Newsletter exposing false flag operations against Islam

Since 9/11, Islam and Muslims have been targeted by a series of deceptions and false flag ops. We need a newsletter to help educate the Muslim community.

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Mobilize Against Anti-Islam Deceptions!

As-salaamu alaikum, my name is Dr. Kevin Barrett, and I am working with colleagues to launch an outreach campaign to Muslims, especially leaders and opinion-shapers. We want to alert the community to the problem of false flag operations targeting Islam. We will begin with a newsletter, with the eventual goal of creating a radio station that would broadcast 24/7/365 in selected cities as well as on the internet, telling the Muslim side of the story (about a broad spectrum of issues, not just false flag operations.) The media today is in the hands of the enemies of Islam. It's time to tell our side of the story!

Anti-Islam Propaganda is heavily-funded – it's time to tell our side of the story! 

The Islamophobia Industry spends billions of dollars every year creating negative images of Islam. The most potent anti-Islam public relations stunts are false flag operations, in which Muslim patsies are manipulated to take the blame for "terror attacks" orchestrated by professionals. I have written or edited five books exposing these deceptions, including Truth Jihad, 9/11 and American Empire v.2, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, ANOTHER French False Flag, and Orlando False Flag. And I co-host False Flag Weekly News every Friday 11 to noon Eastern.

The Newsletter

We will send physical letters by US mail to mosques and Islamic Centers in the USA asking them to host a speaking event about false flags and/or subscribe to the email newsletter. And we will build an email list for the newsletter by asking subscribers to send email addresses of their friends, imams, professors, coworkers, etc. –any opinion molders whom they know. This will allow us to build a network of Muslims sufficient to launch a radio station, Radio Free Islam (RFI). We will begin with an internet-only channel that offers first-rate programming telling the Muslim side of the story. Once the station is up and running on the internet we will seek backing to purchase terrestrial AM radio stations in the United States, focusing on cities with large Muslim populations. The station would feature a broad spectrum of the most compelling Muslim voices, with a focus on dawa and current events programming from a Muslim perspective, along with Quran, nasheed, and cuisine from the Islamic world, speeches and interviews from Muslim heroes such as Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, and other material designed to appeal to non-Muslims as well as Muslims.

How You Can Help

Please spread the word about this campaign. Share it through social media, and if possible personally contact opinion leaders in the Muslim community and let them know that we are mobilizing to tell our side of the story!