Stand With New Tampa Muslims Against Hate

Let's show our support towards The Islamic Society of Tampa who are still reeling after an arson attack shocks their community.

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Coming together in support of Community

There was an incident of arson fire at the Islamic Society of New Tampa (Daarus Salaam Mosque) last night. Law enforcement is at the scene. No one was hurt, Alhumdulillah(God Bless), but there is property damage to the building.


Stand with us as we raise money for the mosque and continue to promote interfaith events and dialog with our neighbors.  This community has held several events for outreach and the money will double down our efforts to ensure love, empathy, and compassion are instilled.   


We are reaching out to the community with a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the arsonist. 

The beginning of the Daaru Salaam Mosque Premises: Organic Growth 

Over ten years ago, a small group of Muslims gathered in their homes to pray together. After awhile, they needed more space to accommodate a growing community and purchased this property featuring an existing building that was used as a mosque for several years. Now they've built a much more suited mosque space that meets the needs of their community effectively. 

It's this space of that has now been damaged in this arson attack. 

On their website, they have this quote:

"Let us not forget that we are all members of the same human fraternity; our differences are meant to be embraced; our diversity should become our strength if we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to get to know each other because, as Allah has made clear, we are all descendants of one man and one woman."

Space for Youth Fun Days!

From a community announcement earlier:  Islamic Society of New Tampa informed it's congregants, that, " Law enforcement has declared the mosque building a crime scene; due to the ongoing investigation, there will be no Friday prayer at the mosque today. However, all regular prayers will be held in the old mosque building."