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5. (March 29, 10:00am GMT) Read this updated article at the Daily Mail featuring a short op-ed by Muddassar and a summary of the effort to raise £30,000: "Muslims raise £30,000 for victims of the Westminster terror attack after campaign by government advisor who was in Portcullis house at the time."

4. (March 24, 11:54pm GMT) Member of Parliament Yasmin Qureshi (Labour) writes in a Time Magazine editorial of her support for this campaign and her experience in Parliament the day of the attack - including her conversation with PC Keith Palmer hours before he was murdered: "MP Yasmin Qureshi: Muslims Have Raised Thousands for Victims of the London Attacks"

3. (March 24, 12:52pm GMT) For more background on the thinking behind this campaign, please read this op-ed by Muddassar Ahmed in The Independent: "I set up the Muslim-led fund for the victims of the Westminster attack – this is what I want to say to my fellow Londoners"

2. (March 24, 10:20am GMT) We are overwhelmed by the generosity of donors from all over the world, from Muslim communities as well as those of other faiths and none. Having reached the £20,000 goal, we have increased the target to £30,000 in light of the increased interest to enable us to do more for the victims. This will be the final increase, but we do encourage people to keep donating until the end of the fundraiser.

1. (March 23, 2:54pm GMT) We have raised over £10,000 in less than 15 hours. Due to high demand and a heartwarming response, the goal has been increased to £20,000. Please continue to donate generously and share widely. 

The attack on Westminster

At around 2:40 pm on the 22nd of March, an attacker drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then stabbed a police officer within the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. At least 4 people have been killed, including officer PC Keith Palmer, and about 40 were wounded (BBC News). The alleged attacker, apparently a British citizen, has been shot and killed by police. A full investigation has been launched.

I was a witness to the attack, having entered Portcullis house less than 10 minutes from when it occurred. Barricaded in an office for nearly 4 hours while events unfolded outside me, I was shocked to see the injuries and loss of life outside my window. I reflected on what it means to be a born-and-bred Londoner and found myself proud of how security and medical services responded, how ordinary passers-by offered first aid, and what our Parliament means to me, an institution that is the oldest of its kind in the world and how, regardless of our critiques of government policies or political parties, remains an institution that reflects how the will of the people can be expressed with civility and dignity.

While details of the victims are still emerging, I have been in touch with networks within British Muslim communities and can assure you that we all stand with fellow Londoners during these difficult times and want to extend our support by raising funds to help with the immediate, short-term needs of the victims and their families. While no amount of money will bring back lives lost or take away from the pain the victims and their families are going through, we hope to lessen their burden in some way as citizens, Londoners, and human beings.

A statement from the Mayor

"London is the greatest city in the world, and we stand together in the face of those who seek to harm us and our way of life. We always have and we always will. Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism. There will be additional armed and unarmed police officers on our streets from tonight in order to keep Londoners, and all those visiting our city, safe" 

- Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London 

A call to the community 

Though this is a Muslim-led campaign, we welcome our friends of other faiths and none to also contribute. We ask particularly that British Muslims, mosques, Imams, leaders, and groups endorse and promote this initiative. For media inquiries please email

How funds will be distributed 

Thank you for considering supporting the victims and the families of victims of this tragic attack through this fundraiser. We will ensure that 100% of funds collected through this campaign will go to the victims and the families of the victims most affected by the tragic events that unfolded on March 22, 2017. We are coordinating with City Hall (the Mayor's office), hospitals, the Met Police Foundation (who have coordinated efforts for funds to be raised on behalf of PC Keith Palmer) and others to ensure that the funds go where they are needed.

Media Coverage 

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