We Are Home

An Authentic American Muslim Music Video by Raef

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Muslim culture that is Authentic to America

We are home.

This is how Muslim communities around the world have lived for centuries...and North America is no exception.

Asalamu Alaikum, My name is Raef and I'm a singer/songwriter from Washington DC. I've been writing and performing for the last 9 years, and during that time I've visited over 60 cities in the United States and around the world sharing my music. Recently, through Awakening Records, I've release my very first album, "The Path", a collection of songs reflecting my journey and inspired by Islam. The music videos we released have reached tens of millions of people around the world and in many cases changed their lives...this is all from the blessings of Allah and I cannot be thankful enough

Over these 9 years of touring all around the country and the world, I've come to see that where Muslims have found harmony between their cultural and religious identity, Islam has taken deep roots and flourished. 

To reach our full potential, Western Muslims need to be culturally relevant, and to be able to feel at "Home" when at "Home".  Though the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his early followers hailed from Arabia, the teachings of Islam never defined culture as people around the world embraced the faith. Our deen simply inspires creativity that is native to the land it reaches. It is time for American Muslims to create and contribute to culture that is authentic to the USA.  

The Home Music Video

The "Home" music video will be an important contribution to American Muslim culture and will help young American Muslims to feel a sense of pride and love for God and country.

Over the last few months I have been working closely with Lena Khan in putting together an epic music video for my song "Home". “Home” sends a powerful message about the American Muslim Identity and the strong feelings of belonging to a country that holds promise and hope for the future. Wherever Muslims have traveled, they made that place home - Just like prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, made "Madinah" his home. 

This creative music video will highlight contributions made throughout history that makes up the fabric of American culture, including the Muslim community's contributions. At a time when Islamophobia is on the rise, and where people can’t seem to imagine that Muslims can be proud of their faith and proud to be American at-the-same-time, this video inshallah will reach millions and make them feel a sense of pride and love for God and country.

We Need Your Support to Finish this Video

The developmental stages of this project are already done and paid for, but your support is needed to fund the filming, editing, and complete production of this project. #WeAreHome is a campaign to close the gap to make this video a reality.

I'm so grateful for all my friends, family and fans that have supported me to this point and we want to make this a win-win - so I'm offering a ton of great rewards as a thank you for being part of this journey with me!

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About the Song

“Home” is written by award winning singer-songwriter Raef and produced by world renown Maher Zain. Take a moment to read the lyrics and listen to the song to see that loving Allah and wanting what's best for your homeland are central parts of both Islamic and American heritage. Freedom of thought, freedom of choice and praising God are as American as apple pie :)

About Raef

Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland, Raef is a prominent American Muslim singer-songwriter. For over 9 years Raef has been writing and sharing his songs with millions. After a successful teaching career, Raef recently released his debut album, “The Path”  through Awakening Records - the primer global Islamic record label-  and since then, has been touring the world.

Using melodies and a lyrical style that is native to the West, Raef’s hit originals “You Are The One” , “So Real ft. Maher Zain” , “Peace and Blessings” , and “Home” have been played all over the world via Radio, Television, and the Internet. 

Visiting schools, Mosques, conferences, and charity events, Raef’s songs have inspired a generation of western Muslims to serve their communities, love themselves, and love their Creator. 

About Lena

Graduating from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television where she studied directing and film production, Lena is an authentic, creative, and talented director and writer. After starting her career in writing and directing short films, she has focused on viral music videos, most of which aired on television across the world and gained tens of millions of views on YouTube. Lena is currently working on "The Tiger Hunter", a dramatic comedy feature that she co-wrote and directed - that will be released soon iA. Please make sure to like The Tiger Hunter on Facebook and stay tuned for updates!

About Awakening Records

Created in 2000 to offer a wide range of products for a new modern Islamic market, Awakening Records produces faith inspired and value driven music for its artists: Maher Zain, Hamza Namira, Mesut Kurtis, Raef, Harris J, and Humood AlKhudher. It specialises in the production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion of sound recordings. We set out to set new standards in media and audio products. Awakening Records continues this trend by introducing exciting new recording artists to the Islamic Nasheed and music market. Awakening strives to provide the very best in live and recorded entertainment. Check out our music at http://www.youtube.com/AwakeningRecords

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