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Water, a symbol of life, health, and social equity.

The story of Imam Hussein is a timeless story of love, sacrifice, and resistance against oppression. In 680 AD, Imam Hussein – who was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (s) – stood with some loyal friends and family members against the tyrannical regime of his time, a regime that persecuted minorities and had zero tolerance for those who challenged it. Thousands of oppressed people called to Imam Hussain for their liberation, but in the end, only 72 remained true to his noble movement.

On the day of Ashura in Karbala, Iraq, Imam Hussein and his companions – which included men, women, and children – faced an army of 30,000 men. After being denied access to water for three days, they were brutally massacred, including his six-month-old son. Imam Hussein and his companions may have lost the battle that day, but they were victorious in the larger battle against injustice and ideological captivity. From the years following the event to this day 1400 years later, millions of people have mourned the tragedy and taken lessons from Imam Hussein’s supreme sacrifice.

This year, Paani Project is honoring Imam Hussein and his legacy by building a solar panel and water center in Pakistan. To us, water is not only a key theme in the story of Imam Hussein, but it also symbolizes the values he stood for: life, health, and social equity. We aim to honor the thirsty martyrs of Karbala by providing thousands of people with access to not only clean water but also power and electricity for their homes and surrounding schools. Please join us in this noble cause and donate today.


Currently, over 21 million Pakistanis suffer from a water sanitation crisis that has impacted the entire country. Major cities like Karachi and Lahore struggle to provide access to clean and safe drinking water, but the situation worsens amongst rural villages that not only lack modern systems, but also adequate healthcare. Contaminated water is the leading cause of diarrhea and other severe health conditions, resulting in death due to a lack of treatment in many of these underdeveloped villages. Children, more than any other demographic, are the most vulnerable victims of these health conditions as their immune systems are not developed enough to withstand the muddened and bacterially infected water they’re forced to drink.

Paani translates to water in Urdu, a beacon for our mission to produce both short and long-term solutions that ignite sustainable change against this water crisis. Our team’s foundation began as a student organization at the University of Michigan and we have since then become a certified non-profit organization. Paani’s purpose has and always will be to provide for people in need, bridging the gap between those able to help with the ones who need it most. 

Every cent or rupee donated goes directly to the communities in Pakistan, whether it be through building wells, distributing food packs, or compiling hygiene kits. Paani faces no operating costs and so far we have built over 4,500 wells across rural Sindh and KPK, a number that grows daily with your support. However, Paani does not exist to provide only temporary fixes; our goal is to also tackle the permanent adversity at hand. Aside from the wells being put in place, Paani is also leading projects through education, health, and waste management efforts. 

Our team strives to be transparent in every way possible, so you can rest assured that your donation will fund a valuable cause. We have several avenues in which we can use your support, whether it be donating a well on behalf of yourself or your family, donating for projects specifically geared towards our public health initiatives, or even something as small as buying Paani apparel and tweeting about us to your local community. Many families have donated multiple wells on behalf of deceased relatives, as sponsoring a well goes on to provide good deeds (sadaqah jariyah) to those passed.

The donation of a well includes the construction of the well, constant monitoring and testing of water samples for cleanliness and safety, and maintenance. Batches of sixteen wells get built at once with the price of one well averaging out to $200 USD. Paani currently accepts cards, checks, Paypal, Venmo, and Donorbox. Any and all donations are tax-deductible. 

We thank you consistently for your support as we would never be able to make an impact without your help. Spread the word of our mission to those you know and check back with us frequently on our social media to see our progress! 


Some of our accomplishments include

•Raising $1,850,000+ through grassroots fundraising
•Constructing over 4500+ wells in rural Sindh and KPK to provide 40,000+ families access to clean water 
•Receiving partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Google’s nonprofit networks to begin pursuing global marketing campaigns

Learn More

Featured in the LATimes, DawnGeo TVParhlo, and USAToday Paani is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2017 in response to the growing water crisis in Pakistan. Lead by young professionals and university students, Paani is entirely volunteer-based and works to create public health-based impact in Pakistan. We have raised over $1,800,000, built over 4500 wells in rural parts of Pakistan (both in Sindh and in KPK), sent $500,000 in medical equipment to hospitals in Pakistan, and are now working to implement sanitation/hygiene-based curriculum in schools. For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on any of our social media platforms




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