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Improving the society through food and love.

Help us to feed the KL Needy

We distribute food irrespective of race and religion to those who need it the most. Unfortunately, it’s a number that has increased drastically in recent years. By interacting with various destitute inner-city communities on a regular basis, additional support has been given to assist those who are ready to become more independent.

Most of us are fortunate that we don’t have to worry about having a roof over our heads or when our next meal is going to be or even when our next shower is. However, there are some in Kuala Lumpur who do. 

​Who are the needy?

There are too many hardcore poor/urban poor and homeless in KL who are unable to have a meal on a daily basis. FTN distributes around 500-600 meals (250 males / 80 females / 50 senior citizens or persons of different ability / 120 parents / 100 children) 

Serving with Dignity & Integrity

The food that is distributed is on par to what we would serve in our own homes, a healthy balanced meal. We strive to ensure that the food is of the highest quality and is prepared with fresh ingredients. Not only do we distribute meals, we also distribute milk powders and diapers for the parents with small children, as well as the occasional distribution of toiletries and/or clothes and shoes or even backpacks 

Cost Involved for Above

- On average, it cost RM5 per pax
- 1 night there's an average of 500pax. Cost for 1 night is RM2,500.
- Ramadhan 2018 has 5 Thursdays, therefore the total cost for this campaign is RM12,500.

One hundred percent of the monetary donations received are utilized for the ingredients and food preparation. The FTN Team does not charge for operating expenses or administration fees. 

LaunchGood collects a standard 5% platform fee along with a 3% credit card processing fee. Supporters have the option to cover the 8% in fees upon online checkout.

​We are an NGO called Feeding The Needy (FTN)

Officially known as Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rakan Jalanan (PPM-030-14-22062017) is a community run initiative which aims to provide food to the homeless/urban poor/physically-challenged through a soup kitchen programme every Thursday night in the heart of Kuala Lumpur 

We are just concerned members of society who would like to provide some food and love, and make a difference. 


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