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Rizq Ramadan Pakistan- Nourishing Lives, Uniting Communities!

🌙 Rizq Ramadan Appeal, 2024: Filling Plates, Nurturing Souls, Building Bonds🌙

Dear Supporters,

Join us this Ramadan in spreading compassion and unity through the Rizq Ramadan Dastarkhwan. Your support goes beyond serving meals – it fosters a sense of community, providing not just nourishment but a supportive environment embodying the power of unity within our communities.

Zakat Eligible:

This campaign is ZAKAT ELIGIBLE. By donating to this campaign you will be fulfilling your Zakat obligations InshAllah. 

Ramadan Daily Dastarkhawan Highlights - Updates

Thank you for all the support, here are the daily Ramadan Dastarkhwan Highlights, keep supporting 

Here are the Ramadan Stories:

Heartbreaking Reality: The Struggle of Mrs. Khan

In a bustling neighborhood of the city, there lived a widow named Mrs. Khan. Despite her best efforts, Mrs. Khan struggled to provide for her three young children after the sudden passing of her husband. Each day, she would venture out to find odd jobs to put food on the table, but it was never enough to make ends meet, especially during Ramadan.

Desperate Times: Mrs. Khan's Daily Struggle

One day, as Mrs. Khan returned home exhausted from a day of job hunting, she found a surprise waiting at her doorstep. It was a package of essential food items, including flour, sugar, daal channa, ghee/oil, tea, rice, and dates, along with a note from Rizq, a local charity organization dedicated to fighting hunger.

Overwhelmed by Kindness: A Glimmer of Hope

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mrs. Khan learned that Rizq had identified her family as recipients of their Ramadan ration drive. With tears of relief streaming down her face, Mrs. Khan felt a glimmer of hope for the first time in months.

The Light in Darkness: Rizq's Lifeline

Throughout Ramadan, Rizq continued to support Mrs. Khan and her children by providing them with nutritious iftar meals every evening. With the burden of hunger lifted from her shoulders, Mrs. Khan found solace in the generosity of her community and the unwavering support of Rizq.

A Promise of Hope: Mrs. Khan's Vow to Pay It Forward

As Ramadan came to a close, Mrs. Khan reflected on the blessings she had received during the holy month. Thanks to Rizq's support, she and her children were able to observe Ramadan with dignity and joy, knowing that they were not alone in their struggle.

The Ripple Effect: Spreading Kindness

Inspired by Rizq's kindness, Mrs. Khan vowed to pay it forward by volunteering with the organization and helping other families in need. Together, they could make a difference in the lives of those facing hunger and hardship, one essential ration item at a time.

This heart-wrenching story sheds light on the heartbreaking reality faced by families like Mrs. Khan's during Ramadan, while also highlighting the crucial role of organizations like Rizq in providing support and hope in times of need.

Our Aim: 

Building Stronger Communities

Rizq Ramadan Campaign aims to combat rising food insecurity in Pakistan, providing well-balanced meals and fostering compassion in marginalized communities.

Empower Lives, Combat Food Insecurity

We ensure consistent access to essential food items, easing burdens, and transforming lives.

The Problem: Uncertainty about Next Meals

Rising food inflation in Pakistan not only causes hunger but also hampers education and creates familial challenges. Your support ensures a helping hand and open tables for those in need.

Mobilizing Youth at the Rizq Ramadan Campaign
Volunteers are Core at Rizq to manage Communities in the Holy Month of Ramadan
Rizq Ration Campaign for Everyone In Need
Rizq Ration Campaign Documentation Process


Program Value & Belief: Everyone is a Cherished Guest

At our Iftaar, we view everyone as a cherished guest, recognizing their inherent worth and divine presence. Your support helps treat each person with utmost care and respect, as humble and hospitable hosts.



Rizq Iftar-e-Aam
Healthy Nutritious Ifar for all
Healthy Food for the Guests of Allah Pak

Program Impact: Fostering Unity!

Total Dastarkhwan: 50+

Million Meals Distributed: 10 +

Million People Fed: 15 +

Youth Mobilized: 40 %

Program Process: From Kitchen to Community!

Meal Preparation:

  • Healthy and nutritious meals are prepared at our Mega Kitchen using the finest quality ingredients.


Dispatch to Relevant Spots:

  • Meals are dispatched to strategically placed Dastarkhwan spots, ensuring accessibility for those in need.


Quality Checks:

  • Upon arrival at Dastarkhwan spots, we conduct additional quality checks to ensure the meals meet our standards.


Serving with Respect:

  • After quality checks, we serve the meals to our guests at Dastarkhwan, ensuring dignity and respect.
Our Community
Serving With Respect
Iftar for everyone


Our Ramadan Iftar 


Our Team

Our Ration Drive:

Join us in combatting food insecurity through the Rizq Ration Drive. Your support provides subsidized monthly rations, empowering families and building resilient communities.


Rizq Ration Drive
Rizq Ration Drive
Rizq Ration Drive


Join the Movement: 🤲 Donate Now:


Empower us to provide meals with respect, fostering unity and compassion in our communities during Ramadan.


Thank you for being a part of the Rizq family! Together, we can make this Ramadan a time of abundance, compassion, and positive impact.

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Rizq Qurbani Appeal, 2024

Thank you for your support during the Rizq Ramadan Campaign. Please continue helping us reach our goals for the Rizq Qurbani Campaign 2024:

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Qurbani Campaign

Thank you for your valuable donations in making our Ramadan Campaign big success. 

Please donate for our Qurbani Campaign and help the people who needs your help the most: 

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Daily Ramadan Dastarkhawan

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Your donation is giving hope to those in need. ?❤️

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