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RUNNING in Palestine 4 refugees!


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Support me in the 2020 Run Palestine Marathon to raise funds for Refugee Rooftop gardens!

Message from Rahaf

Salam Everyone, 

I'm stoked to announce that I'll be running in Palestine with team PennyAppeal in March inshallah! This news couldn't have come at a better time for me for so many emotional and personal reasons. With one year since the passing of my Baba, I found myself living each day somberly; missing him greatly and losing some motivation in my running.  Raising money for Refugee rooftop gardens gives me a sense of purpose so close to his date of passing. 

I don't think this invitation to run with team PennyAppealUSA in Palestine (omg I can't believe I'll be running the holy streets of Jerusalem) was a coincidence. Raising money in his honor, and for the Palestinian refugees goes hand in hand,. This opportunity to RUN in the HOLY city is something I could only dream of. And now since the opportunity presents itself, I want to make sure I make it all worth it.


Rahaf Khatib

What are we doing?

My goal is to raise $10,000 for Palestinian women refugees. This is part of an initiative to provide the resources for these women to grow vegetables on their rooftop gardens and support themselves and their families. With your contribution, the women will be able to grow their own crops to sell in their local markets to generate income. I will inshallah be visiting the refugee camps, as well as running in the streets of Bethlehem! I don't only run for me, nor do I run for 'numbers' (I.e. pace, or whatnot). I run for purpose that’s bigger than myself. And what greater purpose would that be then raising money for Palestinian refugees to help support themselves???

With your support, women like Hasna (pictured above) will be able to sell their crops in the local market

Where will the $10,000 go?

The $10,000 raised will go towards the following items that will help the women self-sustain themselves by selling crops in their local markets:

  • Full and comprehensive training on social and agricultural topics
  • Supervision and mentoring
  • Workshops focusing on individual empowerment
  • Courses on business management
  • Seeds and equipment needed for setting up the greenhouse
  • The greenhouse heating structure

About Run Palestine 2020

The Palestine Marathon is organized by the Palestine Olympic Committee and the Right to Movement campaign. The route will take us form the Church of Nativity, through the center of Bethlehem and onwards to the beautiful olive groves. We’ll be running alongside the apartheid wall for a large section where we’ll be able to see the messages of solidarity and skilled graffiti art that adorn it.

Will this project be managed by a trusted 501(c)(3)?

Penny Appeal USA is a nonprofit development organization working to alleviate poverty through sustainable programs. Our mission is to bring about an equitable world by tackling the root causes of poverty, while bridging the gap between funders and poor communities in order to work together on long-term solutions that can help end intergenerational poverty.

Since 2016, we have provided support, tools, and services to over 50,000 children, refugees, displaced communities, and families in need both domestically and internationally. To learn more about Penny Appeal USA, be sure to visit

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