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Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be with you),

My name is Mona Elgohail, and I'm a Clinical Psychology PhD student and researcher at Drexel University. This week, my video launched about a new study on the impact of faith on the mental health and coping of Muslim women experiencing infertility. Similar studies have been done on Christian and Jewish women, but unfortunately there is very little research on Muslims’ infertility experiences. The response to my video in the first 72 hours has been overwhelming: I've also been flooded with supportive and touching messages from women worldwide who are struggling (or struggled) with infertility and those wanting to volunteer. The response inspired me to launch a new crowdfunding campaign.

While this LaunchGood campaign is more of a personal initiative, not part of my official Drexel University study, it was definitely inspired by the video's response so far. The goals: expand research on this topic and begin launching a new infertility support group for Muslim women. Please read more below but first check out the
3-minute animated video which has inspired this new campaign:

Click Below to Play 3-Minute Video

About the Study

The Drexel University study inspired this new LaunchGood campaign. The study aims to recruit at least 200 Muslim women to take an anonymous survey. Participation involves filling out a 20-minute online survey. Participants are asked to answer demographic questions (e.g., age, education, race/ethnicity), followed by questions about pregnancy and fertility history, recent mood, religiosity, and spirituality. Participants must be Muslim women who are at least 18 years old, not currently pregnant, and experiencing difficulty conceiving a first or second child (or carrying a pregnancy to live birth).

Here's the anonymous survey link:

About this LaunchGood Campaign

I'm trying to raise at least $5,000 which will go towards:

  • Funding more research in this area of infertility within the Muslim community
  • Launching a professional support group for Muslim women who are struggling with infertility. Launching any new organization involves many costs such as graphic design, web development, and marketing. I envision this group to provide long-term programming and resources for these women.
While I've set the initial goal at only $5,000, I'm hoping that we shatter this goal and push it even higher. All the extra proceeds will help launch this support group even more quickly and successfully. In just a few days since the video launched, I've already received many heartfelt comments from Muslim women struggling with infertility which underscores the urgent need for this support group.

"Whoever helps relieve a fellow believer of a distress,
God relieves of a distress on the Day of Judgment."

- Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

How You Can Help

Thank you,
Mona Elgohail, B.A.
Clinical Psychology PhD Candidate
Department of Psychology - Drexel University

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