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Our Story

The Arizona Muslim Voice has been a fixture in the local community for decades. Now, we are ushering in a new era. AMV has returned to its roots as a local newspaper dedicated to the stories that matter to community in the Greater Phoenix area. The new owner of the newspaper is a seasoned journalist currently completing a doctoral degree in journalism and mass communication. The AMV team is made up of trained and experienced journalists, editors and writers who are dedicated to creating excellent, original content that analyzes and implements the latest research in journalism to best serve the local community.

We are even part of the state newspaper association! That's a big deal!

The Arizona Muslim Voice has been reviewed, approved and is a proud member of the Arizona Newspaper Association. This is the same association of which the Arizona Republic is a part. Our reporters have access to full press credentials. Additionally, we ensure that our reporters are either already trained journalists or that they undergo basic journalistic training from professionals before joining our team.

The Phoenix New Times ran a story on AMV:

Local Journalism Makes a Difference

Local news makes a difference. It tells your stories and informs you about what's happening in your neighborhood and in your community. You can't get that anywhere else. While national and even state news is available through a multitude of mediums, hyper local news that documents your community's events, thoughts, aspirations and shares the voice of your community members is only available through the original content produced by AMV reporters.

Community newspapers allow you to become part of a greater conversation, to share your voice through columns, letters and comments. Community newspapers have historically been the cornerstone of active and informed communities. Where national news is failing, local news is thriving. We keep a pulse on the things that matter and the people that shape everyday events in your life.

Having a quality news publication that meets the standards of a journalistic endeavor is important for the record of the activities and accomplishments of communities. Future researchers can use publications like The Arizona Muslim Voice to research and write about the American Muslim narrative.

The Project

The Arizona Muslim Voice would like to the distinct honor to provide quality content to the local community and to do so we need the support of the community. Money raised will go toward the production and distribution of the newspaper.

How You Can Help

If you want quality news about your community and news that is valuable and relevant to you, please donate!

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