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One Million Books Can Make an Entire World of Difference

To this very day, Islam and the Holy Qur'an are still under attack. Crowds of people gather in different places around the world to call for bans on Islamic attire, to call for the restriction of Muslims entering their countries, to hold mass burnings of the Holy Qur'an without having opened the holy book and read a single page out of it. With a donation of just a few dollars, you can help us deliver a copy of the Holy Qur'an to someone with a genuine curiosity about the message contained within, someone who will benefit from the words written on its pages, who will learn that the message of Islam is one of love, justice, and peace. 

For over four decades, we at Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an, Inc. have been striving to present the true message of Islam as it is contained within the Holy Qur'an to communities all around the world, from curious prison inmates and hospital patients to our very own Muslim brothers and sisters. We have published and distributed countless translations of the Qur'an and other Islamic books to individuals and communities in North America, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Europe, and many, many more regions.

This campaign is our most ambitious initiative yet. With your generous support, we believe we can make an innumerable difference in the struggle against Islamophobia. One million copies is no small amount. But with such an ambitious goal, we believe the number of people whom the holy message reaches, the impact we, as a community of reformers, can have, would be beyond quantification. 

We are prepared to ensure our resources, combined with your donations, will be used to extend the Divine Revelation to communities around the world, regardless of the languages they speak, the faiths they carry, and the extent to which they understand Islam. 

By the grace of God the Almighty, we hope to attain some success in this undertaking, and we invite you to share in the nobility of our mission for His sake. Every Qur'an you help distribute will earn you blessings each time its recipient opens it and gazes upon its words.

To learn more about our organization and browse our publications, please visit

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    One Qur'an

    This is the cost of publishing and distributing a single copy of the Qur'an. Though it may seem like a single drop in the ocean of our ultimate goal, the impact your donation has is beyond measure.

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    One Carton of Qur'ans

    This amount, too, goes a very long way. An entire carton of Qur'ans could serve an Islamic community center or a prison library, where Muslim inmates and those of other faiths can benefit from the holy message.

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    Ten Cartons

    With this gift, you can be responsible for the arrival of the Holy Message to an entire village or town.

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    One Pallet

    The Holy Qur'an states that its revelation upon a mountain would split the very mountain in two and turn it to dust [59:21]. Use this example to imagine the positive impact you can have by donating a mountainous quantity of Qur'ans to people around the world. Indeed, the effect is unfathomable.

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