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For 18 years, AlMaghrib has educated, inspired and connected the largest student body of Islamic studies in the English speaking world, now we need help.

The army of hardship was the name given to the campaign of Tabuk. Resources were minimal, times were hard, and fear was prevalent. In that difficulty, Uthman challenged himself and gave, and gave again, and continued to give until the Prophet (S) said, “Uthman will not be harmed by anything he does after today.” (Tirmidhi) 

It was a moment in time that Uthman captured. The hardship passed, but Uthman’s place was forever cemented. We are looking for those aiming to walk in Uthman’s footsteps.

For 18 years, AlMaghrib Institute has educated, inspired and connected the largest student body of Islamic studies in the English speaking world, and we need your help. 

Covid19 has come with an incredible challenge, the cancellation of 20 seminars in March and April, with another 30 seminars expected to be cancelled through August, has left AlMaghrib Institute in a condition more vulnerable than we have ever been.

But, in sha Allah, together we can get through this.

That’s why we’re asking you to invest in AlMaghrib Institute

For Guardians of AlMaghrib Institute who carry us through this crisis with contributions of $1,000 we are pleased to offer...

lifetime access to FaithEssentials as well as access to 10 seminars onsite or online.

More importantly, we pray that it be a source of immense sadaqah for you in supporting the spread of knowledge

Faith Essentials is the most complete online learning portal on what the average Muslim needs to know about their religion. Equipped with its own easy to use app, FaithEssentials has been running for over two years.

AlMaghrib Online is a platform with an existing catalogue of 8 blockbuster seminars -and more on the way- recorded in studio for an online audience.

Choose seminars on-demand from our existing catalogue of seminars that have been professionally recorded and produced for an online audience; you.

We have invested completely in our online learning platforms and in response to the Covid19 crisis have given free access to communities for FaithEssentials resulting in over 20,000 sign ups in during a three week access period.

With the online infrastructure already in place, AlMaghrib Institute is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a world that has been forced completely online.

And here is where we partner up and invest in the future together.

The investment in growth, academics and scholarships.

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AlMaghrib Institute7 months ago

from AlMaghrib: Help 1000 struggling students on this Giving Tuesday

Assalamu Alaikum,

Thank you for being a valued donor to our campaigns, especially for the Guardians of Knowledge campaign. On this Giving Tuesday, help us reach our goal to help 1000 students with our Elevate 1000 campaign. 

Want to know a simple deed you can perform right now that will have a massive impact?


This Giving Tuesday we’re inviting you to share in an incredible reward:


Support AlMaghrib and bring knowledge to 1000 Muslims by giving them access to financial scholarships, making learning Islam that much easier.


Your donation will help single mothers, struggling students, new Muslims, and anyone experiencing financial hardship, to pursue Islamic education that will not only impact them but entire generations that follow.


And in sha Allah, yourself at the same time as Allah describes:

“The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed of grain which grows seven ears; in each ear, there are a hundred grains.”

Surah Al-Baqarah (2:261)


Your support of them could be the cause of immense blessings in your worldly life AND your hereafter,


Because knowledge adds barakah to everything it touches, when the intention is pure,


So imagine the blessings you can reap with one simple donation today.


On top of that, this giving tuesday you have the chance to increase that reward,


By helping our campaign reach the top of the leaderboard, your single donation could bring another $25,000 to struggling students today.


But there’s less than 12 hours left to help reach our target, so don’t delay!


Every donation makes a big difference, Fellow IlmSeeker


Because it’s not the amount but your heart behind the gift, nurturing a brighter future through knowledge.


Donate Now


May Allah reward you immensely for your support.



AlMaghrib Institutea year ago

You made 20 years of this possible…

Here's a special message from AlMaghrib's vice president, Shaykh Waleed Basyouni..

Assalamu alaykum My Brothers & Sisters,

It’s hard to believe where we are now compared to where this institute began.

From 30 students in a small classroom, to a global community 215,000+ strong,

And after the tawfiq of Allah, you played a part in ushering in Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef’s vision for Islamic education.

