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Providing Support to the Families and Community in Gaza! Donate and share today. $100 Provides a Family in Gaza with Food for a Month.

Gaza finds itself in the throes of an unprecedented crisis. Over the past months, Israel's military actions have devastated homes, schools, hospitals, and ambulances, rendering thousands of Palestinians in desperate need of immediate aid. Without immediate increase in aid, the children and families in Gaza are facing a famine.


How We're Helping:

PaliRoots, joining hands with the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), is stepping up to answer this call for help. Our partnership combines the power of our 7-year collaborative effort with MECA's extensive 35-year history of working directly in Palestine. Together, we are providing food parcels and hot meals to displaced families in Gaza and other urgent aid.

The Humanitarian Impact:

The assault has tragically claimed over 29,000 lives, including more than 12,000 innocent children. Tens of thousands more lie injured, awaiting urgent medical care. Compounding this dire situation, more than 100,000 individuals have found themselves displaced, fleeing the ruins of their homes and seeking refuge wherever possible, carrying with them only the most essential of their belongings.

Medical System in Crisis:

As the injured pour in, Gaza's medical facilities are reeling under unprecedented stress. There's a fast-depleting stock of essential medical supplies and medications, making the task of treating the wounded a race against time. 

Your Role:

Now, more than ever, your support is crucial. With your donation, we can bolster our efforts to provide critical food, and essential supplies to displaced families, and maintain hospital services in this hour of need. Please share this with your friends and family on WhatsApp and iMessage groups and encourage to share. 

Donate Now

Join us in this mission. Stand with us. Stand with Palestine. Stand with humanity.


The PaliRoots Mission

The PaliRoots mission is to bring awareness to the world about Palestinian culture by crafting specialty products inspired by its people and identity. PaliRoots has proudly raised and donated $3.4M+ in the last 7 years to various Palestinian charities. Learn more today.

Our Partners

MECA works to protect the health, lives, and rights of children in the Middle East. The primary tools they use are aid, education, and empowerment. Programs include direct humanitarian relief as well as projects to help support income generation. Human rights awareness is also improved by encouraging dialogue on an international level. MECA manages the distribution process and the funds will go directly to their organization.


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PaliRoots6 months ago

Tens of thousands received urgent relief with your support

"The situation here is so much worse than you are seeing. We never know if we will live through the night. Our partners and volunteers in different areas of the Gaza Strip want to support their communities, despite the danger. While they are distributing food and other supplies, I wait anxiously until I hear that they have returned home safely." --Wafaa El-Derawi, MECA staff in Gaza

As the genocide continues in Gaza with full support of our government, we find some small hope in the beautiful community spirit in Gaza that is providing life-saving aid to tens of thousands of people.

Our staff, partners, and volunteers are working hard each and every day in very dangerous conditions to buy supplies and distribute them to children and families in need in their local communities.

Thanks to your donations, our support has provided:
- Food parcels to 85,500 people with essential food staples, clean water, and even fresh produce & poultry from farmers where it is available
- Hygiene kits to 64,500 people with soap, shampoo, wet wipes, toilet paper, diapers (as needed), and women's sanitary supplies
- 2,500 blankets to displaced children

PaliRoots6 months ago

More aid delivered for displaced families & hospitals

With your support, MECA’s remarkable and courageous team of staff, volunteers, and our partner organizations in Gaza are responding to the urgent needs of children and families under attack.

-We have already delivered food and hygiene kits to 12,500 people. Now, we are packing food parcels, hygiene kits, and buying blankets, water, and diapers to distribute to another 37,000 people.
-MECA provided funds to two hospitals in Gaza to purchase emergency supplies of fuel for their generators to ensure they can continue treating patients during this emergency.
-After the 2021 attack on Gaza, we purchased a mobile ICU unit for Al-Awda Hospital that is saving lives now.
-The Maia Project drinking water systems that MECA installed over the last 14 years are providing water for thousands of people who are sheltering in schools.
This is a terrifying time for all of us who care about Palestine. We want you to know that your recent donation is making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people in Gaza.

PaliRoots6 months ago

Distribution of Food & Hygiene supplies for Displaced Families

As Israel's attack on Gaza continues, MECA’s staff and partners are out distributing parcels of food and hygiene supplies to displaced families all over Gaza.

In partnership with six community organizations based in different areas of Gaza, we’ve delivered food to 7,500 people and counting.

Thanks to our partners and volunteers for helping people even while the bombs fall. And thanks to all of you who have supported our emergency relief appeal.

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