Young muslimah Starts Innovative Bakery Business

Help me raise funds to grow this first-of-its-kind bakery service and thereby empower and support my local community

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*Ramadan Alert: Delicious cake pictures incoming! ;)*


My name is Nafisa and I'm starting a bakery and delivery service. It has never been done like this before in my part of the world. Please help me start this venture and thereby support my local community.

This is me

The Business

Have you ever had unexpected guests come over? Have you ever experienced not having anything good to offer them but tea and maybe some biscuits? How wonderful would it have been to be able to just pick up the phone and order a dozen cupcakes and some freshly baked double chocolate chip cookies delivered to your door within a set amount of time. And could you imagine  that company being owned by a local Muslim woman and that all the product were of cause 100% halal and mostly organic? How wonderful would that be?!

***Please consider contributing to my project this Ramadan or as a part of  your Ramadan Challenge.***

The Mission

The well known muslim scholar Nouman Ali Khan once said that in order to build a stronger ummah we muslims "must become a fabric of the society we live in by encouraging diversity among ourselves." And that "the purpose of a community is, some people are good at somethings others are good at other things and we all come together to form the solution". I wholeheartedly believe this. I also believe that the best way to become a part of a community is to serve it. In whatever shape or form YOU can. My speciality is cakes so I will make that my business and make a difference through my work. I am determined to build and  run a business that not only helps me and my family but a whole community.   

What You Need To Know

I am a young ambitious muslimah in the process of creating an innovative bakery business. I come from a family of motivated self starters and fearless trailblazer. It is in my blood to not only want to make a difference and go against the grain (pun intended), but to have a build-in drive to succeed. I have a passion for baking and for years I have been compiling and refining my repertoire of the most delicious recipes. But, I need you help to make it a business. You see, for me to be able to sell these cakes I will need a few essentials. I got the rest covered. What I'm asking of you, is to help with  the fuel that gets this business of the ground.

There is no doubt about how hugely important the initial support is in getting any business up and running, so, big or small, any amount will be highly appreciated. 



About me

My name is Nafisa and I am a 20 year muslimah. I have two passions, reading and baking. I have done both as long back as i can remember. I have two wonderful and hardworking Somali parents (alhamdulillah), but I was born and raised in Denmark. I have always been a self motivated and ambitious. It is just in my blood. I used to write both short stories and potential business ideas down in my diaries as a kid (yes, really). That’s just who i am. In school I took classes in both high-level sciences and business. So, as you can probably tell it has been a lifelong dream (and plan) for me to start my own business, and I thought “now is the time”. I am in a state in my life where i have the time, energy and adaptability to build this business. The vision is clear as day. The framework is in place, the planning is done, now to the difficult part of raising the money to make it a reality. This is where YOU come in. Please pledge as little or as much as you can, it will all go towards building this idea into a business.


Me and my childhood friends

What kind of business am i starting?

I am starting a bakery and delivery service. Yes, you read that right: delicious cakes delivered to the customer's front door or workplace. Custom cupcakes, layer cakes and other sweet pastries for parties, conventions, gatherings or just any regular weekday. We will make everything ourselves from scratch, none of that store bought or processed stuff - and of course everything will be 100% halal.


My cakes are famous in my friend circle and beyond. I intend to bring the joy of tasty baked goods to anyone that want it.


*Underneath you you can read an example of what I will be selling*


YUM! Am i right!?

 This is the banana split cupcake.

Strawberry cupcake

Lemon and poppyseed cupcake/muffin

Plain vanilla cupcake 

Berry explosion layer cake

Why i need you help

Well, for this to work I will need a professional government approved kitchen to work out of and that of course costs money for me to rent and there is a pretty sizable down payment. The good news is that that will be my biggest expense. I also need:


  • A mixer + bowls

  • Packaging and design of packaging

  • Uniforms for delivery staff

  • Rent of delivery car

  • Minimalistic website

  • A few other smaller things


"I Live Abroad, how do i get these cakes?"

"That all sound wonderful, but what will my money go towards, i don’t live anywhere near you?" You might be thinking. Understandably.


Well, unfortunately I won’t be able to deliver worldwide, just yet (wink wink), but I will be able to share my recipes with my backers. As a sign of thanks, i will send you a handwritten thank-you card, af few phenomenal cupcake recipes, a totebag or an exclusive recipe book containing some of  my favorites. Most of all you will have my eternal gratitude. This is my passion and my purpose. You could help me achieve that.

The bigger picture

I am determined to teach what i already  know and what i learn in the process of 

DOING with other young muslim creatives and ambitious, budding entrepreneurs. Qualities that are essential for any young person who has a dream.

Things like the importance of hard work, being committed and organized.

Where do we go from here

I have been blessed with  incredible parents, alhamdulillah. They have supported me in everything in my life, and they have taught me everything I know about hard work, respect and accountability, work ethic and good moral in business. They are incredibly hard working people and have truly worked their way up from the bottom. They came to this country with nothing and started working from day one. At one point they both were studying and working full time at the same time my two brothers and I were in preschool. They basically haven't stopped a day since that first day more than 25 years ago! I want to give them the ability to stop working for a while and only work if they’d like. I believe my business can be so successful that this will become a reality within a year, God willing.


In conclusion

This, for me, is so much more than a baked goods delivery service. It is an opportunity for me to create something for myself, my family and my community. And with your help this and more will be possible. Every cent counts. I am itching to get started and when I do, I will be thinking about your wonderful gift of generosity every step of the way. Jazakallah khair.

$10 USD

Your contribution will go towards buying and designing packaging

Everything helps. THANK YOU! I would like to send you an email thanking you.

4 claimed

$20 USD

You just payed for a couple of staff uniforms!

I will send you a personalized thank you email and the recipe for my favorite and most popular cake.

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$50 USD

Your contribution will go towards building a website

I will send you a personalized thank you card and the recipe for my favorite and most popular cake.

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$100 USD

You just payed for A WEEK in a rented delivery car

In time we will buy a car but for now, THANK YOU. I will send you a thank you card and a couple of my most popular cupcake AND layer cake recipes.

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$250 USD

You just payed for the design of the packages and logo

To thank you I will send you a personalized card and a couple of my most popular cupcake AND layer cake recipes.

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$500 USD

You just payed for the Kitchen Aid AND the bowls

I will personally send you a handwritten thank you card and my recipe book before anyone else. Thank you very much.

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$1000 USD

You just payed for the kitchen!

I'm currently working on a hardback cookbook which contains ALL the recipes some of the other backers will get + many exclusives delicious baked goods and desserts. I will also send you a handwritten thank you card and a tote bag :)

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