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Stand With Minneapolis: We Can't Breathe


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This campaign will collect all funds raised by July 10, 2020 at 11:45 AM EDT

We're providing critical needs in George Floyd's neighborhood and across Minneapolis.

Campaign Updates

  • UPDATE 1 (May 31, 11:15am ET): In less than 24 hours since the campaign launched, we have reached our goal of $25,000! The goal has now been doubled to $50,000. 

  • UPDATE 2 (May 31, 5pm ET): Less than 6 hours after doubling our goal to $50,000, we have surpassed it! We've doubled the goal again to $100,00 to provide even more support to struggling Minneapolis residents. 

  • UPDATE 3 (June 1, 12:15pm ET): Less than 24 hours later, we have surpassed $100,000! We are so grateful that this campaign has been raising about $2,500 every hour!

  • UPDATE 4 (June 4, 3pm ET): The campaign has now raised $250,000; that's 10 times our original goal of $25,000! The need for services provided by Al-Maa’uun is immense, so we will continue raising the goal. 

George Floyd's heartbreaking cry—'I can't breathe'—has ricocheted around the world. Despite posing no threat, and guilty of no crime, a police officer kept his knee on George's neck for over eight minutes. George cried out for help. He cried out for his 'mama,' though his mother is deceased.

He was desperate. He was murdered.

All of Minneapolis, and all of America, is suffering, hurt, and rightly angry.  

Floyd's recorded death shocks us, but should it surprise us? We have seen, time and again, how race determines the ways in which Americans live--and die. 

As this tragedy unfolds, many of our brothers and sisters in Minneapolis are unable to leave their homes due to curfew. Many shops, including grocery stores and pharmacies, are shuttered. The situation was already dire: Many were suffering difficult circumstances due to the COVID crisis and the structural racism reflected in the way the pandemic unfolded.

Al-Maa'uun is a local, Black-led, grass-roots organization that serves thousands of households each year, with a focus on north Minneapolis. 

We are inspired by the life and legacy of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who preached: 'The best of you is the one who most benefits others.'

Your generous donations will provide the following to any and all in need:

  • Food
  • Basic household supplies (including hand sanitizers and masks), and 
  • Urgently needed medications our affected neighborhoods right now. The Al-Maa'uun organization needs your support to provide these supplies to residents quickly and effectively.

Al-Maa'uun is a non-profit 501(c)(3) with deep roots in the Minneapolis community, and will use your support to deepen and broaden our ongoing campaign of assistance. 

North Minneapolis' Masjid An-Nur, led by Imam Makram El-Amin, incubated the Al-Maa'uun program ten years ago. Al-Maa'uun does critical work in addressing food insecurity (providing hot meals and groceries), including a COVID response program (providing 200,000 meals to over 200 unique households). 


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  • National Muslim Leaders: Chris Blauvelt (CEO, LaunchGood), Tarek El-Messidi (Founder, CelebrateMercy), Melanie Elturk (CEO, Haute Hijab), Dalia Fahmy (Professor, NYU), Imam Khalid Latif (Chaplain, ICNYU), Dalia Mogahed (Director of Research, ISPU), Linda Sarsour (Director, MPower Change), Imam Zaid Shakir (Co-Founder, Zaytuna College), Imam Omar Suleiman (Founder, Yaqeen Institute), Imam Suhaib Webb (Founder, SWISS)

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Al Maa'uun4 years ago

Campaign Closing - We're at 99%

Salam (peace) to all! 


Today is the last day to support the Stand with Minneapolis: We Can't Breathe crowdfunding campaign. It's at 99% of the goal with $4,000 left to raise in the next few hours! Donate at the link below. 

We thank those of you have already donated; if you can pitch in once more, we can reach our target before midnight tonight. Imam Makram Al-Amin of Al-Maa'un in Minneapolis recorded this 1-minute video below to update you on how your donations have helped so far: 


Many struggling Minneapolis residents are unable to leave their homes due to curfew. Many shops, including grocery stores and pharmacies, are shuttered. The situation was already dire: many were suffering difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 crisis and the structural racism reflected in the way the pandemic unfolded.

Multiple national organizations and leaders have partnered with Al-Maa'uun - a Black-led, grassroots organization serving Minneapolis residents - who began this campaign to raise funds for struggling area residents through LaunchGood (link below). Donated funds provide much-needed food and supplies to any and all in need, whether Muslim or not.

Your donations provide affected neighborhoods with:

- Food (hot meals and groceries)
- Basic household & medical supplies (hand sanitizers, masks, etc.)
- Urgently needed medications

The campaign is currently at 99% of its $400,000 goal. Please donate at the link below and forward this video and message to others.


Al Maa'uun4 years ago

IslahLA joins as a partner

We're thankful to have IslahLA join as a partner in this Al-Maa'uun initiative.

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