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Beating for Beirut


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Renovating homes in Beirut, Lebanon with music

On August 4th, 2020 there were two huge explosions in Beirut, Lebanon that caused widespread destruction throughout the city. The second explosion was one of the most powerful non-nuclear explosions in history, killing more than 180 people, and leaving 300,000 more displaced. 

On-the-ground assessments continue, particularly to determine the needs of heavily affected and vulnerable populations in the blast radius. According to the United Nations Development Programme, a total of 200,000 housing units were affected.

Relief NGOs have been trying relentlessly to renovate houses, yet the demand is a lot more than their actual capacity. This leaves many families with urgent needs. 

First Aid Renovation is an initiative created by activist and academic Sally Hammoud, alongside her students and colleagues, to help families affected by the Beirut explosion make their homes safe again. Our support goes not only to families by providing preliminary renovation, but also to NGOs by giving them direct access to families in need. 

With a group of volunteers, wooden assets are fixed, from doors, windows, to furniture. In less than a month and with limited resources gathered from friends in Lebanon and abroad, First Aid Renovation was able to help more than 50 families in need. Yet, further help is needed to cover glass damage as well, and before winter. 

We join forces today with The Smile and Olive Foundation, a UK-based charity, and its sister NGO in Lebanon, Basmeh & Zeitooneh to raise funds to sustain the initiative and reach more beneficiaries.

We are raising funds with music! 

Help First Aid Renovation in restoring the homes of the families of Beirut by donating. In return, we have put together for you an online concert titled “Beating for Beirut 𝄢” with more than 15 international artists and musicians who offered their time and talent for the love of Beirut! 

When: 20th September, 2020, 4 - 6 PM Beirut time
Where: Livestreaming on Facebook.
Event link:

Make Beirut’s homes safe again!
The funds raised for the Smile and Olive foundation, UK will allow First Aid Renovation's initiative to carry renovation works in homes affected by the devastating explosion of Beirut's port, to make the homes of people safe again.
Requests for First Aid Renovation's intervention are growing day after day, and so is our volunteer base. Consequently, we are ensuring sustainability through partnerships with other initiatives and NGOs.
By supporting this cause you will contribute in restoring safety and life to the homes of the beautiful people of Beirut.
Thank you.
First Aid Renovation:


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