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Nothing beats organic traction. But if you have a successful campaign, Marketing Packages & Professionals from LaunchGood can really boost your total funds raised - even into the millions

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LaunchGood Marketing Packages

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Once you reach 20% of your goal, you are eligible for our packages.

We offer 3 different packages, choose what’s best for you!

Note: Due to high demand, we can’t guarantee everyone interested will get a package. Also, 20% of your goal must be funds raised online.

What’s the process look like?

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Case Study: Rhoda Masjid

$280,000 USD funded
LaunchGood ran Facebook & Instagram ads that brought in 10x return for Rhoda Masjid and greatly spread their brand online.

Photo of young Muslim girls
Photo of interior of mosque
Group of people

Marketing Professionals

For larger campaigns - with bigger goals ($50,000+) and longer timelines - we recommend working with dedicated marketing professionals and agencies. Below are verified Marketing Professionals who regularly work with LaunchGood and have access to our Facebook pixel to track ROI results.

Are you a professional marketer? Want to be listed? Contact us.


How do I get featured on the website?
The Marketing Team at LaunchGood does not feature campaigns. E-mail if you've reached 30% of your campaign and would like to be featured.
How many packages may I purchase?
You are limited to a single premium package per campaign, OR 2 standard packages per campaign. Once you've completed your package you may purchase basic packages and we reserve the right to not accept.
How long should I wait to hear from the marketing team?
You should receive replies from the team within 48 hours of sending an email. If not, go ahead and send a friendly reminder. If you fill out the form for a marketing package and do not receive a response, it's most likely that your campaign was not chosen for a marketing package. All in all, be patient and keep building your own organic reach!
I don’t see my homepage banner. Where is it?
If you purchased a standard or premium package you are entitled to a homepage banner. First, be sure to wait until the following week for your banner to go up (this is especially true if it is a busy week on our homepage). If you still don't see your banner be sure to click through the banners to make sure yours isn't hiding somewhere behind the initial banner. If you've done the above, please contact us at and we will make sure it is handled quickly!
I haven’t received my invoice yet and my campaign is time-sensitive!
We definitely understand and you are extremely important to us. If your campaign was chosen you will receive an invoice by the end of the work week. If you filled out the form on the weekend, please allow until the end of the following work week for your invoice.
How long after paying my invoice will my ads start?
Ads begin the following Monday.

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