Our dear friend and founder returned to his Lord (S.W.T), last summer,

But the story of this da’wah doesn’t end with him, 

And that’s why I’m reaching out to you to help us again, to carry on this legacy for another 20 years this Ramadan.

Your previous contributions to AlMaghrib have allowed us to reach new communities, and launch projects that have enhanced Islamic learning:

40 cities around the world since 2002 have had the chance to host and experience AlMaghrib classes, forming lifelong relationships and communities based on a love of Islamic knowledge. Your support helped make that possible.

AlMaghrib Online launched in 2014. Your support has allowed us to produce over 300+ hours of AlMaghrib courses and seminars for a global audience online.  Countries and regions where AlMaghrib was inaccessible now have access to knowledge at their fingertips. 

QuranRevolution launched in 2016. Your support allowed us to launch QR, and six years later it's stronger than ever, with thousands of students having learned to read the Quran and recite it with confidence in this semester-based program. 

Faith Essentials launched in 2018. An all-in-one learning platform with concise modules on the most essential topics in Islam that every Muslim needs to know. Four years later, thousands of students have benefitted from Faith Essentials and continue to, with over 30 courses produced. 

IlmSpring launched in 2021 and in one year, over three thousand children ages (9-14) have taken the inaugural Secrets of Salah course, teaching them to love the prayer. 

Hajj Hotline opened in 2022. When thousands of Muslims were left at hajj without any religious guidance, AlMaghrib launched the free Hajj hotline, giving all pilgrims direct 24 hour access to ask their questions and be answered by AlMaghrib instructors within 10 minutes. When those hujjaj were making du’a for AlMaghrib, they were making du’a for you as well.

It is with your help that has made these first 20 years amazing, Alhamdulillah,

And in sha Allah, with your contribution, the next 20 will be even greater.

Our next major goal is to reach 1 million students worldwide over the next 20 years,

And I ask that Allah (S.W.T) gives you an incredible share in the reward for that milestone.

You can help pave the future of Islamic education here

May Allah bless your Ramadan and accept your siyam, sadaqah, and qiyam!


Dr. Waleed Basyouni, 

VP, AlMaghrib Institute

AlMaghrib Institute2 years ago

Message from Sh Waleed Basyouni: 6 Powerful Virtues of Charity

Assalaamu Alaykum, 

May Allah accept from you your worship in this Ramadan.

I wanted to thank you as someone who has supported AlMaghrib’s campaigns before and I wanted to share with you six powerful virtues of charity from the sunnah of the prophet ﷺ. 

  1. It extinguishes Allah’s anger as in the Prophet’s ﷺ statement: Indeed charity extinguishes the anger of the Lord Blessed be He and Exalted” (Sahih al Targheeb)

  2. It erases all sins, and cools off their heat as in the Prophet’s ﷺ statement: “...and charity puts out sin as water puts out fire.” (Sahih al Targheeb)

  1. It is a shield from Hellfire as in the Prophet’s ﷺ statement: “Shield yourselves from Hellfire even with a half of a date.”

  1. The person is shaded by the shade of his/her charity as in the hadith narrated by ‘Uqbah bin ‘Aamir, he said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ  say: “Every person is in the shade of his charity until all people will have been judged.” Also as in the Prophet’s ﷺ  statement about the seven who will be shaded by Allah, at a time when there will be no shade except Allah’s shade: “... and a man who gave in charity in secret that his left hand did not know what his right hand had offered.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

  1. Charity is a cure of physical illnesses as in the Prophet’s ﷺ statement: “Treat your sick ones with charity.” Ibn Shaqeeq said, “I heard Ibn ul Mubarak say to a man who was seeking his help in treating an infected wound on his knee which was incurable for seven years, “go find a place where people need drinking water and dig a well for them. I pray that when the water gushes out of that well that the blood in your wound will stop.” 

The man did so and his wound healed and was cured.” Another similar story is that of Al Hakim bin Abdullah who had a cut in his face that got infected. His friend saw the Prophet (pbuh) in a vision telling him to tell his friend to make way for the water to reach people as charity. He did so and Allah cured him.

