This Ramadan, Take a Step to Eliminate Disposable Water Bottles in your Masjid! Support the Movement as we Introduce Eco-Friendly Reusable Bottles to the GTA.

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NEW! Take the Pledge to support cleaner Masajids & Greener Earth starting this Ramadan!

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Imagine a Waste Free Ramadan.…

During the holy month of Ramadan, the implications of our actions often go unnoticed, like:

Plastic pollution: We excessively use plastic products that end up landfills or in places they don’t belong. This results in an accumulation of harmful toxins in the Earth's oceans, land and atmosphere. Especially because Ramadan brings in higher attendance at Masjids, all those water bottles add up quickly!

Water misuse: Water is wasted when water bottles that are still half-full are thrown away, particularly during Taraweeh and evening prayers.

Wastefulness: Water and food resources are often squandered, leaving Masjids with large volumes of food and trash that is not properly disposed of (especially the plastic!).

So What Can You Do? Support #WasteFreeRamadan

“Eat and drink from the provision of Allah; and do not commit abuse on the Earth."
 Qur'an, 2:60

Join TorontoMuslims.com for our first-ever Green Revolution against unnecessary water and plastic waste. Donate to help bring Reusable Eco-Friendly Drinking Bottles to GTA Masjids and Islamic centres by Ramadan 2017.

  • The starting number: 5,000 functional reusable bottles

  • With your valued support, our $12,000 goal will bring that number higher providing funding for 10,000 free reusable bottles that we’ll distribute at as many Masjids as we can!

Your valuable contribution will support a collective initiative that can engage 10,000 Muslims and more to make life more sustainable for this Earth. Although it may not seem like it, the number of bottles that can be reused, and the amount of water saved, will impact the community’s carbon footprint. Not to mention, we definitely hope that you continue these efforts after Ramadan as well! 

If you need more reasons to get in on this, well, Give Water, Get Ajar:

The Messenger of Allah was once overheard saying: "The best form of Sadaqa [charity] is giving someone water."

If everyone pitches in now, by Ramadan 2017, you will have provided a sustainable option to 10,000 fasting Muslims. Such an accomplishment would present an incredible milestone in our collective fight against plastic pollution. This success would also represent Muslim communities in the overall effort and cause of promoting sustainable practices in a Global Warming Era.

We pray Allah grants you and your families immense ajar (rewards) for your thoughtful support, Ameen!!!

#WasteFreeRamadan hopes to change this:

plus this:

Ugh, and these.....

to THIS: 

So How Will: #WasteFreeRamadan work?

So TorontoMuslims.com has introduced a Greening Initiative aimed at reducing disposable plastic water bottle usage during this year’s Ramadan. Starting with a Masjid near you, most GTA Masjids and Islamic centres will be provided with FREE eco-friendly reusable water bottles for salat-goers (yes - that means you!).

The next time you attend Taraweeh and evening prayers, consider taking home our Eco-Friendly Reusable bottle. Each time you drop by the Masjid, make sure to bring your


reusable bottle with you to stay hydrated! We’re running a social media campaign to raise awareness about this initiative, and to also encourage other people to bring their own reusable bottles. By following this model, the consumption and usage of plastic bottles, and wasted water will be reduced greatly!  

And That’s our plan!

However, we just need your support to make our mark in the fight against pollution and Environmental Degradation.

“Eat and drink from the provision of Allah; and do not commit abuse on the Earth." - Holy Qur'an (2:60)

Still don’t think this initiative is worth taking part in? Here’s some facts:

“Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you; that you may learn piety and righteousness.” - Holy Quran (2:183)

With 7 billion people inhabiting earth, every effort counts towards lessening human impact on our ecosystem. Let #WasteFreeRamadan be the first step to inspire you in reducing, reusing and recycling everyday items and products.

Here's why you should #BanTheBottle:

  • 65 million plastic water bottles end up in landfills every year

  • Plastic requires up to 1000 years to begin composting in landfills

  • 10% of all the plastic ends up in the oceans, killing 1 million birds and marine animals each year

  • 90% of the cost of a water bottle is packaging, shipping, and marketing

  • You don’t really pay for the water, yet it costs 10,000 times more than tap water

  • Most bottled water is just municipal tap water bottled by corporations- a lot of water bottle companies actually sell water that is more acidic than what it should be (neutral or basic/alkaline)

Make your mark, starting with #WasteFreeRamadan

Don’t delay. Make Your Mark today by Representing the Muslim Community in our pledge against environmental pollution.

Here’s how you, your family and friends can do so. Join Our Team in making #WasteFreeRamadan successful:

  1. Donate to this #WasteFreeRamadan LaunchGood Fundraiser - every dollar counts in bringing GTA free Eco-Friendly reusable water bottles.

