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Empower your legacy by contributing towards the construction of a beautiful mosque where love and compassion know no bounds!

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatu.

Allah (swt) has said to us: Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan, which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply many times?

We ask you please to take advantage of this opportunity and give in the path of Allah (swt) so that we can grow our Masjid to accommodate our constantly growing community.

 About Al-Arqam Center of Saratoga 

 Al-Arqam Center of Saratoga is currently the only mosque in Saratoga County, NY. Our current building is in a former convenience store and can fit 200 people. However, with the grace of  Allah, our community has grown immensely in the past few years. In our small building, we have regular salaah, two Jumu’ah khutbahs, regular Islamic classes for adults and children, a weekend school, and a youth seminary. In addition, we host community events such as halaqahs, iftars during Ramadan, and guest lectures. Our little mosque is a source of immense pride and provides loving guidance for Muslims from all over the world who reside in Saratoga County and the Capital District region of Albany, NY. 

Our Need

We routinely run out of capacity for larger events, especially during weekly Jumu’ah prayers, community iftars, etc. We are unable to host the Eid salah on our premises and have to rent halls to accommodate our congregation. Our Islamic school classes are all conducted in one hall which is not a conducive environment for kids to learn. We have a full-time imam and a dedicated group of volunteer teachers and administrators who have come together to serve this growing community. 

We have a wonderful expansion project designed for which we plan on breaking ground for construction in Jan 2025, Insha'Allah. We need to reach 1 million for breaking ground and require 5 million for the full expansion.

We are now deep in our schematic design phase for planning and need funds to make this project a reality. The expansion will include a large two-story Musalla, a school with 5 classrooms, a kitchen, 9 bathrooms, and a mortuary. 

We ask you for your generous support and donations which will all go 100% towards this expansion of the House of Allah (swt).

Why Is It Important?

Help us to continue serving the growing Muslim population in the community. You can read more about us at:

Outside of the launchgood, you can contribute through:  

1.Wire Transfer: if you are interested in this option, please contact Imam Mohamed Rabie at

2.Check: checks can be made payable to Masjid Al Arqam.  Please write in the memo: Masjid Expansion and mail it to:  
          Al-Arqam Center of Saratoga County  
          185 Guideboard Rd,
          Waterford, NY 12188    

3.Qard Al Hasan:  Qard hassan is a loan extended on a goodwill basis in which the borrower need only pay back the amount they borrowed, with no interest. If you are interested in contributing in this regard, please contact Imam Mohamed Rabie at

Our website and FB:

JazakAllahu Khayran!


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    The Muslim

    "O believers! Donate from what We have provided for you before the arrival of a Day when there will be no bargaining, friendship, or intercession. Those who disbelieve are truly the wrongdoers." (2:254)

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    The Doers of Good

    "All authority on that Day is for Allah alone. He will judge between them. So those who believe and do good will be in the Gardens of Bliss." (22:56)

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    The Mu'minun

    "It is they who race to do good deeds, always taking the lead." (23:61)

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    The Muhsin

    "Whoever does good, whether male or female, and is a believer, We will surely bless them with a good life, and We will certainly reward them according to the best of their deeds." (16:97)

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    The Smart Investor

    "The example of those who spend their wealth in the cause of Allah is that of a grain that sprouts into seven ears, each bearing one hundred grains. And Allah multiplies the reward even more to whoever He wills. For Allah is All-Bountiful, All-Knowing." (2:261)

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    House in Jannah

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said "Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah or even smaller, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise." (Sunan Ibn Majah 738, Book 4, Hadith 4)

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    The Selfless Muslim

    "You will never achieve righteousness until you donate some of what you cherish. And whatever you give is certainly well known to Allah." (3:92)

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    Following the generosity of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq

    "I heard 'Umar bin Al-Khattab saying: 'We were ordered by the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) to give in charity, and that coincided with a time in which I had some wealth, so I said, "Today I will beat Abu Bakr, if ever I beat him."' So I came with half of my wealth, and the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: "What did you leave for your family?" I said: "The like of it." And Abu Bakr came with everything he had, so he said: "O Abu Bakr! What did you leave for your family?" He said: "I left Allah and His Messenger for them." I said: '[By Allah] I will never be able to beat him to something.'" (at-Tirmidhi Book 46 Hadith 3675)

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