GAMA: Gathering All Muslim Artists

Our vision is to weave the arts back into the mainstream Muslim narrative and provide a platform that nurtures Muslim artists.

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Support the Artists in our Community:


Help, Opportunity, Market, Empowerment

Muslim artists face many unique challenges today. 

Some of those include:

  • not enough support from the Muslim community
  • difficulty finding customers
  • a feeling of isolation from other Muslim artists.

GAMA addresses these challenges through its network of artists who provide support and mentorship, and exhibits and galleries that showcase works from these artists.

GAMA is raising $10,000 to create a HOME for our artists. 

Our programs will: 

  • Help with business skills and mentorships in the arts
  • Opportunities to expand and develop their careers 
  • A Marketplace for their work 
  • An Empowering community of artists and mentors


GAMA: Supporting Artists...And Beyond

GAMA helps artists overcome barriers in their journeys to success through impactful community-based projects such as:

  • Paintings and artwork by GAMA artists to beautify the Islamic Center of Zahra (ICZ) in Pleasanton, CA
  • Art curriculum pilot program at ICZ Sunday School
    (later rolled-out to masjids across the US)

GAMA aims to provide support to Muslim artists at different stages of their career by providing:

  • training (in art and business skills)
  • mentorship programs, and various avenues for them to gain exposure, build their brand, and grow a customer base. 

Events Since Launch:

  • Launch event at the Shia Association of the Bay Area (SABA)
  • Mawlid event at South Bay Islamic Association (SBIA)
  • Nowruz event at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC)
  • Art Against All Odds at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC)
  • Gallery launch at Mirchi Cafe in Fremont, CA
  • LA Launch event at Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC)
  • Gallery launch at Urban Skillet in Los Angeles, CA
  • Youth Iftar at Mirchi Cafe in Fremont, CA

What are we raising funds for?

GAMA want to help up-and-coming artists: 

  • sell their art at our hosted off-line events and galleries
  • create a digital experience with regular artist spotlights and features
  • launch an online store with custom merchandise designed by our artists

We plan to host workshops, seminars and classes to not only teach different levels of art classes, but also business classes that focus on marketing, web development, and other tools essential for success as an artist.

Looking Ahead

GAMA will use the funds raised to completely upgrade our website, develop an online store, launch artist design merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and prints, and beautify the prayer halls of the Islamic Center of Zahra in Pleasanton, CA. We also plan to host an art festival in celebration of one year of serving the Muslim artist community, as well as the following upcoming events:

  • Quds Day program at SABA on June 23rd
  • GAMA art tent at Halalfest in Fremont, CA on July 8-9
  • GAMA NY launch event at ICPC in late July

Our track record

Since our launch last September, we have grown to 3 chapters, 200+ artists in our network, 100+ art pieces in our inventory, and have hosted the sale of 15 art pieces.

Other ways you can help

  • Share our campaign and social media posts
  • If you are a Sunday School teacher or administrator interested in beta testing our curriculum pilot project, get in touch with us via email at
  • Share our sign-up form with any Muslim artists you know so they can be invited to the collective.
  • Sign up for our newsletter from our website.
  • Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram

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