  1. Charity is a cure for the illnesses of the heart, as in the Prophet’s ﷺ  statement to the man who complained about the hardness of his heart. “If you wish to soften your heart, feed the indigent and wipe over the orphan’s head.” (Ahmad)


P.S. I want to encourage you to give again to our current Ramadan campaign, AlMaghrib Productions. You can invest in Islamic education here

AlMaghrib Institute3 years ago

Jazak'Allah for your Support Some Exciting News for You

Assalamu alaykum 

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to you for supporting AlMaghrib at a time when we really felt the pinch. You have over the last few years been at the forefront of support with your donations. 

With your donations we have been able to invest in the technology and time to be able to produce some amazing programs that allowed AlMaghrib to really charge forward at a time when many organisations struggled. 

We invested in the tools and technology to transition our onsite experience to an online virtual experience so that all our students could continue to benefit from our instructors and the courses despite onsite seminars currently on hold. 

We were able to push out multiple online courses throughout the year, with virtual online courses in place of our onsite seminars as well as new courses to our Faith Essentials portal and releasing online courses. 

Your donations also helped us support many other students with our scholarship fund. 

2 decades on with your help we got this far but now we need you to help us into the next decade.

We have now seen the need that our students have to be able to continuously benefit from the courses and programs that AlMaghrib is offering and have curated an exclusive AlMaghrib All Access Pass, with the $500 donation, which gives students,

- Lifetime Access to Faith Essentials Online
- Unlimited Online Courses for 1 year
- Unlimited Virtual Courses for 1 year

With 2 decades already gone with AlMaghrib at the forefront, we would love to see you and your future generation with us to continue this journey decades on insha'Allah.

With Regards


AlMaghrib Institute3 years ago

Your donation did all of this...Thank you!

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is a year that we won’t soon forget..

But we are thankful to Allah and then to you for your continuous support, giving us the ability to adapt and continue to innovate programs that bring knowledge to our community:

You supported AlMaghrib through the Guardians of Knowledge campaign in Ramadan and Allah only knows the reward for your contribution is, but we wanted to share a bit of what it has allowed us to do this year:

The All Clear Series at the onset of COVID-19 helped thousands of people navigate the theological and spiritual implications of a global pandemic.

FaithEssentials was offered for free earlier in the year and was accessed by 20,000 students alhamdulillah.

Ramadan 360 was a non stop virtual community for Ramadan with over 11,000 members finding a home together.

AlMaghrib Virtual Seminars were launched, bringing the seminars, Qabeelahs, and instructor-student interaction that have been the backbone of AlMaghrib for over a decade back in action. With over $20,000 given in scholarships this year alone.

Family First was a free program created for families home for the holidays. With over 4,000 participants joining in and benefitting.

You’ve helped us get this far, and now it's time to take on our most ambitious project yet.

The Next Frontier: AlMaghrib For Kids.

 It's time to provide kids with education as brilliant as the future we want for them. We are only a short step away from reaching our goal.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Whoever seeks a path to knowledge, Allah will facilitate for them a path to paradise.” (Tirmidhi)

You can check out more details here:!/

AlMaghrib Institute4 years ago

The Last Stretch

May Allah reward you all for your support! Over 2700 Guardians of AlMaghrib have lifted us beyond our second goal. As the world has been forced online, our focus has shifted to a new frontier of programs requiring organizational growth and investment into new technologies. Already this Ramadan, alhamdulillah, we have been able to release new courses at a pace we have never been able to before.

And we can do even more. Your support will go towards AlMaghribs’s future presence in bringing knowledge to the world, and increasing our robust scholarship program for students in need.

AlMaghrib Institute4 years ago



We are so happy to have received much needed immediate support from you! This initial goal of $150,000 will go towards covering our losses for the cancellation of the previous two months of global seminars. 

With your incredible support, we are now in a better position to strategize for the challenges that we will face. We have updated our goal to reflect our plans to bring more unique and relevant programs to our online community, and further enrich AlMaghrib Online and Faith Essentials.

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