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Fragile Lives: Help 25,000 Malnourished Babies, Children & Women


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This campaign will collect all funds raised by April 11, 2019 at 11:00 PM EDT

£2,500 will help 25,000 malnourished babies, children, and women with Mobile Screening Services. UK AID will DOUBLE every donation made to this campaign!!!

8 babies die every minute...

Worldwide, eight babies die every single minute, while a mother dies during childbirth every two minutes. Most of these lives could be saved through proper nutrition, education and good healthcare. 

By raising £2,500 we will support mobile screening services which will reach over 25,000 mothers and babies to screen for, and detect malnutrition. The UK Government will match your donation, helping us to make DOUBLE the difference to mothers and babies in Pakistan and Kenya.

The Fragile Lives Campaign

The Muslim Vibe is supporting Penny Appeal's Fragile Lives campaign this March. Penny Appeal will be providing pregnant mothers, new-born babies and children with health and nutrition support in Pakistan and Kenya. Many women living in poverty – especially in remote areas - struggle to access any medical care at all. That means that when complications arise during pregnancy and childbirth, the results are often fatal. A leading cause for death among babies and mothers in Pakistan is malnutrition. 

Without access to nutritious food or good medical care, hundreds of thousands of babies and women needlessly die every single day. With a qualified doctor and counsellor on board, these mobile screening services will provide guidance, vitamins and minerals and immunisations. If anyone is suffering from malnutrition, these mobile clinics will provide referral services where these people can be referred onto a nutrition therapeutic programme in order to recover.

Double your donation!

The UK Government will be matching your donations £ for £, so together we can make DOUBLE the difference and support even more mothers and babies during these fragile times of their lives.


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The Muslim Vibe5 years ago

Let's reach £3,500!

We smashed our initial target of £2,500 so we've increased our target to £3,500 to inshallah reach an additional 10,000 people! 

Please donate generously and help us change lives.

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