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To provide basic life necessities for orphans across the globe through Islamic Relief USA.

​Sponsoring Orphans through Islamic Relief USA

Since the inception of Culture Club at James Caldwell High School in Caldwell, NJ, the goal of the club has been to create a safe environment for students to come to and learn about cultures different from their own in an engaging way. Open discussion that builds empathy and celebrates diversity is essential to the club. Through Culture Club, students can build relationships while simultaneously working against the narrow concept of the world we often see within our school. Meetings always foster a fun and relaxed atmosphere as to make the school a safer place for marginalized students. Anyone can create lessons on their own or with the help of the board and present them at Culture Club, all leading up to the Culture Club festival in the spring; a night of student performances and community.

Islamic Relief USA is far and beyond a leader in the realm of humanitarian aid. Their history of advocacy for the most suffering in the world, regardless of who they are, is remarkably inspiring. Their mission of empowerment, giving a voice to the voiceless, is shared between IRUSA and Culture Club. By taking on the task of sponsoring orphans from April to June, we want to bring a sense of direct action to the students, direct action that grows and makes impactful change. Working together with IRUSA for orphans across the globe will be a monumental step for the high school students at James Caldwell High School and will be a project they remember as they move forward into the world.

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