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A Free Online Quran Institution ran by volunteers to provide Quranic education to the community in an accessible manner

The Cause

There are often barriers to learning Quran, especially for those with financial limitations or physical disabilities. During the pandemic, we have created a free online education system with the purpose of providing access for youth to memorize and learn the Quran from the comfort of their home. Currently, there are little to no resources available for students who do not have the ability to pay for their Quranic education, and AccessQuran addresses that.

We have spent the last year organizing a safe and accessible online platform for young people to fulfill their dream of memorizing the Quran. A strong team of individuals has committed to ensuring the smooth launch of the program, along with qualified and experienced teachers who have created an effective, yet balanced schedule for future students. The outline and plan is all set - but now we now need your help.

Cost Breakdown

We are currently serving over 100 students in their pursuit of Quranic Learning. All members involved with this organization, from teachers to administrators, operate on a volunteer basis to serve this noble mission. Our courses are currently being run through the means of Zoom and WhatsApp. However, in order to truly create an institution, a professional education platform built in a student-friendly and accessible manner is needed. This will allow our classes to become even more enhanced and allow for the most optimal Quranic Education. Additionally, many of our students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and require computers, Qurans, clothing to learn Quran in a suitable manner. Finally, in order to spread our message about this noble mission and reach as many as possible, some funds need to be spent on marketing. With your support, AccessQuran can support even more students.

Visit our website at and our social media/youtube to learn more about us. Feel free to email us at with any questions.



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