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13.1 mile Ramadan Run to Feed the Hungry


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Arif Kazi will be running 13.1 mile Hotlanta Half-Marathon while fasting for Ramadan to bring awareness and raise funds to feed the Hungry in America.

Just $13.10 to feed our Hungry Neighbors!

1 out of 6 Americans are uncertain as to whether or not they will receive a next meal, and therefore face food insecurity. Just like air and water, food is a basic human necessity in order to survive, and most of us have been blessed enough to have even more. Can't we just donate as little as $13.10 to help our hungry neighbors?

13.1 mile Ramadan Run to Feed the Hungry

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset in hopes of increasing their spirituality. They also fast in an attempt to grasp the reality of hunger, by omitting the intake of both food and liquid. This Ramadan, I strive to shine a light upon the reality of hunger in America by running the Hotlanta Half-Marathon (13.1 mi), in the hot humid weather of Atlanta on June 11th, while fasting. This means no water or food for 16 hours, during and after the 13.1-mile run. I'm doing this to raise awareness for the fact that hunger does exist, and not too far from home. Therefore, I request that you please support my cause by donating $1 per mile, for 13.1 miles. I have partnered with a non-profit organization, Share Atlanta, and 100% of the funds will be going towards distributing food to the hungry. All funds are tax deductible.

About: Arif Kazi

Arif Kazi started running eight years ago in efforts to tackle high cholesterol and unhealthy eating habits. In the process, he fell in Love with Running and now uses his passion for promoting health and fitness in his community. Arif is the founder of Atlanta Muslim Running Club (AMRC) and its goal is to inspire and motivate Muslim communities into a healthier lifestyle by encouraging healthy eating habits and exercise. In the summer of 2015, Arif ran the July 4th Peachtree Road Race 10K (6.2) while fasting for Ramadan to test his Islamic faith and support his country. His story of Devotion to Faith and Country was broadcasted on News Channel 11 Alive: This year Arif is pushing his limits by doubling the distance to raise awareness about Hunger. 

About: SHARE Atlanta

The Services for Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement (SHARE™) Center is a social service and advocacy institution which serves the physical, spiritual and mental health needs, providing the tools and guidance to individuals so that they can become healthy, whole, righteous human beings. The SHARE Center also advocates for justice and equality.

Donate! Support! Share!

Please donate just as little as $13.10 which is equivalent to feeding a hungry family of 3. Please support this cause by spreading this link to your friends and family. Let's tackle hunger together!

Hotlanta Half-Marathon Experience


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