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The first national campaign of its kind by Islam21c ensuring Muslim children have meaningful access to both parents and not weaponised in marriage breakdown.

You can help Muslim children have meaningful access to both parents and not be weaponised in marriage breakdown.

The effects on children’s wellbeing and their futures are highly concerning, with far reach consequences for the whole Muslim community. If we do not act now and raise awareness to what is naturally an emotionally driven problem, we face a future of broken families and broken children and all the unwanted side effects that inevitably come with this.

Since launch the campaign has been received by tens of thousands of Muslims. Prominent organisations have joined us in collectively calling for dialogue and action on the matter. The campaign has been featured in media outlets, and influential personalities have voiced their support and shared our concerns.

If we don't fundraise what we need then we won't be able to deliver a campaign again this year. We urgently need to raise these funds or we won't be able to grow the campaign into the next phase and scale up our efforts from the last 4 months, and reach hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the UK and beyond.

Our children are the future, the campaign must do them justice, by reaching the eyes and ears of those who need to hear it before an injustice is committed.

Already we are receiving many calls and requests for support.

This is Islam21C’s first major impact campaign but not our last inshāAllāh. One of the successes of the campaign has been the ability to make hundreds of grassroots connections with organisations, institutes and activists amongst the Muslim community.

Looking to the future, there are many more social ills we must tackle, by supporting us today you are investing in our capacity to deliver future campaigns as well as In Their Shoes.

Please share this page with your family, friends and network, and help spread the awareness required in safeguarding children. 

If you or anyone you know is going through this tragedy please visit our campaign website for guidance and help.

Click here In Their Shoes 

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    Flag bearers get a special reward. You help us make all our digital campaign material that gets seen by tens of thousands online starting with the campaign website to the heartbreaking campaign video which has touched the hearts of so many and brought this campaign to life with its impact.

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Islam21c4 years ago

Your ITS fundrasing page

Asalamu'alaikum heroes!

Alhumdulillah since our last message just 2 days ago we have gone from £2000 to nearly £3000. Allahu Akbar!

Tomorrow we are taking it to the next level, our community campaigners will be launching their own launchgood pages and sending support the campaign messages to their contacts to try hit their targets within 2 week’s inshaAllah. It's so simple, easy and will really help us create an active community of supporters.


If you are ready to make an even bigger difference and join us than you have two choices to get your LG page live:

1) simply click

this link

and select Start a Campaign.

All the information and videos are pre loaded. It couldn't be easier, simply select your fundraising target get your page in a few mins.

2) email me on 

and I’ll create your page for you

You’re then ready to go. Just send a personalised message to all your contacts every few days to your what’s app friends and family and your social media telling them why you think this is a really important cause to support and leave the rest to Allah.

If you want any more specific help and support then please do get in contact by emailing me on and we will give you the time you need to take it all the way insha Allah.

thank you from us all at islam21c

Jazakum Allahu khairan

Islam21c4 years ago

Passed £2000 and going strong Alhamdullilah! Here's an idea for you...

Asalaamu alayikum warahmatullah 

MashaAllah MashaAllah MashaAllah what an amazing show of support by you and all those who saw this campaign as important enough to give your Sadaqah to. Alhamdulillah we are getting donations every hour and just passed £2000 but we have a long way still to go. 

Take your support one step further!

Can you join our campaigners group? Today we are starting our community LG page for all those who have signed up to be a campaigner. Do you want to be part of it?

Every campaigner will be given their very own Launchgood page with a fundraising target of their choice and blasting it around to their contacts to try hit their targets within 1 or 2 weeks inshaAllah. It's so simple, easy and will really help us create an active community of supporters and get to that £10,000 target. Its really easy it takes 10 seconds, just sign up here 

80 people who have donated so far, can you imagine our impact if everyone signed up to be a campaigner? 

What more have ITS done this week?
Just this week on Tuesday we featured on dedicated show for In Their Shoes on British Muslim TV, which was massive for us as it was the first time we had ever engaged with them and completely new community for us to reach.

On Thursday we featured on dedicated show for In Their Shoes on Eman Channel spreading the message even further into more and more communities reaching more and more people Alhamdulillah. 

All this support by you and the many organisations supporting ITS has only further motivated us to keep going. 

May Allah bless you all

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