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Help Urban Hijau improve our Permaculture systems, expand outreach and increase our impact!

Help Us Grow Healthy Food for Communities, Expand our Outreach and Improve our Systems!

The current crisis has exposed the vital need for a secure food supply in our cities.

Our campaign seeks your support to upgrade our vertical farming unit and pass knowledge of food systems & sustainability to the vulnerable members of Malaysian society.

We need your help to expand our outreach, improve our systems to increase our impact! 

For this we want to:
1) Run community workshops for vulnerable and low-income groups 
(Orphanages and Refugee groups)
2) Upgrade our Aquaponics demo/pilot system
3) Build a new green-house to demonstrate intensive urban horticulture

(Whatever money we raise to upgrade our food production system we will donate the same value of fresh organic produce to support marginalised needy people like orphans and refugees)

Urban Hijau is a sustainable urban farm located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. As a social enterprise, Urban Hijau is dedicated to using the principles of permaculture (natural ecological design) to spur a movement in Malaysia towards urban sustainability in food production, waste management and general living.

To get more people to do what we do within urban communities we have a renewed mission:

Promote Urban Agriculture to improve food security in Malaysia

Use Permaculture to improve community resilience

Use Permaculture to empower vulnerable and low-income groups

In brief again, we want to:

1) Run community workshops for vulnerable and low-income groups (Orphanages and Refugee groups)
2) Upgrade our Aquaponics demonstration system
3) Build a new green-house to demonstrate intensive low-cost urban farming

(An equal value of money raised to upgrade our food production system - points 2 & 3 above - will be donated to support marginalised needy people like orphans and refugees within this needed times inshaAllah)


1) Community Workshops

Community trainings for:

- Orphans
- Refugee Children and adults
- Local Youth wanting to make a difference

In these trainings, we show the participants the farm showcasing several methods of farming followed by a practical on preparing a soil mix, understanding compost and finally planting so they can take the plants back to grow at their own site. 

In the second half of 2020, as soon as this COVID19 pandemic ends, inshaAllah, we plan to continue our training programs, but we need your support to deliver them. Our plan is to run one program per month from June to December 2020. Each program includes up to 30 participants.
A whole program costs for 30 participants costs $750 to deliver, or $25 per participant.

2) Upgrading our Aquaponics System

At UH we have set up a pilot 800 sqft Aquaponics system. Our system is a model that we want to scale up and replicate to boost local food security and provide livelihoods in Malaysia. Its working great but we still need to improve it before its ready to take to the next level. It produces various salad greens, vegetables and herbs as well as tilapia.

(NOTE Whatever we raise for our Aquaponics system upgrade, we will donate the same value of healthy vegetables and fresh fish to local refugees and orphanages!)

We want to boost the food output, by increasing capacity. To do this we need to make some adjustments to it:
1. Increasing our number of grow towers
2. Improve our fish-care system so we can produce more fish
3. Producing black soldier fly (BSF) larvae and Azolla: natural fish feed. We can grow BSF on food waste, and compost the food waste at the same time! We already have a BSF composting system, but we need to modify this so we can harvest nutritious BSF larvae for our fish. We will also set up Azolla tanks. With these we aim to replace 50% of our fish feed, making our system even more sustainable and secure.

3) Build a new Low-Cost Intensive Greenhouse

Having already demonstrated how to grow in the open and a high intensity Aquaponics system, we want to showcase the cheapest high intensity growing system in the tropics. 

We will follow a A-Frame Vertical farm system designed for easy maintenance and maximum production with least pest problems. (LOOK OUT FOR MORE DETAILS IN THE UPDATES)

With the area allocated and space cleared we are ready to set things up and grow more, share more and teach so more farms can be set up. 

The designated area is 800 sqft and will have a grow area of 570 sqft and will be protected from pests and heavy Malaysian rainfall with a greenhouse.

(NOTE: Again all we raise for this system, the same value of healthy vegetables and salads will be donated to a deserving marginalized community!)


Founded in 2015, Urban Hijau is a sustainable urban farm located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. As a social enterprise, Urban Hijau is dedicated to using the principles of permaculture (natural ecological design) to spur a movement in Malaysia towards urban sustainability in food production, waste management and general living. Urban Hijau is situated on an easily accessible one-acre plot in TTDI. 

This unique visitor-friendly site serves as a showcase of the possibilities of permaculture in a small farming space. It is host to over 150 different varieties of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs which are grown through several crop gardening techniques without the need for artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. It also features a full-production aquaponics vertical farm & fish tank, black soldier fly (BSF) waste management system, fully equipped training room and outdoor activity area.

Over the years, Urban Hijau has transformed over 20 tons of waste into compost, trained hundreds of participants on sustainable farming practices, and hosted thousands of hours of community service from passionate volunteers from around the world.


