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 Cultivating Holistic Learning

We believe the highest priority of our community is to build sound educational institutions that effectively root the realities of Islam in our lives. We aim to cultivate well-rounded believers who are rooted in the prophetic teachings and thus serve creation based on the highest principles. We are dedicated to this cause by weaving together a diverse set of full-time, part-time, online, and community programs that allow for various levels of formal learning as well as regular opportunities to sustain and increase one’s religious knowledge and practice.

An Environment of Faith, Spirituality, and Companionship

The right environment is needed for growth. Just as certain conditions must be present in the physical environment for growth, likewise there are conditions that must exist for religious and spiritual growth. We have always envisioned a space that combines physical beauty with spiritual beauty, a space set in a serene, natural landscape that is welcoming, accessible, and uplifting to all seekers regardless of their background. Key components of this environment include:

        • Love of Allah and His Messenger

        • Mercy, empathy, and concern for people

        • Respect of our community’s diversity

        • Permeation of spirituality

        • Spirit of service

We are located in Greater Allentown, Pennsylvania, about an hour and fifteen minutes north of Philadelphia and two hours west of New York City. In the scenic hills of the Lehigh Valley, our site provides a tranquil atmosphere for study, one that facilitates concentration and dedication, yet is still accessible to major airports and cities.

Lifelong Relationships

We recognize that learning is a lifelong process and thus we emphasize the importance of relationships. Through our accessible physical location and diverse program offerings, we hope to be an enduring partner in this journey.


Our Teachers

We see our teachers as facilitators of learning. Their varied backgrounds, skill sets, and training enable them to meet the needs of our diverse community.


Transmitting the Prophetic Inheritance

 We have acquired two properties that contain over 5,000 square feet of building space situated on three plus acres of land. The primary building includes a large gathering hall, multiple classrooms, a conference room, office space, a kitchen, a walk-out basement, and other amenities, all with a beautiful view of nature. We have obtained approval from the township and now must fulfill the requirements of constructing a parking lot as well as renovating the main building to support our program infrastructure.

Our short-term program goals include the following:

  • Expand our Summer Retreat into a 40-Day Learning Intensive
  • Launch our One-Year Prophetic Living Program
  • Introduce our Weekend Learning Series

Our most ambitious goal is to establish a seminary seated on a campus that allows for our full breadth of programs, with students and attendees living and staying on-site.

Foundation building requires immense sacrifice and effort. We simply cannot accomplish our goals without your support. During this blessed month of Ramadan, we encourage you to join hands with us in this ongoing charity by making a generous contribution today, as well as becoming one of our monthly donors. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Charity will be the believer’s shade on the Day of Judgment.” May Allah grant us all tawfiq.

Contact info: Al-Maqasid PO Box 99 Macungie, PA 18062

To become a monthly donor of if you have any questions, please email us at:

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