  2. Make sure to get your #WasteFreeRamadan reusable bottle once available at your local Masjid - contact your local Islamic centre, Mosque or Islamic school to get them involved.

  3. Would you like to feature your Islamic Centre or Masjid as a participant? Please Email info@TorontoMuslims.com to bring free reusable bottles for your fasting salat-goers!

  4. Show your solidarity against plastic waste by spreading awareness on social media. Use the hashtag #WasteFreeRamadan (don’t forget to tag @TorontoMuslims.com), and tell us how you plan to make your #Ramadan2017 more green

  5. Share this #WasteFreeRamadan LaunchGood fundraiser on your social media pages, at work, and with friends and family to join the movement against disposable plastic waste

  6. Coming Soon: Participate in #WasteFreeRamadan social media contests for a chance to win prizes and shout-outs! Make sure to follow TorontoMuslims.com to stay updated!

  7. To follow #WasteFreeRamadan’s exciting fundraiser and bottle distribution across GTA Masjids, subscribe to the TorontoMusims E-Newsletter

How’d We Begin:

The #WasteFreeRamadan campaign was founded on the belief that as Global Citizens, Muslims share the responsibility to Protect our Planet and Preserve the Environment.

Carrying-out daily tasks can make us neglect our God-Given Responsibility towards caring for the land, ocean and animals created alongside mankind.

When fasting, we try to remember to increase our good deeds and refrain from the bad - so let’s add another crucial point to that mix:

“The Earth is Green and Beautiful, and Allah has Appointed you Stewards Over It." - Sahih Muslim

#WasteFreeRamadan is a collaborative initiative of TorontoMuslims, which is a project of DawaNet: a non-profit organization committed to community service, outreach and development

Together, we hope to engage all Canadian Muslims in discussions about Climate Change, Global Warming, Environmental Degradation and Conservation.

This initiative is supported by:

Thank-you for your valued support!

Email Info@TorontoMuslims.com for more information, or for any questions.

Meet Our Eco-Conscious Partners 

"The first step toward change is awareness." - Nathaniel Branden
Wow! Thank-you to these GTA Masjids and Islamic Centres for providing free water through our reusable drinking containers. We appreciate your
commitment to cleaner Mosques, Cleaner Earth!

$10 CAD

Green Thumb

That's a worthy start - thank you for caring! Every dollar counts. Just so you know, your donation helps bring #WasteFreeRamadan bottles to 4 fasting individuals. A sincere thank you and JazakAllah khayr from us to you. Don't forget to drop by our friendly office to get your own bottle.

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$25 CAD

Tree Champ

You’re our kind of waste-fighter. Thank-you for helping bring #WasteFreeRamadan bottles to 10 fasting individuals. On behalf of our organization, we extend sincere dua and gratitude to you! Come by our office, say salam and collect 2 bottles for yourself and a friend.

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$50 CAD


The environment seems to be your forte, isn’t it? Contributions like yours lead the way to awareness and change. Thanks for bringing #WasteFreeRamadan bottles to 20 fasting individuals. Pretty impressive! Sending duas and good vibes your way. You're welcome to visit our office to claim 4 bottles for yourself and the fam.

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$100 CAD


Thanks for being too cool for school (no but seriously, stay in school and don’t forget to attend science class!). Did you know that $100 brings #WasteFreeRamadan bottles to 40 fasting individuals? Thanks for helping us stay hydrated. May Allah reward you! Please swing-by our office to grab yourself 5 bottles.

5 claimed

$250 CAD

Global Citizen

You’re a regular at green-themed events and you never forget to recycle. Virtual props from us to you. Your donation just helped bring #WasteFreeRamadan bottles to 100 fasting individuals. Your deed has not gone unnoticed InshAllah - JazakAllah khayr! You're eligible for 10 bottles from our office (we wish we were your friend right now).

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$500 CAD

Climate SuperHero

We’re loving that shade of green on your fabulous shiny cape. Is it fun fighting greenhouse gasses while flying? You’re our kind of superhero. MashAllah and Alhamdulilah for bringing #WasteFreeRamadan bottles to 200 fasting individuals (wow!). Thank you. 20 bottles for you - come by soon!

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$1000 CAD

Leader by Example

Might you have attended the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi? The camera captured your good side MashAllah! And now we wish to recognize your good heart and good intentions too: your generous contribution reminds us of the story of Uthman (RA), who purchased a well to bring free water for the people of Medina. Your immeasurable support also brought no-charge water to 400 fasting individuals who use their #WasteFreeRamadan bottle. May Allah grant you the same rewards as was granted to Uthman (RA) - Ameen! We look forward to meeting you InshAllah. Don't be shy - drop in for some chai with our friendly staff (and yes, for your unlimited supply of bottles too).

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