Urban Hijau has been a hub for awareness on permaculture and sustainability practices, conducting weekly demonstrations and tours for the elderly, university students, businesses and schools. Our site is not just for harvesting, but to educate the wider community on how to farm in the city.


Every years, Urban Hijau oversees 100s of volunteers who complete 1000s of hours of farming volunteer work. We are official partners with the international youth volunteer group AIESEC. We take care to ensure each volunteer sees their time in the farm as a practical sustainability learning experience.


Urban Hijau has conducted dozens of intensive workshops on waste management, urban gardening, permaculture and soil management as part of its drive for sustainability education.


Urban Hijau has a dedicated base of local customers who enjoy the fresh and varied produce from the farm which is chemical-free.

and many other community related activities like composting, plants and all…

It is high time we start having more farmers who can produce healthy food sustainably especially from the marginalized group of people. Not only will this project feed them but also teach them to grow their own food inshaAllah.

What can you do?

1) SUPPORT us by giving any amount that you want. You support means a lot to us.

2) SHARE the campaign with others

3) Make Dua for our projects success

Note: For offline donations please transfer directly to:

Account 1071035964
UHijau PLT

We sincerely thank you for all your support. JazakAllah Khair

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Urban Hijau4 years ago

Our Training Prorgam at Urban Hijau

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thanks so much for all your support which has helped us to raise over $7000 so far! May Allah bless you all and accept your all your works in Ramadhan and bless you for your kind support to our cause. We'd like you to know more about what we plan to do with the funds. Please see this article published by Muneeb bin Yousuf on the trainings we plan to deliver.

You can also help us to raise more funds and try to reach our target by sharing our campaign (!/) with your friends, family and colleagues on social media and through email. May Allah bless you all! We'd also like to with you EID MIBARAK!

The Urban Hijau Team

Urban Hijau4 years ago

Update on Our Impact so Far from Urban Hijau! Thanks so much for your support!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We wanted to update you to show you that your donation to Urban Hijau is having a real benefit already! Although the true benefits of sustainability are long term, we’ve already started distributing our Permaculture produce to help the needy under lockdown in Malaysia right now, during Ramadhan. As we pledged to you we donating the same value of produce from our aquaponics system as we raise to upgrade the system over the coming year. We’ve already distributed 3 loads of freshly harvested Aquaponic tilapia to different participants around KL:

  1. With Guetanyoe foundation to refugee families in Kejang
  2. With Guetanyoe foundation to the Orang Asli Community in Kampung orang asli Hulu Kemensah
  3. With GIFT foundation to Chin refugees (from Cambodia) and local Asnaf in the Klang area

Now we will continue to deliver our fresh produce to needy beneficiaries over the coming months based on the money are raising! But what’s even more important is that we have a long term impact! We’re going to start training some of these people how to grow their own food too very soon! Please help us to reach our goal by sharing our campaign with your friends, family and colleagues so that we can maximise the benefits of our work. Sharing is caring! May Allah bless you all!

Urban Hijau4 years ago

Wondering what we do in our Training Programs?

Our training programs teach the basics of growing healthy food. What we say here at the Urban Hijau is: 

“Grow what Grows”

But growing good food we must start from good soil.

Our training workshops explain the basics of soil, composting, how to prepare a soil mix, how to start the seedlings or use cuttings and how to take care of the plant after.

Focusing so much on soil preparation in a tropical climate like Malaysia is necessary due to the nutrition loss from heavy rains throughout the year. Accordingly, the participants see the different composting methods – the compost station, the worm farm, the black soldier fly etc. and occasionally feed some food to the chicken as well.

The training covers both theory and practical. Being fortunate to have our farm in the city which grows more than 150 different varieties of fruits, vegetables, salads and herbs, the participants get a chance to completely immerse themselves into the eco system.

Smelling different leaves and fruits like lime and Malaysian oregano, they also learn about key health benefits of the plants.

On top of that the participants also get to see the different systems we have on the site, be it planting in the open on raised beds, growing a food forest, or the aquaponics system with the fish and vegetables growing in a symbiotic relationship.

Finally, they start with their own planting session by making a good soil mix and planting while learning more details of plant care.

The participants get to take home the plants so they can grow them and start the process of growing their own healthy food in small urban spaces.

A typical schedule for the event is as below:

Arrival and introduction

Farm tour and immersion (learning different methods of growing and composting)

Break and refreshments

Soil mixing exercise

Planting in the potting mix

Planting in vertical towers

Final care instructions and close

Do check out our website or contact us at to find out more about our programs.

Urban Hijau4 years ago

Thank you!

On behalf of the Urban Hijau team, we would like to sincerely thank you for your contributions so far and getting the campaign to a great start. Please remember, once you donate do share our campaign link in your own networks!

Also, for those donors who want to contribute in cash rather than through debit card, please do so at the details below:

Account 1071035964
UHijau PLT

Please also email us and we can add this to our campaign as an offline donation. 

Thank you and take care!

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