about Islam, its history, and culture
  • Daily congregational prayers
  • Organizing lectures, seminars, and classes
  • Providing books and free literature on Islam
  • Offering funeral facilities and burial services for Muslims
  • Conducting Nikah ceremonies
  • Arranging Iftar and Qiyam Ramadan (Taraweeh) prayers during Ramadan
  • Hosting Eid prayers
  • Providing free Halal lectures, consulting, and Certification
Calligraphy workshop at the Masjid Open Day
Kids Qur'an recitation class in progress
Nikaah Ceremony at the Masjid

As-Salaam Leadership

Mohamed Nazeer, Chairman

The As-Salaam Foundation is led by Mohamed Nazeer. A successful businessman in the gemstone and jewelry industry by profession, he is a respected member of the community who works tirelessly to foster understanding between the Muslim and Japanese communities. Mr. Nazeer has conducted many shahadah at As-salaam Masjid and continues to share the message of Islam within the local community. He is also chairman of Japan Halal Foundation that actively works to promote halal certification in Japan.

Brother Nazeer with Koike Yuriko, Governor of Tokyo

Dato’ Sheikh Hussain Yee, Director

A renowned scholar, Sheikh Hussain is also a highly sought after speaker in the international arena, delivering talks on fostering understanding and harmony among diverse communities. With a career spanning global platforms and advisory roles, Sheikh Hussain's ability to transcend racial and nationalistic barriers appeals to many audiences as he shares the universal message of Islam. He continues to share the Prophetic values through his organization Al-Khaadem in Malaysia and has conducted many reversions. 

Sheikh Hussain Yee 

 Tokyo Central Masjid Location

Tokyo Central Masjid in Ueno is centrally located to many popular tourist areas. Notable attractions include Ameyokocho shopping alley, Ueno Park (cherry blossom viewing, zoo and museums), Akihabara (famous electrical goods town), and Okachimachi (Tokyo’s jewelry town). Ginza shopping district is 15 minutes by train from the masjid. Narita Airport is 41 minutes away from Keisei Ueno Station, and then it's a 10-minute walk to Tokyo Central Masjid. 

Distance on foot:

Keisei Ueno Station (to Narita Airport on Keisei Line): 9 mins

Ueno Station: 10 mins

Ueno Park (cherry blossom viewing): 12 mins

Okachimachi JR Station (to Ginza on Yamanote Line): 1 min

Akihabara (electrical town): 5 mins

Ameyokocho (shopping alley): 6 mins

Naka-Okachimachi Station (Hibiya

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